??xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>www.weybte.icu1440老快3开奖结果今天http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1064.htmDesign Principles of Website Making自适应|页设计 也称?响应性的Web设计 -设计|页Q提供一个很好的感知上的各种讑֤q接C联网。Adaptive Web Design, also known as Responsive Web Design - Designing Web pages, provides a good sense of the various devic..Design Principles of Website Making自适应|页设计 也称?响应性的Web设计 -设计|页Q提供一个很好的感知上的各种讑֤q接C联网。Adaptive Web Design, also known as Responsive Web Design - Designing Web pages, provides a good sense of the various devices connected to the Internet.自适应|络设计的目的是Z同设备的多功能网站。网站是Z更方便地查看不同的分辨率和格式的讑֤Q技术,自适应|页设计没有为特定类型的讑֤创徏一个单独的版本的网站。一个网站可能无法在您的手机Q^板电脑,W记本电脑和电视上网Q要满全范围的讑֤最xC。The purpose of adaptive network design is to design multi-functional websites for different devices. Web sites are designed to make it easier to view devices with different resolutions and formats, technology, and adaptive web design does not create a separate version of the site for specific types of devices. A website may not be able to access the Internet on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and TV to meet the best display of a wide range of devices.|站制作,|页设计,|站,|页,互联|?/keywords>区域新闻567zx原创2019-08-06 15:29企业|站制作的主要目?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1063.htm</link><description>The main purpose of enterprise website design is to increase the supply and brand awareness. The goal of web design is to verify identity, the companys readability, improve quality flow, and promote the relationship between visitorscreation. So the c..</description><text>The main purpose of enterprise website design is to increase the supply and brand awareness. The goal of web design is to verify identity, the companys readability, improve quality flow, and promote the relationship between visitorscreation. So the company optimizes the response time of the page. The type of work the website produces and executes, the nature of employment, developers can find all types of enterprises, including large enterprises and government departments, small and medium enterprises, or work as freelancers alone. Some network developers work for an organization as a permanent full-time employee, while others may work as independent consultants, job agencies or contractors.</text><keywords>|站制作,|站,企业|站</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>567zx</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2019-07-31 15:45</pubDate></item><item><title>|站制作条ghttp://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1062.htmWebsite Production Conditions|站制作需要网站虚拟空间、域名以及动态网站的数据库这三个最基本的条件。网站虚拟空间是用来存放|站文gQ如:囄信息Qhtml文gQphp文g{,相当于一个硬盘空_域名x讉K|站的地址。动态网站的数据库用来存会员信息以及动态页?.Website Production Conditions|站制作需要网站虚拟空间、域名以及动态网站的数据库这三个最基本的条件。网站虚拟空间是用来存放|站文gQ如:囄信息Qhtml文gQphp文g{,相当于一个硬盘空_域名x讉K|站的地址。动态网站的数据库用来存会员信息以及动态页面所用到的数据表Q这里的|站数据q|站的html文g、图像信息等Q指的是如网站访客提交的留言Q个Z息等Q传l的静态网站无需数据库支持。随着览器和W3C标准一致性的改善Q以及无表格|页设计的认同性增加,文件标Ca与层叠样式表共同用作|页内容的设计已l被q泛的接受和使用。最新的标准和徏议则是朝着览器的能力扩充和改善发展,使之能够不需要插件程序也能够l用户传输多媒体信息和更多的选择。Website production needs three basic conditions: virtual space, domain name and database of dynamic website. Website virtual space is used to store website files, such as: image information, HTML files, PHP files, etc. It is equivalent to a hard disk space, domain name refers to the address of visiting the website. The database of dynamic website is used to store membersinformation and data tables used in dynamic pages. The website data here is not HTML files or image information of the website. It refers to messages submitted by visitors, personal information and so on. Traditional static website does not need database support. With the improvement of consistency between browsers and W3C standards and the increasing recognition of tabular web page design, hyperfile markup language and cascading style sheet have been widely accepted and used in web content design. The latest standards and suggestions are to expand and improve the browsers capabilities so that it can transmit multimedia information and more choices to users without plug-ins.|站制作,|站区域新闻567zx原创2019-06-15 15:02|站制作注意问题http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1060.htmAttention Problems in Website Making1、未q行关键词分?. No keyword analysis如果不对关键词进行恰当分析的话,׃造成很多问题Q包括:方向不明、关键词配置不合理、排名效果差、ROI低等Q所以一定要先对关键词进行分析。If the keywords are not properly ana..Attention Problems in Website Making1、未q行关键词分?. No keyword analysis如果不对关键词进行恰当分析的话,׃造成很多问题Q包括:方向不明、关键词配置不合理、排名效果差、ROI低等Q所以一定要先对关键词进行分析。If the keywords are not properly analyzed, many problems will arise, including unclear direction, unreasonable keyword allocation, poor ranking effect, low ROI, etc., so we must first analyze the keywords.2、缺导入链?. Lack of import links很多|站的优化都存在收录问题Q检查一下不隑֏玎ͼ很多都是因ؓ~少导入链接。互联网中,|页与网늚关系是通过链接来徏立的Q如果网站和外界没有链接Q没有Q何联pȝ话,成了一个孤岛型|站Q搜索引擎无法知道网站的存在。Many website optimization problems exist, check it is not difficult to find, many are due to the lack of import links. In the internet, the relationship between web pages and web pages is established by links. If there is no link between the web site and the outside world, there will be no link, then it will become an island website, and search engines can not know the existence of the website.3、采集大量的文章3. Collect a large number of articles搜烦引擎不会l予互联|中高度重复的文章好的排名的Q网站上如果包含大量的采集文章的话,对网站是会有一定的负面影响的。网站徏好后Q如果没有或者只 有很的原创的实质内容的话,会给用户带来了不良的览体验Q也会给搜烦引擎留下了不好的印象Qؓ搜烦引擎优化带来困难。Search engines will not rank highly repetitive articles on the Internet. If there are a large number of articles collected on the website, it will have a certain negative impact on the website. After the website is built, if there is no or very little original content, it will bring users a bad browsing experience, also leave a bad impression on search engines, and bring difficulties to search engine optimization.4、一呌求网站美?. Pursuing the Beauty of Website有些|站一呌求美感:大气、好看、美观,其实对网站来_q些都不是必需的。用户喜Ƣ简z明了的面Q这h能带来良好的视觉体验。不要用大量的 囄和太多的flashQ这会造成面体积q大、页面加载速度慢,大大降低使网站的实用性,也不要再D上用图片作链接Q这会导致搜索引擎识别网站结?时有困难。Some websites blindly pursue aesthetics: atmosphere, good-looking, beautiful, in fact, for the website, these are not necessary. Users like concise and clear pages, so as to bring good visual experience. Dont use too many pictures and flash, which will result in too large page size, slow page loading speed, greatly reduce the practicability of the website, and do not use pictures as links in navigation, which will make it difficult for search engines to identify the structure of the website.5、频J更改网|题(titleQ?. Frequently changing the title of the page搜烦引擎依赖title标签q行切词、分词徏立烦引,q是最初阶D늚搜烦引擎排名的核心点Q虽然从技术上来说Q已l有了突飞猛q的发展Q但对title的依赖还是提高用户体验的一个关键点Q如果更改title的话Q搜索引擎会把它当作作弊来看待的Q所以更改title时一定要慎重。Search engines rely on title tags for word segmentation and indexing, which is the core of search engine ranking in the initial stage. Although technically, there has been a rapid development, the dependence on title is still a key point to improve user experience. If you change title, search engines will treat it as cheating, so when you change title, you must. Be careful.6、直接复制网?. Direct replication of websitesZ囄q力,很多人在建站时直接胡子E子一把抓Q把现有的网站程序DEDEhome模板直接套来使用。这样出来的新站׃和之前的站相似度很高Q会D新站很难得到好的排名Q老站也会受到q带影响。In order to save money and effort, many people directly grasp the beard and nose when building a website, and use the existing website program DEDEDEhome template directly. This way, the new station will be very similar to the previous station, which will make it difficult for the new station to get a good ranking, and the old station will also be affected.|站制作,关键词分?|站,关键?/keywords>区域新闻567zx原创2019-04-29 14:56Z么企业要|站企业http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1059.htmWhy do enterprises want to build websites? The main purposes of establishing websites are as follows:1、希望得到更多的Z更快L方式了解您的企业和品,提高企业在同行业中的知名度从而增Z业的竞争力;1. Hope to get more people to know your enterpri..Why do enterprises want to build websites? The main purposes of establishing websites are as follows:1、希望得到更多的Z更快L方式了解您的企业和品,提高企业在同行业中的知名度从而增Z业的竞争力;1. Hope to get more people to know your enterprises and products in a faster way, improve the visibility of enterprises in the same industry and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises;2、希望获得更多客戯单;2. Hope to get more orders from customers.3、希望更有效地控制企业宣传成本;3. We hope to control the publicity cost more effectively.4、希望通过|站的Ş式无形g长企业营业时_客户可以在Q何时间浏览企业网站,选择自己所需的品而无MQ何营业h员在U服务;4. Hope to invisibly prolong the business hours of enterprises through the form of websites. Customers can browse the websites of enterprises at any time and choose the products they need without any online service of business personnel.5、希望开拓本地市场,发展港奥台及国际业务5. Hope to open up the local market and develop the international business of Hong Kong, Olympics and Taiwan对于企业通过传统方式要发展国际业务是有一定难度的Q但通过在internet上徏立自q企业|站Q发布您的企业Ş象及从事的业务,被世界上每一个拥有电脑和Ҏ的业务感兴趣的h所看到Q即便是公司,也可L与大公司竞争Q在Internet上h人^{。It is difficult for small enterprises to develop international business by traditional way, but through setting up their own enterprise website on the Internet, publishing your corporate image and business will be seen by everyone in the world who owns computers and is interested in your business. Even small companies can easily compete with big companies and everyone is equal on the Internet.6、希望与自己的客户保持密切及时联p?. Hope to keep close and timely contact with your customers在internet上,|站24时都在q营中,֮在Q何时候,M地点都可与企业保持及时密切的联系Q这是传l业务联pL法比拟On the Internet, the website is in operation 24 hours a day. Customers can keep in close and timely contact with enterprises at any time and anywhere, which is incomparable with traditional business contacts.|站,|站区域新闻567zx原创2019-04-12 15:09|站规划http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1058.htmWebsite planning1、域名主机需要根据网站主题及范围来选择Q主机则Ҏ|站在大、安全、稳定上的要求选择|络服务商?. Domain name hosts need to be selected according to the theme and scope of the website. Hosts choose network service providers accordin..Website planning1、域名主机需要根据网站主题及范围来选择Q主机则Ҏ|站在大、安全、稳定上的要求选择|络服务商?. Domain name hosts need to be selected according to the theme and scope of the website. Hosts choose network service providers according to the size, security and stability of the website.2、网站的定位Q定位于营利性网站,企业|站Q或是公益性的Q?. The positioning of websites (for-profit websites, corporate websites, or public welfare...)3、网站的用途(是用来营利的Q还是做产品U上营销的,或是做品牌推q和整合的,或者只是单U用来传播信息的Q;3. The purpose of the website (for profit, or for product online marketing, or for brand promotion and integration, or simply for the dissemination of information);4、网站的发展目标 Q需要达到的目标Q需要ؓq个目标而努力的Q;4. The development goal of the website (the goal that needs to be achieved, the goal that needs to be worked for);5、网站的拓扑图构画(|站包括哪些栏目Q采用什么样的制作结构)Q?. Topology mapping of the website (which columns are included in the website and what kind of production structure are adopted);6、网站制作技术的采用Q用哪种语言开发,在什么^C开发)Q?. The adoption of website production technology (in which language and platform);7、网站的推广QSEO专家的徏议)Q?. Promotion of websites (suggestions from SEO experts);8、网站的l护Q是自主l护Q还是外包维护,l护的内容包括哪些,后期改版的时间间隔安排等Q;8. Maintenance of the website (whether it is self-maintenance or outsourcing maintenance, what is the content of maintenance, the time interval arrangement of later revision, etc.);9、网站安?(|站定期q行安全及备䆾{安全操?9. Web site security (security checks and backups are performed regularly)10、网站的主题颜色Q网站颜色可以直接反应出企业的行业企业文化)?0. The theme color of the website (the color of the website can directly reflect the industry and enterprise culture of the enterprise).|站区域新闻567zx原创2019-03-21 14:41|站的组?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1057.htm</link><description>Composition of the website在早期,域名、空间服务器与程序是|站的基本组成部分,随着U技的不断进步,|站的组成也日趋复杂Q目前多数网站由域名、空间服务器、DNS域名解析、网站程序、数据库{组成。In the early days, domain names, spatial servers and programs..</description><text>Composition of the website在早期,域名、空间服务器与程序是|站的基本组成部分,随着U技的不断进步,|站的组成也日趋复杂Q目前多数网站由域名、空间服务器、DNS域名解析、网站程序、数据库{组成。In the early days, domain names, spatial servers and programs were the basic components of websites. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the composition of websites became more and more complex. At present, most websites are composed of domain names, spatial servers, DNS domain name resolution, website procedures, databases and so on.域名domain name域名QDomain NameQ,是由一串用点分隔的字母l成的Internet上某一台计机或计机l的名称。用于在数据传输时标识计机的电子方位(有时也指地理位置Q,域名Domain Name is the name of a computer or group of computers on the Internet, which consists of a series of dot-separated letters. Used to identify the computers electronic location (sometimes geographic location) and domain name in data transmission已经成ؓ互联|的品牌、网上商标保护必备的产品之一。通俗的说Q域名就相当于一个家庭的门牌LQ别人通过q个L可以很容易的扑ֈ你。以一个常见的域名Z说明Qbaidu|址是由二部分组成,标号baidu是这个域名的d名体Q而最后的标号com则是该域名的后缀Q代表的q是一个com国际域名Q是域名。而前面的www.是网l名Q?为www的域名。It has become one of the indispensable products for Internet brand and online trademark protection. Generally speaking, a domain name is equivalent to a familys door number, through which others can easily find you. Taking a common domain name as an example, the Baidu website is composed of two parts. The label Baidu is the main domain name of the domain name, while the last label com is the suffix of the domain name, representing a com international domain name and a top-level domain name. The previous www. is the network name, the domain name of www.DNS规定Q域名中的标号都p文字母和数字l成。每一个标号不过63个字W,也不区分大小写字母。标号中除连字符Q?Q外不能使用其他的标点符受别最低的域名写在最左边Q而别最高的域名写在最双。DNS stipulates that the labels in domain names are composed of letters and numbers in English. Each label does not exceed 63 characters and does not distinguish between upper and lower case letters. No punctuation except hyphens (-) can be used in labels. The lowest level domain name is written on the leftmost side, while the highest level domain name is written on the rightmost side.I间space常见|站I间Q虚拟主机,虚拟I间Q独立服务器Q云LQVPS。Common Web Site Space: Virtual Host, Virtual Space, Independent Server, Cloud Host, VPS.虚拟L是在|络服务器上划分Z定的盘I间供用h|站炏V应用组件等Q提供必要的站点功能、数据存攑֒传输功能。所谓虚拟主机,也叫|站I间Q就是把一台运行在互联|上的服务器划分成多个虚拟的服务器。每一个虚拟主机都h独立的域名和完整的Internet服务器(支持WWW、FTP、E-mail{)功能。虚拟主机是|络发展的福韻I极大的促q了|络技术的应用和普及。同时虚拟主机的U用服务也成了网l时代新的经Ş式。虚拟主机的U用cM于房屋租用。Virtual host is to divide a certain disk space on the network server for users to place sites, application components, etc. It provides necessary site functions, data storage and transmission functions. The so-called virtual host, also known as website space, is to divide a server running on the Internet into several virtual servers. Each virtual host has its own domain name and complete Internet server (supporting WWW, FTP, E-mail, etc.). Virtual host is the gospel of network development, which greatly promotes the application and popularization of network technology. At the same time, the rental service of virtual hosts has become a new economic form in the network era. The rental of virtual hosts is similar to that of houses.VPSx虚拟专用服务器,是将一个服务器分区成多个虚拟独立专享服务器的技术。每个用VPS技术的虚拟独立服务器拥有各自独立的公网IP地址、操作系l、硬盘空间、内存空间、CPU资源{,q可以进行安装程序、重启服务器{操作,与运行一台独立服务器完全相同。VPS refers to virtual private servers, which is the technology of partitioning a server into multiple virtual independent proprietary servers. Each virtual independent server using VPS technology has its own independent public network IP address, operating system, hard disk space, memory space, CPU resources, etc. It can also install programs, restart servers and other operations, exactly the same as running an independent server.E序源代码program source codeE序卛_设与修改|站所使用的编E语aQ换成源代码是一堆按一定格式书写的文字和符受The program is the programming language used to construct and modify the website, and the source code is a pile of words and symbols written in a certain format.比如在这个网上右键鼠标Q选择查看源文Ӟ出来一个记事本Q里面的内容是此网늚源代码。这句话׃C他们的关p,此处的源文g是指|页的源代码Q而源代码是源文件的内容Q所以又可以U做|页的源代码。For example, on this page, right-click the mouse, choose to view the source file, come out of a notepad, the content is the source code of this page. This sentence reflects their relationship, where the source file refers to the source code of the web page, and the source code is the content of the source file, so it can be called the source code of the web page.源代码是指原始代码,可以是Q何语a代码。Source code refers to the original code, which can be any language code.汇编码是指源代码~译后的代码Q通常Zq制文gQ比如DLL、EXE?NET中间代码、JAVA中间代码{。Assembly code refers to code compiled from source code, usually binary files, such as DLL, EXE,. NET intermediate code, JAVA intermediate code, etc.高语言通常指C/C++ ?BASIC、C# 、JAVA、PASCAL {等 汇编语言是ASMQ只有这个,比这个更低的就是机器语a了。High-level languages usually refer to assembly languages such as C/C++, BASIC, C#, JAVA, PASCAL and so on. ASM is the only assembly language. Machine language is the lower level than this.览器就好像E序的编译器Q它会帮我们把源代码译成看到的模样。Browsers are like compilers of programs, which help us translate the source code into what we see.</text><keywords>|站E序,|站</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>567zx</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2019-02-22 10:28</pubDate></item><item><title>|站重要事g的时?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1056.htm</link><description>Time of important events on the website1961q_国ȝ理工学院的uU_d.克兰|克QLeonard KleinrockQ博士发表了分组交换技术的论文Q该技术后来成了互联网的标准通信方式?961: Dr. Leonard Kleinrock of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published ..</description><text>Time of important events on the website1961q_国ȝ理工学院的uU_d.克兰|克QLeonard KleinrockQ博士发表了分组交换技术的论文Q该技术后来成了互联网的标准通信方式?961: Dr. Leonard Kleinrock of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published a paper on packet switching technology, which later became the standard mode of communication on the Internet.1969q_国国防部开始v动具有抗核打L的计算机网l开发计划ARPANET?969: The U.S. Department of Defense launched the anti-nuclear attack computer network development program ARPANET.1971q_位于国剑桥的BBNU技公司的工E师?汤姆林森QRay TomlinsonQ开发出了电子邮ӞE-mailQ。此后ARPANET的技术开始向大学{研I机构普及?983q_ARPANET宣布把q去的通信协议NCPQ网l控制协议)向新协议TCP/IPQ传输控制协?互联|协议)q渡?971: Ray Tomlinson, an engineer at BBN Technologies in Cambridge, USA, developed E-mail. Since then, ARPANET technology has begun to spread to universities and other research institutions. 1983: ARPANET announces the transition from the old communication protocol NCP (Network Control Protocol) to the new protocol TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).1988q_国伊利诺斯大学的学生(当时Q史蒂夫.多那QSteve DornerQ开始开发电子邮件Y件Eudora?988: Steve Dorner, a student at the University of Illinois, began developing the E-mail software Eudora.1991q_CERNQ欧z粒子物理研I所Q的U学家提?伯纳斯李QTim1991: Tim Berners Lee, scientist at CERN (European Institute of Particle Physics)Berners-LeeQ开发出了万l网QWorld Wide WebQ。他q开发出了极其简单的览器(览软gQ。此后互联网开始向C会大众普及。此Z誉ؓ互联|之父。Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web. He also developed extremely simple browsers (browsing software). Since then, the Internet has begun to spread to the public. This person is known as the father of the Internet.1993q_伊利诺斯大学国国家计算机应用中心的学生马克.安d里森QMark AndreesenQ等人开发出了真正的览器Mosaic。该软g后来被作为NetscapeNavigator推向市场。此后互联网开始得以爆炸性普?993: Mark Andreesen, a student at the National Center for Supercomputer Applications at the University of Illinois, and others developed the real browser Mosaic. The software was later marketed as Netscape Navigator. www.hupomoju.cn www.lujianbanmoju.cn www.paomoqiegeji.com.cn www.lianjieqi.org.cn www.baowenganggua.cn www.duihanfalan.com.cnSince then, the Internet has become explosively popular.</text><keywords>|站,互联|?/keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>567zx</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2019-02-15 14:01</pubDate></item><item><title>|络推广目的http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1055.htmNetwork Promotion Purpose|络推广狭义上讲是指通过Z互联|采取的各种手段方式q行的一U宣传推q等zdQ以辑ֈ提高品牌知名度的一U效果。同传统q告相同Q网l推q的目地都是增加自n的曝光度以及对品牌的l护Q?q义上的|络推广也可理解为网l营销。In a narro..Network Promotion Purpose|络推广狭义上讲是指通过Z互联|采取的各种手段方式q行的一U宣传推q等zdQ以辑ֈ提高品牌知名度的一U效果。同传统q告相同Q网l推q的目地都是增加自n的曝光度以及对品牌的l护Q?q义上的|络推广也可理解为网l营销。In a narrow sense, network promotion refers to a kind of publicity and promotion activities through various means based on the Internet, in order to achieve an effect of improving brand awareness. Like traditional advertisements, the purpose of network promotion is to increase its own exposure and brand maintenance; in a broad sense, network promotion can also be understood as network marketing.与网l推q相q的概念有网l营销(搜烦引擎营销、搜索引擎优化、邮件营销、论坛营销、网站推qѝ网l广告、SNS营销、微信营销Q等{。Similar concepts to network promotion include network marketing (search engine marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, forum marketing, website promotion, network advertising, SNS marketing, Wechat marketing) and so on.|络推广,互联|?|络营销区域新闻567zx原创2019-01-30 16:52|站地图是一个网站所有链接的容器http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1054.htm|站地图,|站区域新闻567zx原创2019-01-19 15:23|站地图制作要点http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1053.htm|站地图制作,|站地图,|站区域新闻567zx原创2018-12-20 15:17一个网站是一个系l的工程http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1052.htm|站区域新闻567zx原创2018-12-13 14:50L站排名值得做吗http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1049.htm|站排名,|站区域新闻567zx原创2018-10-22 16:52怎样才能做出自己|站的特?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1048.htm</link><description>一?首先定web站点的营销目标Q?Q、市查阶D了解一下目前internet的发展状况以及同cȝ点的发展、经营状况,吸取他们的长处,扑և自己的优势,对市Z个调查,明确自己|站的主题,L一个好的出发点?Q、你设想中的|站规模有多大?作网站ƈ不是盲目的想?.</description><text>一?首先定web站点的营销目标Q?Q、市查阶D了解一下目前internet的发展状况以及同cȝ点的发展、经营状况,吸取他们的长处,扑և自己的优势,对市Z个调查,明确自己|站的主题,L一个好的出发点?Q、你设想中的|站规模有多大?作网站ƈ不是盲目的想做多大就作多大,而要Ҏ自n的现阶段能力Q以及企业的规模大小Q确定你的网站是型、中型、大规模的网站,q是从小规模的开始,然后逐步发展。这主要的是关系到网站的后期l护以及|站的发展方向来考虑的?Q、确定网站的cdQ你希望|站有怎样的设计特色根据主题、Ş式以及本w企业的特点Q网站的设计也有不同的类别,大概可分为:以内容ؓ主,设计Q注重速度q种大型的专业网站,它一般体现在专业的icpQisp供应商制作的|站Q在设计q类|站时不要太花哨Q应注重信息量;W二U大多数企业Z更好的宣传自q产品Q扩大销路,使自q产品走向世界Q提高自׃业的形象而制作的|站Q这U网站制作应l合本n产品特点而制作的特色|站Q相Ҏ说比较注重品的营销Q第三种是Ş象类的网站,一般这U网站相对体现在政府部门Q作为对外一个窗口,相对来说q种|站设计比较严肃Q第四种是个Z늽站,q种|站相对比较自由Q不受什么约束,可以Ҏ每个q牚w自由发挥。因此我们在制作主页时先明确自己的定位方向,设计出适合自己的站炏V?Q、你的主要目标受众是谁?Ҏ|站的类别不同,目标受众也不一P有工商业者、专业h士、学生;x,h;儿童Q青年Q中qhQ老hQ还是所有的人,比如教育cȝ|站相对来说是目标受众是院校的老师和学生。化装类、护肤品类的网站相Ҏ说是x等?Q、确定整个网站的整体风格其实Q这个原则和传统的印刷出版物没什么区别。你|页上所有的囑փ、文字,包括像背景颜艌Ӏ区分线、字体、标题、注脚什么的Q都要统一风格Q诏I全站。这样子读者看h舒服、顺畅,会对你的|站留下一个很专业的印象。D个简单例子。如果你在列CZ二三四若q条的情况下Q在每条前面用黑圆点加强视觉效果Q那么其他类似地方,也应该用保持同样的风根{色彩斑斓的站点Q尤其要注意风格的统一。颜色可以变Q不q字体、主体文本对齐风根{标题、背景效果以及特D图像效果等{都应保持统一。很多缺乏编辑、出版背景的|友Q很Ҏ忽视q点Q特别是|页一多,更容易忘?Q、你准备投入多少资金、如何经营这个网站?Ҏ作的|站大概的作个估P需要多资金,你准备投入多资金来q营q个|站Q假讄站制作好以后如何l营q个|站Q是全部p己来做,q是委托专业服务来做Q自己定期指|q是讑֮要求、目标完全由别h代劳。这是不可忽略的问题Q如果一个网站前期作的再好,后期没hl护也是I的Q就好比一条刚建好的街道,q干净净的,Z也比较喜Ƣ来q里逛街Q日久了Qh走的人多了,垃圾多了q时没h来管里,q样垃圾堆多Q走的h肯定也越来越了。日久了也逐渐被h遗忘了。网站经营也是这个原理?Q、根据目标框架整理出站点的内Ҏ架以及逻辑l构䏑把目标细化以整理出站点内Ҏ架基本确定的目标Q您应该把目标l化Qƈ初步整理Zؓ辑ֈq些目的Q站Ҏ需要包含的所有内容了。例如,站点应该发布什么信息,站点需要提供什么应用程序,{等。然后,你应该把初步定下的内容纲要写下来Q交l上U或业务人员审核批准。这实际上就形成了站点设计的需求报告。在你的内容U要里,q应该注明这些内容的信息来源Q哪个部门应该提供哪斚w的信息。把q些|列下来Q会使得上以及各个相关部门清楚谁应该ؓq些内容负责。②q一步整理出站点逻辑l构囑֮下内容纲要后Q你应该能够大致d站点的结构图了。结构图也有很多U,序l构Q网状结构,l承l构QWEBl构{,应依据你的内容而定。例如,如果你是在编一个教E,那么可能用表C顺序的程囑ְ比较合适。多数复杂的|站会综合应用到几种不同的结构图。画出结构图的目的,主要是便于有逻辑地组l站点和链接Q同Ӟ来你会用这个图d配工作和d。例如:你可以告诉某个开发h员,让他完成l构图中某个分支的内容;你可以把q个N交l业务h员,告诉他们哪些面Q需要他们进一步提供内Ҏ资料Q你可以把结构图l专业美工看Q让工人员考虑以什么样的Ş式来表现你要表达的内容等{。简而言之,q个框架图,ؓ你下一步进行工作分配,人员安排提供依据?/text><keywords>|站</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>567zx</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2018-10-09 11:01</pubDate></item><item><title>Z么企业要|站http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1046.htm1、希望得到更多的Z更快L方式了解您的企业和品,提高企业在同行业中的知名度从而增Z业的竞争力;2、希望获得更多客戯单;3、希望更有效地控制企业宣传成本;4、希望通过|站的Ş式无形g长企业营业时_客户可以在Q何时间浏览企业网站,选择自己所需的..1、希望得到更多的Z更快L方式了解您的企业和品,提高企业在同行业中的知名度从而增Z业的竞争力;2、希望获得更多客戯单;3、希望更有效地控制企业宣传成本;4、希望通过|站的Ş式无形g长企业营业时_客户可以在Q何时间浏览企业网站,选择自己所需的品而无MQ何营业h员在U服务;5、希望开拓本地市场,发展港奥台及国际业务对于企业通过传统方式要发展国际业务是有一定难度的Q但通过在internet上徏立自q企业|站Q发布您的企业Ş象及从事的业务,被世界上每一个拥有电脑和Ҏ的业务感兴趣的h所看到Q即便是公司,也可L与大公司竞争Q在Internet上h人^{?、希望与自己的客户保持密切及时联pdinternet上,|站24时都在q营中,֮在Q何时候,M地点都可与企业保持及时密切的联系Q这是传l业务联pL法比拟的?/text>|站,|站,企业|站区域新闻aoutmy原创2018-09-03 14:38|站优化中百度优化的问题与方?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1045.htm</link><description>1、修改了|站的标题、描q、关键词怎么办。合肥网站优化觉得这个应该跟|站d键词产品在百度的竞争热度有关pR假如在癑ֺ输入d键词Q基本上没有|站Q那几乎没有什么媄响。假如你的网站关键词竞争热度太大Q那么一修改Q网站排名就没有了?, modify the website..</description><text>1、修改了|站的标题、描q、关键词怎么办。合肥网站优化觉得这个应该跟|站d键词产品在百度的竞争热度有关pR假如在癑ֺ输入d键词Q基本上没有|站Q那几乎没有什么媄响。假如你的网站关键词竞争热度太大Q那么一修改Q网站排名就没有了?, modify the website title, description, keywords how to do. Hefei website optimization think this should be related to the main competitive product of Baidu website. If you enter Baidus main keyword, basically no website, it has little impact. If your website keyword competition fever is too big, then a modification, the website ranking is gone.2、网站收录很,癑ֺ排名很高怎么回事。查看网站的外链情况Q是否有高质量的|站链接了它。如果没有,那么q段旉癑ֺ排名会下降的?, website collection is very few, Baidu ranking is very high how to return a responsibility. Check out the external chain of the website, whether there is a high quality website link it. If not, then Baidus ranking will drop over time.3、利用百度自w品做宣传效果怎样。利用百度自w品做宣传Q百度对自n产品的审核时很严格的。要心Q而且很危险。见好就收?, how to use Baidus own products to promote publicity. Using Baidus own products to advertise, Baidu is very strict in its own product audit. Be careful, and its dangerous. Be good at it.4、百度更新时间的旉。从大的更新来讲Q一般是每个月的十五号和二十六号。这时候网站排名Q动比较大。小更新旉为每个礼拜的周二、周四。这时候网站排名Q动较,新网站一般在q个旉D出现排名ƈ且不E_?, Baidu update time. In terms of big update, it is usually No. fifteen and No. twenty-six per month. At this time, the web site is more floating. The small update time is Tuesday and Thursday for each week. At this time, the ranking of websites is smaller. New websites generally appear in this time period and are unstable.5、网站死链接对百度优化有影响。网站死链接是可以通过站长工具出来,然后扑ֈ手工删除p了。尽量减网站死链接Q否则蜘蛛会走进死胡同,影响|站优化的?, the dead link of the website has an impact on the optimization of Baidu. Website dead links can be detected through webmaster tools, and then found manually deleted. Minimize Web links, otherwise spiders will go into a blind alley, affecting website optimization.6、快速增加百度的反向链接。百度的反向链接是很好增加的。只要让你的|站地址增加曝光率,q且是和|站主题相关的。那么你的网站反向链接是可以快速增加的。前期的话可以多甌几个著名博客Q多发布些对某些热点事情的观点看法,q样可以引v相关|站q行采集Q说不定把|站地址采集q去了。对于增加网站反向链接是很有用的?, fast increase the reverse link of Baidu. The backlink of Baidu is very good. Just let your website address increase exposure rate, and is related to the theme of the website. So your website backlinks can be increased rapidly. Early words can be applied to several famous blogs, and more views on some hot issues can be published, which can lead to the collection of relevant websites. It is useful for increasing web reverse links.</text><keywords>|站优化,癑ֺ优化,|站排名,|站,关键?优化,癑ֺ,|站关键?/keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aowl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2018-07-25 17:54</pubDate></item><item><title>|站优化技?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1044.htm</link><description>1OneURL优化URL optimization对于英文|站优化来说Q主要的效果验证是Google。对中国的百度而言Q用拼音来命名URL比较友好Q但是对国外的客h_q是Google?王。ƈ且针对Google的URL命名用英文单词比较合适。For English website optimization, the main effect ..</description><text>1OneURL优化URL optimization对于英文|站优化来说Q主要的效果验证是Google。对中国的百度而言Q用拼音来命名URL比较友好Q但是对国外的客h_q是Google?王。ƈ且针对Google的URL命名用英文单词比较合适。For English website optimization, the main effect verification is Google. For Chinas Baidu, it is more friendly to name URL with Pinyin, but for foreign customers, Google is king. And the naming of Google for URL is more appropriate in English.2Two向搜索引擎和开攑ּ目录提交|站Submitting a website to a search engine and an open directory在网站制作完成,内部链接都已l完善,没有空链接了,q个时候你可以向各大搜索引擎以及行业的开攑ּ目录开始提交你的英文网站了。这L好处一斚w是加速搜索引擎抓取收录你的网站,同时也能l你增加不少的流量和反向链接。With the completion of the web site, the internal links have been perfected, and there are no empty links. At this time, you can start submitting your English website to the major search engines and the open directory of the industry. On the one hand, this kind of advantage is to speed up the search engine to capture your website, and at the same time, it can add a lot of traffic and backlinks to you.3Three|站静态化Site static对于一些从事外贸的英文|站来说Q他们的产品大多数是有一定的针对性,U类相对来说不说很多Q英文网站页面数量也不会太大Q对q样的英文网站来_一般做成静态的比较好,而且与搜索引擎友好性高Q对收录和排名也是有帮助的。For some English websites engaged in foreign trade, most of their products have certain pertinence, the variety is relatively not much, the number of English web pages will not be too large. Its helpful.4Four面标题和meta优化Page title and meta optimization很多英文|站的页面标题都是相同的Q同时没有对meta信息q行相应的优化。虽然meta中的keywords和description的作用被削弱了,但是SEO 的技术来源于点点滴滴Q?5%的基本优化方法大安能够掌握Q后面所要做的就是细心和创新。标题中的关键词对于面中的关键词优化是有很大帮助的Q但是对于关键词的优化一定要做到标题与内容的相关。Many English web pages have the same page titles, and there is no corresponding optimization of meta information. Although the role of keywords and description in meta has been weakened, the technology of SEO comes from dribs and drops. All of the 95% basic optimization methods can be mastered, and the following is to be careful and innovative. The key words in the title are helpful to optimize the key words in the page, but for the optimization of keywords, the title must be related to the content.</text><keywords>|站优化,|站,|站优化技?优化,癑ֺ</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aowl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2018-07-07 17:25</pubDate></item><item><title>|站优化的网质量决定SEO优化效果http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1043.htm癑ֺ搜烦引擎评h|页内容质量主要看其M内容的好坏,以及M内容是否可以让用h意?不同cd|页的主体内容不同,癑ֺ搜烦引擎判断不同|页的内容h值时Q需要关注的点也有区别,如:The quality of webpage content evaluated by Baidu search engine depends m..癑ֺ搜烦引擎评h|页内容质量主要看其M内容的好坏,以及M内容是否可以让用h意?不同cd|页的主体内容不同,癑ֺ搜烦引擎判断不同|页的内容h值时Q需要关注的点也有区别,如:The quality of webpage content evaluated by Baidu search engine depends mainly on the quality of its main content, and whether the content of the main content can satisfy the users. The main content of different types of web pages is different. When Baidu search engine judges the content value of different web pages, there are different points to pay attention to, such as:首页Q导航链接和推荐内容是否清晰、有效。Front page: navigation links and recommended content are clear and effective.文章:能否提供清晰完整的内容,图文q茂更佳。Article page: whether to provide clear and complete content, graphic and better.商品:是否提供了完整真实的商品信息和有效的购买入口。Product page: whether it provides complete and true commodity information and effective purchase entry.问答:是否提供了有参考h值的{案。Question and answer page: does it provide valuable answers?下蝲:是否提供下蝲入口Q是否有权限限制Q资源是否有效。Download page: whether to provide download entry, whether there is permission limit, and whether the resources are valid.文档:是否可供用户阅读Q是否有权限限制。Document page: whether it is available for users to read and whether there is permission limit.搜烦l果:搜烦出来的结果是否与标题相关。Search results page: does the search result relate to the title?癑ֺ搜烦引擎考量|页内容质量的维度非常多Q最为重要的是:成本Q内容完_信息真实有效以及安全。下面我们通过举例来感受一下百度搜索引擎是如何对网늚内容质量q行分类的,L长对比自q点的面Q站在搜索引擎和用户的角度ؓ自己打分QBaidu search engine considers the dimensions of web page content very much. The most important are: cost, content integrity, information authenticity, effectiveness and security. Lets take an example to find out how the Baidu search engine classifies the content of the web page, and the stationmaster compares the pages of its own site to the search engine and the users point of view.内容质量好:癑ֺ搜烦引擎认ؓ内容质量好的|页Q花费了较多旉和精力编辑,倾注了编者的l验和专业知识;内容清晰、完整且丰富Q资源有效且优质Q信息真实有效;安全无毒Q不含Q何作弊行为和意图Q对用户有较强的正收益。对q部分网,癑ֺ搜烦引擎会提高其展现在用户面前的机率Good content: Baidu search engine thinks that web pages with good content cost more time and energy to edit, pour out the editors experience and professional knowledge; the content is clear, complete and rich; the resources are effective and high quality; the information is true and effective; it is safe and non-toxic; it does not contain any cheating behavior and intention, and is stronger to the user. Positive returns. For this part of the web page, Baidu search engine will improve its chances of displaying in front of users.|站优化,癑ֺ搜烦引擎,|站,Seo,|页,优化,癑ֺ,SEO优化,baidu,搜烦引擎,|站优化?癑ֺ搜烦区域新闻aowl原创2018-06-19 17:00对网站优化的要介l?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1042.htm</link><description>|站优化是对|站q行E序、内宏V版块、布局{多斚w的优化调_使网站更Ҏ被搜索引擎收录,提高用户体验QUEQ和转化率进而创造h倹{Web site optimization is the optimization of the website, the content, the layout, layout and other aspects, so that the..</description><text>|站优化是对|站q行E序、内宏V版块、布局{多斚w的优化调_使网站更Ҏ被搜索引擎收录,提高用户体验QUEQ和转化率进而创造h倹{Web site optimization is the optimization of the website, the content, the layout, layout and other aspects, so that the website is more easily included by the search engine, improve the user experience (UE) and conversion rate to create value.|站优化可以从狭义和q义两个斚w来说明,狭义的网站优化技术,x索引擎优化,也就是搜索互联网站设计时适合搜烦引擎索,满搜烦引擎排名的指标,从而在搜烦引擎索中获得排名靠前Q增强搜索引擎营销的效果。The website optimization can be explained from two aspects of narrow sense and broad sense. The narrow sense of Web site optimization, that is, search engine optimization, is to search engine search for search engine and meet the index of search engine rankings in the design of interconnected web site, so as to get the rank of search engine in the search engine and enhance the effect of search engine marketing.q义的网站优化所考虑的因素不仅仅是搜索引擎,也包括充分满用L需求特征、清晰的|站D、完善的在线帮助{,在此基础上得网站功能和信息发挥最好的效果。也是以企业网站ؓ基础Q与|络服务商(如搜索引擎等Q、合作伙伴、顾客、供应商、销售商{网l营销环境中各斚w因素建立良好的关pRThe generalized web site optimization considers not only the search engine, but also the full satisfaction of the users needs, the clear website navigation, and the perfect online help. On this basis, the function and information of the web site are the best. It is based on the enterprise website, and has a good relationship with network service providers (such as search engines, such as search engines), partners, customers, suppliers, vendors and other factors in the network marketing environment.</text><keywords>|站优化,|站,优化,搜烦引擎,|站优化?搜烦引擎收录,用户体验</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aowl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2018-06-07 16:58</pubDate></item><item><title>|站设计的基本原则及注意事项http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1041.htm1.|站内容要新、专、精 |站的信息内容要有特Ԍ|页内容要便于阅读,内容设计要有l织Q同时网站的内容应及时更新?2.|站整体风格要统一1. the content of the website should be featured by the content of the new, specialized and refined web sites, the con..1.|站内容要新、专、精 |站的信息内容要有特Ԍ|页内容要便于阅读,内容设计要有l织Q同时网站的内容应及时更新?2.|站整体风格要统一1. the content of the website should be featured by the content of the new, specialized and refined web sites, the content of the web page should be easy to read, the content of the content should be organized and the content of the website should be updated in time. 2. the overall style of the website should be unified|站的风格是指网站的整体形象l浏览者的l合感受Q是抽象的。风格就是与众不同,通过|站的结构布局、内宏V文字、标志、色调、交互性等可以概括Z个网站的风格?3.|站提供交互?|站在设计时应采用留aѝ反馈表单等与浏览者进行交互?4.|站的访问速度 在设计网站时Q考虑|站的访问速度是十分必要的?5.|站链接l构 设计|站链接l构的原则是用最的链接辑ֈ最x览效果。网站设计者希望浏览者既能方便快速地到达自己需要的面Q又可清晰地知道自己的位|。The style of the website refers to the comprehensive impression of the overall image of the website, which is abstract to the viewer. The style is different. The style of a website can be summarized through the layout, content, text, logo, tone and interaction of the website. 3. website provides interactive website. When designing, message boards and feedback forms should be used to interact with visitors. 4. the speed of Web site visits is very necessary when designing websites. 5. website link structure design website link structure principle is to use the least link to achieve the best browsing effect. Web designers hope that visitors can quickly and easily arrive at the page they want, and clearly know where they are.|站设计,|站内容,|站,|页,|站?/keywords>区域新闻aowl原创2018-05-31 15:34癑ֺE_排名的技?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1039.htm</link><description>W一、网站标题的重要性First, the importance of the title of the website|站的标题需要正设|,巧妙q用它,才能促进提升关键字的排名。网站标题绝对要包含关键字,把关键字攑֜标题最前面Q用“|”隔开Q如果你?四个关键字,又不惌癑ֺgؓ重复严重或作弊行?.</description><text>W一、网站标题的重要性First, the importance of the title of the website|站的标题需要正设|,巧妙q用它,才能促进提升关键字的排名。网站标题绝对要包含关键字,把关键字攑֜标题最前面Q用“|”隔开Q如果你?四个关键字,又不惌癑ֺgؓ重复严重或作弊行为,例如我们的网站关键字Q?|站、网站制作、网设计,q四个关键字Q那么我们完全可以把它弄的短一点,׃“泉州网站设计”和“泉州网设计”里?都有设计两个字,前面两个关键字又带有“泉州”和“网站”,故而,我们只用三个关键字就可以了,是“泉州网站徏设|泉州|站制作|泉州|页设计”这栯 |,后面再加上公司的名字Q这h短,又不让百度似Z弊,又可以完的讄|站标题Q一举两得,有多个网站关键字的站长朋友,可以考虑下这L用法。The title of the website needs to be properly set up and skillfully applied to promote the ranking of keywords. If you have four keywords, you dont want to be duplicated or cheated by Baidu, such as our website keywords: website construction, website production, web design, and these four keywords, then we are complete. We can make it a little short, because "Quanzhou website design" and "Quanzhou web page design" have two words in the design. The first two key words are "Quanzhou" and "web site". Therefore, we can only use three keywords, namely, "Quanzhou website construction Quanzhou website production Quanzhou Web Design" This set, followed by the name of the company, so short, and do not let Baidu like cheating, and can set up a perfect website title, one stone two gains, there are many web site key friends, can consider the use of such.W二、每天坚持更新文章Second. Insist on renewing the article every day|站里发布的文章Q要有时间规律性,譬如_今天中午12ҎC10文章,明天也要中午12Ҏ?0左叟뀂当Ӟ文章的原创性是必须?有的Q有些h没有那么多心思去写原创文章,其实我们也可以用伪原创,文章的头一定要不一P文章要读h畅Q文章中间部位也要做相应修改Q文章是需?l访客看的,内容里尽量围l着自己的网站关键字来修改,同时也需要保持你的关键字上面加上链接Q链接到本站Q需要注意的一点,是关键字链接不要超q六 个,否则搜烦引擎也会认ؓ你是在作弊,被K站就不好了。Articles published on the website should be time regular. For example, 10 articles were updated at 12 noon today, and 10 articles will be updated at 12 noon tomorrow. Of course, the originality of the article must be some, some people do not have so much thought to write the original article, in fact, we can also use pseudo original, the head and tail of the article must be different, the article should be read smoothly, the middle part of the article should be modified accordingly, the article is to the visitors to see, content as far as possible around the content Their website keyword to modify, but also need to maintain your keyword above the link, link to the site, a point to pay attention to, is the key link not more than six, or the search engine will think you are cheating, the K station is not good.W三、保持每个网站页面都有关键字转向首页Third, maintain every website page has keywords to turn to home page.可以把网站的关键字放在网站的版权位置Q然后设|{向首,譬如说我们放|的“泉州网站徏䏀,也是同一个道理。You can put the keyword on the websites copyright position, and then set it to the front page, for example, we put the "Quanzhou website construction", which is the same reason.W四、注意网站关键字的密度问题,可以在百度搜索关键字密度查询工具Q进行每一늚查询。Fourth, pay attention to website keyword density problem, you can search keyword density query tool in Baidu, for each page query.</text><keywords>|站,|站标题,癑ֺ,关键?/keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aowl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2018-05-11 15:57</pubDate></item><item><title>癑ֺ优化的方?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1038.htm</link><description>一、网站质量First, the quality of the website一个网站最重要的是|站的质量,|站质量包括Q网站内容,|页布局Q整站URLQ每个页面的title写法{。但是现在归U_一P可以叫做是:客户体现度。The most important thing of a website is the quality of the websi..</description><text>一、网站质量First, the quality of the website一个网站最重要的是|站的质量,|站质量包括Q网站内容,|页布局Q整站URLQ每个页面的title写法{。但是现在归U_一P可以叫做是:客户体现度。The most important thing of a website is the quality of the website. The quality of the website includes: website content, web layout, URL, title writing of each page, etc. But now summed up together, it can be called: customer embodiment.二、网站做法Two. Website practicetitle的写法:您的q个面所展现的内容,和你q个面的title相关性要强,不要ƺ骗癑ֺ{搜索引擎,不要在title中过分的堆砌关键词。Title: the content of your page, and the title relevance of your page, do not cheat Baidu and other search engines, and dont overlay the keyword in the title.|站内容Q网站内Ҏ好是伪原创的Q在修改|络上的文章的时候,需要把文章的“标题”稍微修改,把您所使用的文章,大致意思明白,title中用意思相q的话语Q来替换titleQ文章中原来与文章标题相同的Q可以用意思相q的话语替换Q如果网站中包含囄Q应该给囄加上ATL描述Q网站外N可而止。Website content: the content of the website is best to be pseudo original, when modifying the article on the network, we need to modify the "title" of the article a little. To replace the title with the similar words in the title, the same words in the article are the same as the title of the article. If the website contains pictures, the picture should be added with ATL description, and the chain outside the website will be enough.|站keywordsQkeywordsU关键词Q关键词在网中也很重要Q记住一点,千万不要堆砌Q不要ؓ了优化而优化。Website keywords:keywords is short for keywords, keywords are also important in web pages. Remember, do not stack up. Do not optimize for optimization.|站descriptionQdescriptionU描qͼ是你这个页面中的大致内容,做一介,注意Q通顺Q流利,不堆砌关键词Q还是那句话Q不要ؓ了网站优化而优化。Website description:description for short description, is the general content of your page, make a brief introduction, pay attention to: smooth, fluent, not piling up key words, or that sentence: do not optimize for the website optimization.|站布局Q网设计的布局Q主要讲两个斚w一个是工Q一个是文字。Website layout: the layout of webpage design is mainly about two aspects: one is art and the other is text.工Q网站进来第一感觉很舒服,不要很刺|因ؓQ你做这个站点,是给人看的,而不是给搜烦引擎看到Q如果你面做的很烂Q在癑ֺ中排名再好,每天有100来,看见你网站的样子Q会联系你嚒?American worker: the first feeling of the website is very comfortable, not very eye, because, you do this site, is to see, and not to see the search engine, if your page is very bad, in the Baidu rankings, there are 100 people come in, see the appearance of your website, will contact you?文字Q网站文字要清晰Q不要太暗,更加不要做隐藏文字,隐藏关键词,q样只能增快你网站死掉的速度!以及一些所谓的一些“黑帽行为?不明白“黑帽”是什么的话,去BaiDu?Text: the text of the website should be clear, not too dark, not to hide the text, and hide the key words, so that you can only increase the speed of your website dead! And some so-called "black hat behavior" (do not understand "black hat" is what, go to BaiDu check).友情链接Q交换友情链接,一定要Q与本站的相x强Q快照新Q与本站成正比的友情链接。Links: exchange links, must be strong correlation with the site, snapshot new, and the site is directly proportional to the links.</text><keywords>|站质量,|站内容,癑ֺ优化,|站,|页,优化,癑ֺ,|站?/keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aowl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2018-05-07 16:18</pubDate></item><item><title>|页设计中背景的创意风格与设计趋?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1036.htm</link><description>什么样的背景最适合你的|站Q这q没有一定之规,但确实有一些共同的要素QWhat kind of background is best for your website? This is not the same rule, but there are some common elements.互联|背景的内容应该有目的性。The content of the internet background..</description><text>什么样的背景最适合你的|站Q这q没有一定之规,但确实有一些共同的要素QWhat kind of background is best for your website? This is not the same rule, but there are some common elements.互联|背景的内容应该有目的性。The content of the internet background should be purposeful.背景应该与你的品牌风g致。The background should be in line with your brand style.背景之上的文字内容应该易于阅?无论是颜艌Ӏ反差还是尺寸大? 背景的主题在整个|站内应该连贯一致。The text on the background should be easy to read (regardless of color, contrast or size). The theme of the background should be consistent throughout the website.背景应该能很快下载ƈ且不会让你的|站变得~慢甚至卡死。The background should be downloaded soon and will not slow or even kill your website.现在的流行趋势是什么?Whats the popular trend now?像服装和发型会变,|页设计的风g在变。对于背景来_势的变化尤其突出。Just like clothes and hairstyles will change, the style of webpage design is also changing. For the background, the trend changes are particularly prominent.目前Q大量的|站在首屏采用了大图。一些背景是清晰、写实的Q如照片和插图)Q而另一些则可能是抽象隐晦的。大寸的、虚化或模糊的图也随处可见。At present, a large number of websites have adopted large maps in the first screen. Some backgrounds are clear and realistic, such as photographs and illustrations, while others may be abstract and obscure. Large, virtual or fuzzy diagrams can also be seen everywhere.色块背景也很行Q但已经不是通常那种怸q时的黑和白。很多设计师使用强烈、浓重的颜色来帮助网站内容从背景中突昑և来。The color block background is also popular, but it is not the usual black and white. Many designers use strong and strong colors to help the website content to be highlighted from the background.最后,图案和纹理也用得很多。不qŞ状的大小最q改变了不少。越来越多的|站在背景中采用大块的图案,而此前曾l流行的则是的图案。大面积的图案与低反差的内容带来一U很微妙的感觉。细微的U理背景也非常流行,用以l设计增ȝ实的感觉。Finally, a lot of patterns and textures are used. But the size of the shape has changed a lot recently. More and more websites use large chunks of patterns in the background, and small ones have been popular before. A large area of pattern has a very subtle feeling with low contrast content. Subtle texture backgrounds are also very popular to add real feelings to the design.</text><keywords>|页设计,|站,|页,互联|?/keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aowl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2018-04-24 11:12</pubDate></item><item><title>最新网设计潮趋?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1035.htm</link><description>1、只包含文字的首?. The first screen only contains the text虽然很多|站会在首屏选择使用囄来吸引用P但是使用文本内容同样也是可行的。不q,惌文本内容作为首屏内容的MQ设计师q要用好留白才行。运用这一势的关键点在于Q要为用h供有意义的文?.</description><text>1、只包含文字的首?. The first screen only contains the text虽然很多|站会在首屏选择使用囄来吸引用P但是使用文本内容同样也是可行的。不q,惌文本内容作为首屏内容的MQ设计师q要用好留白才行。运用这一势的关键点在于Q要为用h供有意义的文本内容,要让用户觉得有h倹{Although many websites will use pictures to attract users in the first screen, using text content is also feasible. However, designers want to use text content as the main body of the first screen content. Designers should also use good blank. The key point to apply this trend is to provide users with meaningful text content and make users feel valuable.那么Q怎么做到q一点呢QSo, how do you do this?从关键词入手。关键词能够体现内容的目标性和价g张,能够告诉用户你能l他什么,以及Z么你的网站内容很重要。Start with the key words. Keywords can reflect contents goal and value proposition, tell users what you can give him, and why your website content is very important.选择一Ƅ单的字体Q它最好和正文文本的情l、风g持一致。Choose a simple font, which is best consistent with the mood and style of the text.如果文本内容较少Q那么可以试着选取一些有表现力的字体。If there are fewer text contents, you can try to select some expressive fonts.用好留白。在下面的每个案例当中,文本周围都有_的留白确保排版的呼吸感。留白能够确保用户在览的时候,注意力集中到文本内容上。留白能够很好的q文本布局Q如果你不想文本居中排布的话,像 Design Ups q个|站。Make good use of the white. In each of the following cases, there are enough blanks around the text to ensure the breathing sense of typesetting. Blank can ensure users to focus on text content when browsing. Blank can well balance the layout of the text, if you dont want to center the text, its like Design Ups.使用色彩来提升你的设计的吸引力。明亮的色彩能够更加吸引用户参与到设计当中来。色彩还能更好地营造氛_传递情l。Use color to improve the appeal of your design. Bright colors can attract users to participate in the design. Color can also create better atmosphere and convey emotions.当你在设计一个文本内容较重的|站的的时候,不要让文本填充满屏幕Q因Z是不可能其填满的。借助色彩和色块来丰富布局Q就?Less is More ?Types of Type q两个网站一栗When you are designing a website with heavy text content, do not force the text to fill the screen, because you cant fill it up. With color and color blocks to enrich layout, like Less is More and Types of Type, these two websites.2、用白色区块承蝲文本2. Load text with white blocks必须承认Q如今的许多|站在视觉设计上已经做的很突ZQ包含元素极Z富,加上丰富的响应式断点和大胆的配色Q信息量q乎爆炸。也正是因此Q有设计师开始在大量的元素当中开辟出白底的区块,用来承蝲单纯的黑色的文本内容。It must be acknowledged that many of todays Web sites have been very prominent in visual design, with rich elements, rich response breakpoints and bold color matching, and the amount of information almost exploded. It is precisely because of this that designers began to create white blocks in a large number of elements to carry simple black text content.q种设计让文本内Ҏ着较强的可L,无需担心复杂的背景色和变化。听hq种技巧挺h的,甚至有点马虎Q但是它设计得当的话Q效果其实是非常出彩的。This design makes the text content more readable, without worrying about the complex background color and change. It sounds very lazy, or even careless. But when it is designed properly, the effect is very colorful.白色的区块在寸上要设计得够合理,以承载一定量的文本,如果面q要考虑Ud端的情况的话Q这个区块可能需要针对移动端q行合理的定Ӟ比如在移动端讑֤上打开的时候,文本框内的内容将会在囄下方的区域单独显C,而非和桌面端上那h؜排。不要试囑֜Ud端屏q上呈现q样的文本框Q因为最l很难让囄和文本框叠加昄在同一个区域。下面的每个案例都合理地使用白色区块来承载文本内宏VWhite blocks are designed to be reasonable enough to carry a certain amount of text. If the page has to consider the mobile end, the block may need to be properly customized for the mobile end, such as when the mobile end device is opened, the contents of the text box will be in the area under the picture. Only display, rather than be mixed with the desktop. Do not attempt to present such a text box on the mobile terminal screen, because it is difficult for the picture and text box to be displayed in the same area at the end. In each case, we use white blocks reasonably to carry text content.Do Space q个面白色区域设|在囄底部Q确保图片绝大多数的部分能够被用h晰地看到。白色的区域和图片下方的留白q到一P视觉上两者生的兌Q让用户在浏览的q程中下意识地想ȝl浏览下方的内容。The Do Space page sets the white area at the bottom of the picture, ensuring that most parts of the picture can be clearly seen by the user. The white area and the white space below the picture are linked together, and the visual relationship between the two allows the user to consciously want to continue browsing the content below in the process of browsing.HowIt q个|站在设计白色的区块的时候,q没有采用传l的矩ŞQ而是这个区域设计成了一个不规则的圆形。这U风格的白色区块和整个背景元素的风格是保持一致的Q看h融入感很强,不会昑־H兀。白色区块上的文本ƈ没有采用普通的黑色Q而是和背景的手绘插画采用了相同的展示性字体和紫红色的文本。这使得前景和背景的元素产生了关联。When designing the white block, HowIt didnt use the traditional rectangle, but designed the area as an irregular circle. This style of white blocks is consistent with the style and tone of the whole background elements. It looks like a strong sense of integration. The text on the white block does not use ordinary black, but uses the same display font and purplish red text with the background hand drawn illustration. This makes the elements of foreground and background related.Macaulay Sinclair 拥有比其他网站更多的文本需要白色的区块来承载。白色区块后的背景几乎没有传递Q何有用的信息。Macaulay Sinclair has more text than other websites, and needs white blocks to carry it. The background behind the white block hardly conveys any useful information.</text><keywords>|页设计,|站,|页</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aowl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2018-04-18 15:37</pubDate></item><item><title>|站优化可以带来的好?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1050.htm</link><text></text><keywords>|站优化,|站,优化</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>567zx</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2018-03-20 15:52</pubDate></item><item><title>|站优化的优?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1027.htm</link><description>相对于百度竞h名,做好|站关键词优化可以直接提高网站在搜烦引擎的排名;优势如下QCompared with the Baidu bid ranking, do a good job of Web site keyword optimization can directly improve the site in the search engine ranking; the advantages are as fo..</description><text>相对于百度竞h名,做好|站关键词优化可以直接提高网站在搜烦引擎的排名;优势如下QCompared with the Baidu bid ranking, do a good job of Web site keyword optimization can directly improve the site in the search engine ranking; the advantages are as follows:1、多搜烦引擎排名靠前Q做好网站优化后不但癑ֺQ还有谷歌、搜狗、新、搜搜、雅虎、Bing{知名搜索引擎也会有很好的排名效果。“花一样钱Q补七样”不放过每个可能的目标客P1, many search engines rank the top. After doing website optimization, not only Baidu, but also Google, Sogou, Sina, search, YAHOO, Bing and other famous search engines will have a good ranking effect. "Spend the same money, make up seven" do not pass every possible target customer;2、一ơ投资,长期有效Q网站做好优化后Q正常维护的话一般可以保持稳定良好的排名Q大大节U成本;2, an investment, long-term effective: after the optimization of the website, the normal maintenance of the words can generally maintain a stable and good ranking, greatly saving the cost;3、零成本点击Q免费Q意点击,零成本带来大量目标客P3, zero cost Click: free and free click, zero cost to bring a large number of target customers;4、避免竞争对手恶意点击:有效避免做百度竞h名时竞争Ҏ的恶意点击,有统?0%以上的点击都是来自竞争对手的恶意点击Q?, avoid competitors malicious clicks: avoid Baidu competitors malicious clicks effectively, and statistics show that more than 60% of clicks are malicious clicks from competitors.5、规避百度陷阱,减低成本Q规避百度分词搜索、智能匹配等带来的无效付费点击,减少营销成本Q?, avoid Baidu trap, reduce cost: avoid Baidu segmentation search, intelligent matching and other invalid pay clicks, reduce marketing costs;6、嘪昑֓牌优势:|站在搜索结果前列可以让客户对网站“有价|有实力”的直观印象?, highlight the brand advantage: the website in the forefront of search results can allow customers to the website "value, have the strength" of the visual impression.</text><keywords>|站优化,|站,关键词优?关键?优化,癑ֺ,baidu,搜烦引擎,|站优化?|站关键?/keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aowl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2018-03-12 15:38</pubDate></item><item><title>癑ֺ优化的正做?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1047.htm</link><text></text><keywords>癑ֺ优化,优化,癑ֺ</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>567zx</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2018-03-06 14:35</pubDate></item><item><title>400电话办理是怎样pȝhttp://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/1018.htm400 telephone is now used in various industries before and after the sale of services, all call 400 telephone number of users can transfer to the original set of fixed line, mobile phone, it is very convenient to use. Now, it has been opened and used..400 telephone is now used in various industries before and after the sale of services, all call 400 telephone number of users can transfer to the original set of fixed line, mobile phone, it is very convenient to use. Now, it has been opened and used by large and medium-sized enterprises throughout the country, which has brought convenience to enterprises themselves. Enterprises have been convenient, that is, 400 of the affirmative. 400, the phone is so popular now, but also after a long period of change, any one thing can not be loved by everyone from the beginning, are all used to find. Now more and more enterprises are dealing with it, 400 telephone processing is what kind of? What else should I pay attention to?0101首先选择400电话办理公司Q可以选择电信q营商办理也可以选择代理商办理,目前?0%?00电话是通过代理商办理开通的Q可是在选择代理商办理的时候一定要认清代理商的资质Q}防上当,以免因ؓ盲目的选择影响公司的业务。然后就是选择电话L了,q要Ҏ自己公司一q的话费来选择。接着把公司的营业执照和法n份证复印件交上。签订合同。最后等待开通用就好了。每一个号码都会有对应的管理^収ͼ可以自己查询余额Q绑定更改号码等{。First select the 400 calls for the company, you can choose for the telecom operators can also choose agents for, there are currently 90% of the 400 call is through agents for the opening, but must recognize the qualified agents, in the choice of agents for free to beware fooled, because the blind choice affect the companys business. Then choose the phone number, which is based on their companys annual phone calls to choose. Then, the companys business license and copy of the corporate identity card. Sign a contract. Finally, wait for the opening to use. Each number will have a corresponding management platform, you can check their own balance, bind, change the number, and so on.0202400电话办理l用h供了方便。作为全国的标志性的LQ用一?0位数?00Ll定多个电话Q对外只需要公布具有代表性的400LQ因L单易记。当企业选择400L的时候就是给自己做了有声的广告,客户C?00也就C了企业。因Z业申L400L是全国标志性的虚拟LQ可以终生不变。这又给企业带来了很大的方便。就企业搬家了也不用担心因为害怕更换号码的问题影响客户的流失,q种事情是不会发生的?00 telephone processing provides convenience to the user. As a national symbol number, 400 number is bound to a 10 digit multiple phone, only need to publish foreign representative of the number 400, because it is simple and easy to remember. When the enterprise chooses 400 numbers, is makes the sound advertisement to oneself, the customer remembered 400, also remembered the enterprise. Because the 400 number that the enterprise applies is national fictitious number, it can be changeless all ones life. This brings great convenience to the enterprise. Even if the company moved, do not worry, because the fear of changing the number of problems affecting the loss of customers, this kind of thing will not happen.0303M400电话办理之后什么问题都不需要担心了Q?00强大的团队ؓ你解决一切问题,攑ֿ使用好了,毕竟l历了近10q时间的历练q在通信界占有最有利的地位,只能?00把一切都做到了近乎完,让每一个行业都可以选择属于自己企业的一个标志性的L。给自己的企业做最有利的广告,因ؓ怿?00也会选择怿企业Q只有正规的企业都会ȝ400电话׃驾护航。这一点中国的大多C业、上市公叔R做到了。选择400Q让公司可以深入人心q不是很好吗Q相信企业会用自q到的眼光去选择它。After all 400 calls for what questions do not need to worry about, the 400 strong team for you to solve all the problems, ease of use is good, after all, has experienced nearly 10 years of experience in the communications sector time occupies the most advantageous position, 400 can only say that everything is perfect, let every industry you can choose their own enterprises with an iconic number. For their own enterprises to do the most favorable advertising, because I believe that 400 will also choose to believe that enterprises, only regular enterprises will use 400 telephone escort for themselves. Most of the enterprises and listed companies in China have done so. Wouldnt it be nice to choose 400 to make the company popular? Believe that enterprises will use their own unique vision to choose it.|站优化aoutmy原创2017-09-21 09:36|站优化的优势分?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1032.htm</link><description>1、多搜烦引擎排名靠前Q做好网站优化后不但癑ֺQ还有谷歌、搜狗、新、搜搜、雅虎、Bing{知名搜索引擎也会有很好的排名效果。“花一样钱Q补七样”不放过每个可能的目标客P1, many search engines rank the top. After doing website optimization, not only Bai..</description><text>1、多搜烦引擎排名靠前Q做好网站优化后不但癑ֺQ还有谷歌、搜狗、新、搜搜、雅虎、Bing{知名搜索引擎也会有很好的排名效果。“花一样钱Q补七样”不放过每个可能的目标客P1, many search engines rank the top. After doing website optimization, not only Baidu, but also Google, Sogou, Sina, search, YAHOO, Bing and other famous search engines will have a good ranking effect. "Spend the same money, make up seven" do not pass every possible target customer;2、一ơ投资,长期有效Q网站做好优化后Q正常维护的话一般可以保持稳定良好的排名Q大大节U成本;2, an investment, long-term effective: after the optimization of the website, the normal maintenance of the words can generally maintain a stable and good ranking, greatly saving the cost;3、零成本点击Q免费Q意点击,零成本带来大量目标客P3, zero cost Click: free and free click, zero cost to bring a large number of target customers;4、避免竞争对手恶意点击:有效避免做百度竞h名时竞争Ҏ的恶意点击,有统?0%以上的点击都是来自竞争对手的恶意点击Q?, avoid competitors malicious clicks: avoid Baidu competitors malicious clicks effectively, and statistics show that more than 60% of clicks are malicious clicks from competitors.5、规避百度陷阱,减低成本Q规避百度分词搜索、智能匹配等带来的无效付费点击,减少营销成本Q?, avoid Baidu trap, reduce cost: avoid Baidu segmentation search, intelligent matching and other invalid pay clicks, reduce marketing costs;6、嘪昑֓牌优势:|站在搜索结果前列可以让客户对网站“有价|有实力”的直观印象?, highlight the brand advantage: the website in the forefront of search results can allow customers to the website "value, have the strength" of the visual impression.</text><keywords>|站优化,|站,优化,癑ֺ,搜烦引擎,|站优化?/keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aowl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-09-02 07:33</pubDate></item><item><title>优惠套餐http://www.weybte.icu/pro/52.htm中国专业域名注册、虚拟主机服务商。提供虚拟主?域名注册,域名甌,aspI间,|站I间,SQLI间,L托管,LU用,企业邮箱?/description>套餐一Q?00电话免费选号、免费办理,无月U,只预存话费即可!套餐资费Q?600?3q?200?3q?8000?3q等Q赠送等价值的大气|站、手机网站、百度优化推q等Q套二Q专业H5交互式电脑网站和手机|站、专业百度优化推q,保证指定关键词进入百度首!不到首页不收费,较少的投入、较大的回报Q遨游网l效果的保障哦!详情L话咨询!具体如下Q网站制作随着时代的发展,互联|在日常生活和公司办公中扮演来重要的角色Q企业网站的传播功能已经被越来越多的商家所利用Q不仅仅是一个宣传的H口Q网l技术的发展和上|h数的增多赋予了企业网站更多优良的性能Q网站逐渐成ؓ一个新的商业营销渠道Q而且宣传范围qѝ介l详l、针Ҏ强、无旉I间限制Q所需费用也是电视、报U、户外等传统q告的几十分之一Q因此深得商安睐? |站设计 专业制作正规大气的网? |站域名 国际定域名1?.com/.net/.com.cn/.cn{等任?) LI间 500MB多线I间或香港免备案I间 功能模块 栏目理pȝ 单页图文pȝ 新闻发布pȝ 人才招聘pȝ 产品展示pȝ 友情链接pȝ 在线留言pȝ 讉Kl计pȝ 在线x通讯 数据库备份管? 二维? 动态地囑֊能嵌? 优化推广 十来个关键词在百度、搜狐?60{区域优化推q,效果显著? 制作周期 2-3周? 售后服务 |站ln质量保证及常q技术支持? 手机|站商家和企业面向消费者提供的应用和服务向3Gq_q移已是大势所,Ud互联|必比传统互联|具有更高的商业价倹{手机网站具有让消费者随时、随地、随w访问的优势和方便快L不可取代的特炏V手机正q速成Zh们最常用的上|方式,截至2012q?月,我国手机|民规模辑ֈ3.88亿,|民中用手机接入互联|的用户占比已达?2.2%Q首ơ超q台式电脑,成ؓ我国|民的第一大上|终端。二l码二维码,又称二维条码Q它是用特定的几何图形按一定规律在q面Q二l方向)上分布的黑白盔R的图形,是所有信息数据的一把钥匙。在C商业zd中,可实现的应用十分q泛Q如Q品防?溯源、广告推送、网站链接、数据下载、商品交易、定?D、电子凭证、R辆管理、信息传递、名片交、wifi׃n{。如今智能手机扫一扫(U?13Q功能的应用使得二维码更加普遍。网站优化推q?/text>http://www.weybte.icu/up_files/高中.jpg中国专业域名注册、虚拟主机服务商?|站,|站I间,虚拟L|络服务admin原创2017-09-01 01:29|站定义及作?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1040.htm</link><description>|站是网站策划师、网l程序员、网设计师{岗位,|站应用各种|络E序开发技术和|页设计技术,Z事业单位、公司或个h在全球互联网上徏讄点,q包含域名注册和L托管{服务的ȝ。Website construction is the site planning division, network prog..</description><text>|站是网站策划师、网l程序员、网设计师{岗位,|站应用各种|络E序开发技术和|页设计技术,Z事业单位、公司或个h在全球互联网上徏讄点,q包含域名注册和L托管{服务的ȝ。Website construction is the site planning division, network programmer, web designer and other posts, web site construction and application of various network program development technology and web design technology, for enterprises, companies or individuals on the global Internet construction sites, including domain name registration and host support services.其作用ؓ展现公司形象Q加强客h务,完善|络业务。网站徏设要H出个性,注重览者的l合感受Qo其在众多的网站中脱颖而出。Its role is to show the companys image, strengthen customer service and improve network business. Website construction should emphasize individuality and pay attention to the comprehensive feelings of visitors, so that they can stand out from many websites.|站是涵盖企业定位考虑Q从营销角度立意而进行一个徏讄站的q程Q其中包括了前期|站定位、内容差异化、页面沟通等战略性调?q些立后,再去注册域名、租用空间、网站风D计、网站代码制作五个部分,q个q程需要网站策划h员、美术设计h员、WEBE序员共同完成。网站可以分为政府、事业单位网站,商业|站Q个人网站及门户|站{等。The construction of the website is a process that covers the position of the enterprise, and carries out a construction website from the marketing point of view. It includes the strategic investigation of the site location, the difference of content, the communication of the page and so on. After these, the five parts of the domain name, the lease space, the style design of the website and the code of the website are made. This process needs website planners, art designers, WEB programmers to complete together. The website can be divided into government, institution website, business website, personal website and portal website.</text><keywords>|页设计,|站,|站,|页,|站{划,互联|?/keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aowl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-08-11 08:01</pubDate></item><item><title>影响|站权重的因?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1015.htm</link><description>1、网站或|页核心关键词在搜烦引擎的排名;1. Key keywords of the website or web page are ranked in the search engine;   2、权威开攑ּ目录的收录与否,比如QDMOZ、yahoo目录{;2. The collection of authoritative open catalogue, such as: DMOZ, yahoo dir..</description><text>1、网站或|页核心关键词在搜烦引擎的排名;1. Key keywords of the website or web page are ranked in the search engine;   2、权威开攑ּ目录的收录与否,比如QDMOZ、yahoo目录{;2. The collection of authoritative open catalogue, such as: DMOZ, yahoo directory, etc.   3、搜索引擎数据库中有多少q接指向该网站或|页Q?. How many links in the search engine database point to the site or website;   4、域名年龄;切的说应该是域名被搜烦引擎初次收录vQ?. Domain name age; To be exact, the domain name should be included in the first entry of the search engine.   5、网站链接质量及数量Q?. Quality and quantity of website links;   6、域名性质Q很多SEOer都认同:org和edu的域名,搜烦引擎l予的信d高;6. Domain name nature; Many SEOer agree on: org and edu domain names, and search engines give you high levels of trust;   7、内容坚持原创,q多或长期{载文章或q行伪原创,可能会降低你的|站权重或逐步删除你{载来的文章,D降权{等Q?. Content sticking to original, excessive or long-term reprinting of articles or fake original, will probably reduce your website weight or gradually remove the articles that you have reproduced, resulting in the right to health, etc.;   8、更新频率:一个经怸更新的站点,特别是对于以大量文章Z的“个人网站”,如果停止了更斎ͼ权重׃慢慢降低。所以现在做个h站长也比较辛苦,不能做好了一攑֍q不,否则量会逐渐C。企业站的问题,大部分企业站一般没有更新的能力Q但企业站的搜烦排名却比较高Q是因ؓ搜烦引擎可以识别企业站;8. Update frequency: a frequently unupdated site, especially for a "personal website" that is dominated by a large number of articles. If updates are stopped, the weight will slow down. Therefore, it is hard to be a personal stationmaster, not to be able to do well for half a year, otherwise the flow will gradually decrease. The problem of enterprise station, most enterprise station does not have the ability to update generally, but enterprise station search rank is relatively high, because search engine can recognize enterprise station;</text><keywords>|站,|页,关键?搜烦引擎,|站权重</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-07-29 08:11</pubDate></item><item><title>|站是否必须要做http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1014.htm不要因ؓ同行和竞争对手纷U开始网站徏设,按Z住自q冲动;也不要因Z莞网站徏讑օ司的销售h员三番五ơ的推销Q就一定要在网站徏设上发挥力气。每一个企业在|站前都一定要慎重对待。因Z公司多半是U营或者民营企业,每一分投入都是来自于自己的血汗努..不要因ؓ同行和竞争对手纷U开始网站徏设,按Z住自q冲动;也不要因Z莞网站徏讑օ司的销售h员三番五ơ的推销Q就一定要在网站徏设上发挥力气。每一个企业在|站前都一定要慎重对待。因Z公司多半是U营或者民营企业,每一分投入都是来自于自己的血汗努力。与其花费几千上万做|站Q然后又长年累月的不予理解,不如这些费用投入在更有价值的地方。如果现在业务开展的q不错,而且实际营销宣传q用不到|站Q那么网站徏设事宜就可以先不。Dont let your peers and competitors start building your site. Also dont want to be the sales person of dongguan website construction company three times five times promotion, must make the effort on the website construction. Every enterprise must be taken seriously before the website construction. Because small and medium-sized companies are mostly private or private enterprises, each input is from their own blood sweat efforts. Instead of spending thousands upon thousands of sites, and then not understanding them for years, invest them in more valuable places. If the business is doing well now, and the actual marketing is not available, then the site construction can be done.|站,|站公司,|站区域新闻aywl原创2017-07-17 09:35|站三层目录l构http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1013.htm|站三层目录l构Site three - level directory structure   那么其次在来说说|站的结构,?000q以前的|站Q栏目结构ؕ象横生,用户使用者很不方便,搜烦引擎对于各类|站抓取爬行也很不方便,当时q没有一个统一Q后来出C一U面包屑D目录l构Q也是现在所..|站三层目录l构Site three - level directory structure   那么其次在来说说|站的结构,?000q以前的|站Q栏目结构ؕ象横生,用户使用者很不方便,搜烦引擎对于各类|站抓取爬行也很不方便,当时q没有一个统一Q后来出C一U面包屑D目录l构Q也是现在所谓的3层目录结构,首页-栏目?内容,单明了,然后被现在的各类|站制作人员所接受QŞ成了主要的栏目结构层ơ,q类l构层次不仅仅是利于用户体验Q更利于搜烦引擎的抓取和传中传递,q且形成了自然的内部链接Q首传递给栏目,栏目|重传递给内容,形成很自然。Then secondly in the way of site structure, site before 2000, column structure chaos, users the user is not very convenient, for all kinds of search engines crawl crawl also is not very convenient, there werent a unified, then there is a breadcrumb navigation directory structure, which is now called the directory structure, three layer - on the homepage - content pages, straightforward, and is now the website production personnel, formed the main column structure level, the level is not only conducive to the user experience, this kind of structure in favor of the scraping of the search engine and crosses, and formed a natural internal link building, passed on the homepage page, section page weight is passed to the page content, formed naturally.|站,搜烦引擎区域新闻aywl原创2017-06-30 08:10微信公众L站制作需要注意哪些问题?http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1012.htm微信公众L站制作其实是非常的简单,我们必须要选择一个合适的建站q_Q注册和接入整体q程都是非常的简单,可以直接支持公众L授权Q在授权之后我们可以直接q行注册d启动pȝ的开发者登录权限,我们可以进行相应的工作Q整个过E都是智能化理Q不需要h?.微信公众L站制作其实是非常的简单,我们必须要选择一个合适的建站q_Q注册和接入整体q程都是非常的简单,可以直接支持公众L授权Q在授权之后我们可以直接q行注册d启动pȝ的开发者登录权限,我们可以进行相应的工作Q整个过E都是智能化理Q不需要h工进行操作。WeChat public website is actually very simple, we have to choose a suitable platform, registration and access to the whole process is very simple, can support the public authorises directly, we can directly register after authorization login the system developer login permissions, we can work accordingly, intelligent management for the whole process, no need to operate manually. 然后可以进入到微站功能扑ֈ|站的管理制作页面,可以直接通过~辑按钮来配|相应的|站信息Q也可以Ҏ自己实际的功能性来选择相应的模板,我们必须要精准的定位自己|站的模式,q且针对于自己所推广的品和服务Q找到合适风格的模板Q才可以让我们整个网站的观性得到更好的保证Q也可以让功能性得到提升。Then you can enter the micro station functions find site management page, you can directly through the edit button to configure the corresponding website information, can also according to their actual function to select the corresponding template, we have to be precise positioning their website, and promote products and services for their own, to find the right style of the template, can let us throughout the site for the construction of the beautiful sex better guarantee, also can let functional get promoted. 然后q入到灯片面之后可以添加我们已l编辑好的灯片Q然后就可以点击微信公众L站制作的D面q行配置Q这个过E就完成了网站徏讄步骤Q而且整体操作非常的简单和方便Q所以大家可以按照这L步骤来进行操作,对于我们已经配置好的数据Q是不用担心更换模板而出现变化的Q因都是适合各种各样模板的配|数据。And then into the page after the slide can add we have edit good slides, and then you can click the number WeChat public site navigation page to configure, this process is completed the website construction step, and the overall operation is very simple and convenient, so we can according to the steps to operate, for we have configured data, is dont have to worry about replacing template and change, because these are suitable for all sorts of template configuration data.|站制作,|站,建站区域新闻aywl原创2017-06-19 07:03手机|站制作程http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1011.htm手机|站制作程The mobile website production process 手机|站制作与WEB|站制作一?需要从{划,草图,制作,{几斚w来做手机|站.客户把手机网站制作需求单写好、首|版设计风格确认、手机网站制作内容规划、业务流E根据wap|站的整体情冉|规划.手机|站制作?.手机|站制作程The mobile website production process 手机|站制作与WEB|站制作一?需要从{划,草图,制作,{几斚w来做手机|站.客户把手机网站制作需求单写好、首|版设计风格确认、手机网站制作内容规划、业务流E根据wap|站的整体情冉|规划.手机|站制作程可从以下几点来做QMobile WEB sites and WEB site built, need from the planning, layout, production, several aspects, such as to make mobile WEB site. Customers to write the mobile website production demand list, confirmation, mobile WEB site home page template design style make content planning, business process planning according to the whole situation of wap website. Mobile WEB site production process can do from the following points: 1、分析徏wap|站目的Q徏站要求)Q徏立wap|站架构Q时间允许的话编写具体的《wap|站Ҏ》;Analyze the purpose of the wap website, establish a wap website architecture, and write a specific "wap website construction plan" when time permits; 2、根据架构(或者《网站徏设方案》)完成初稿设计Qwap首页风格Q各频道首页风格Qwap|站架构图:包括的栏目、子面{一一列出2, according to the architecture (or "website construction plan") to complete the first draft design, wap page style, each channel page style, wap site architecture diagram: including the list of columns, child pages, and so on q是|站的前台设计,属于工的范_数据库的前台面也要同时设计制作QThis is the foreground design of the website, which belongs to the category of artists. The front page of the database is also designed! 3、审核确认前台设计后q行整体wap|站数据库的开发制作;Review and confirm the development and production of the overall wap web site after the design. 4、前后台里链接;4, links in the background; 5、上传至I间Q测试数据库QUpload to space, test the database!|站制作,|站区域新闻aywl原创2017-06-05 07:36企业|站是一较为复杂的工作http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1010.htm|站,|站,企业|站,企业|站区域新闻aywl原创2017-05-24 05:55|站公司的选择http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1009.htm|站,|站公司,|站区域新闻aywl原创2017-05-20 09:35其实外链的本质就是一U投?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1007.htm</link><description>Im sure you all know that the external chain has no idea what the rankings are. So how should you be able to get your site up and not being affected by the outside world? Lets take a look at the following notice together with tianjin cursor technolog..</description><text>Im sure you all know that the external chain has no idea what the rankings are. So how should you be able to get your site up and not being affected by the outside world? Lets take a look at the following notice together with tianjin cursor technology. 一、外铄x要注意One, the outer chain correlation should be noted 其实外链的本质就是一U投,是其他的企业|站l你|站投的一U赞成票Q那么显然最h权威性的就来自于同cȝ|站。可以增加同cȝ站徏讄链接。In fact, the nature of the outer chain is a kind of vote, is other enterprise website construction site cast a vote to you, then obviously the most authoritative tickets from the same kind of sites. You can add links to similar sites. 二、外链来源要q泛Second, the source of outer chains is extensive 比如?00个网站,每个|站都给了你1个外链,q就相当?00个h每个人都怺你一ơ好。还有一个网站,q个|站自己?00个页面上都有指向你的外链Q这是1个hQ反q来复过d你好重复?00ơ。哪U效果更好?毫无疑问Q越多网站给你外链,你的|站׃有越好的排名Q而不是外链来自于极少数的几个|站。For example, there are 100 websites, each of which gives you an outer chain, which is the equivalent of 100 people each complimented you on a good time. There is also a website that has its own list of 100 pages that point to your outer chain, which is one person, which in turn is repeated over 100 times. Which is better? There is no doubt that the more sites you have to link to, the better your site will be in the rankings, rather than the external chain from a handful of sites. 三、外铄权重要高Third, the right of outer chain is very important 同样是一个外链,但一个来自于行业的知名权威网站,另一个则来自于不知名的、甚x刚刚上线的新站,哪个更有价|q就好比Q同样夸赞你球t得好,但一个夸奖者是个根本不懂球的路hQ而另一个则是梅西,谁的话更有参考hga而喻。来自于高权重网站的外链Q会让搜索引擎更加注重。Is also a link out, but one from the industrys well-known authority sites, the other is from unknown, or even just released new sites, which is more valuable? Its like, also praised you play football well, but the person that a compliment is a people didnt understand football, and the other is Lionel messi, who have more reference value is self-evident. The external chain from the highly weighted website will make the search engine more focused.</text><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-05-17 06:34</pubDate></item><item><title>减少HTTPh(大型|站优化技?http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1006.htm|站优化,|站,优化区域新闻aywl原创2017-05-15 09:12|站安全提醒Q小心黑客入?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1005.htm</link><text></text><keywords>|站</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-05-13 08:01</pubDate></item><item><title>W三方^台进行微商城开发的好处有哪?http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1004.htm区域新闻aywl原创2017-05-11 06:54|站推广实用法则http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1003.htm|站推广,|站区域新闻aywl原创2017-05-08 09:54成功ȝ|站{划需考虑的问?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1023.htm</link><text></text><keywords>|站,|站{划</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aoutmy</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-05-05 07:33</pubDate></item><item><title>|站的过E介l?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1022.htm</link><text></text><keywords>|站,|站</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aoutmy</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-05-02 09:46</pubDate></item><item><title>|站的主题也是|站的题?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1021.htm</link><text></text><keywords>|站</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aoutmy</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-04-27 09:24</pubDate></item><item><title>|站前一定要了解的事?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1020.htm</link><text></text><keywords>|站,|站</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aoutmy</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-04-26 07:03</pubDate></item><item><title>|络营销能够Z业带来最大的好处http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1019.htm|络营销区域新闻aoutmy原创2017-04-24 07:29多页|站通常由拥有广泛品或服务的大公司所?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/997.htm</link><text></text><keywords>|站</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-04-20 08:55</pubDate></item><item><title>使用搜烦指ol合快速寻扑֤铑^?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/996.htm</link><text></text><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-04-15 08:03</pubDate></item><item><title>开展网l营销zd的原?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/995.htm</link><text></text><keywords>|络营销</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-04-11 06:25</pubDate></item><item><title>一个好的网站最重要的一点就是界面的单、朴?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/994.htm</link><text></text><keywords>|站</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-04-08 06:22</pubDate></item><item><title>|站q营最重要的一部分http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/993.htm|站,|站q营区域新闻aywl原创2017-04-05 09:16|站推广是网站优化重要的环节之一http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/992.htm|站优化,|站推广,|站,优化区域新闻aywl原创2017-03-29 09:44企业|站设计费用估算http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/991.htm|站设计,|站,企业|站区域新闻aywl原创2017-03-29 09:43|站或网|心关键词在搜索引擎的排名http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/990.htm1、网站或|页核心关键词在搜烦引擎的排名;1, core keywords in the search engine ranking web site or web page;   2、权威开攑ּ目录的收录与否,比如QDMOZ、yahoo目录{;2, the authority of the open directory included or not, such as: DMOZ directory, ya..1、网站或|页核心关键词在搜烦引擎的排名;1, core keywords in the search engine ranking web site or web page;   2、权威开攑ּ目录的收录与否,比如QDMOZ、yahoo目录{;2, the authority of the open directory included or not, such as: DMOZ directory, yahoo, etc;   3、搜索引擎数据库中有多少q接指向该网站或|页Q?, how much of the search engine database connection point to the web site or web page;   4、域名年龄;切的说应该是域名被搜烦引擎初次收录vQ?, domain name age; Rather should be domain name the date the first collected by search engine;   5、网站链接质量及数量Q?, website links to quality and quantity;   6、域名性质Q很多SEOer都认同:org和edu的域名,搜烦引擎l予的信d高;6, the nature of domain name; Many SEOer identity: org and.edu domain name, search engine to give high credibility;   7、内容坚持原创,q多或长期{载文章或q行伪原创,可能会降低你的|站权重或逐步删除你{载来的文章,D降权{等Q?, adhere to the original content, too much or long-term reproduced or pseudo original article, will probably reduce the weight of your site or delete your reprint articles, gradually lead to fall right, etc.   8、更新频率:一个经怸更新的站点,特别是对于以大量文章Z的“个人网站”,如果停止了更斎ͼ权重׃慢慢降低。所以现在做个h站长也比较辛苦,不能做好了一攑֍q不,否则量会逐渐C。企业站的问题,大部分企业站一般没有更新的能力Q但企业站的搜烦排名却比较高Q是因ؓ搜烦引擎可以识别企业站;8, the update frequency: one often does not update site, especially for the "web site" is given priority to with a large number of articles, if stopped updating, weight will slowly decrease. So now do personal webmaster is hard, cant do a put half a year, or flow rate will gradually decline. Standing problem, most enterprises stand generally doesnt have the ability to update, but enterprise station search ranking is higher, because the search engine can identify the enterprise stand;   9、内定wQ内|否和首页以及|站主题有较为紧密的联系Q内之间的衔接、关键字的布局Q以及内|否具有专业性,权威度如何;Page 9, content: whether the inside pages and homepage and website theme has more closely linked, the layout of the cohesion between the inside pages, keyword, and whether the inside pages are professional, how authority;   10、网站的诚信?Google除PRg外,q有一个诚信指数。即通过对一些高质量|站的分析,l出一个“诚信”网站应该有的一些指标,q用q些指标来分析一个网站的诚信度?0, web site credibility: Google in addition to the PR value, as well as a integrity index. Through the analysis of some high quality website, a "good faith" web site should be given some indicators, and use these indicators to analyze the integrity of a web site.   最后声明下Q权重跟排名不能划ؓ{号Q就像PR≠排名,当然q只是SEO那么多细节中的一个组成部分。权重的高低也只是媄响关键词排名其中的一因素而已。Final statement, as to the weight cannot be classified as equals; Like PR indicates rank, of course, this is just a part of so many details in SEO. The impact is only keywords to the weight of a factor.|站,|页,关键?搜烦引擎区域新闻aywl原创2017-03-15 09:37SEO新手|站优化中易犯的错误ȝhttp://www.weybte.icu/hydt/989.htm很多新手站长初次接触SEOQ想要做一位优U的SEOerQ然而新手朋友在q行SEO旉免会因ؓl验的缺乏做Z些错误的做法Q这里就为您指出一些SEO新手常见的易犯错误,以供参考。Many novice webmasters new to SEO, I want to be a very good SEOer, however the novice fr..很多新手站长初次接触SEOQ想要做一位优U的SEOerQ然而新手朋友在q行SEO旉免会因ؓl验的缺乏做Z些错误的做法Q这里就为您指出一些SEO新手常见的易犯错误,以供参考。Many novice webmasters new to SEO, I want to be a very good SEOer, however the novice friends inevitably because of the lack of experience in SEO to make some mistake, here is for you to point out some SEO novice common easy to make mistakes, for your reference.   错误一Q外铄发Error 1: mass outside the chain   新手SEOer朋友往往对SEO了解不够全面Q以为网站外铑֤了排名和权重׃上去Q就搞一些论坛或者博客群发Y件开始群发外链,l果相当凄惨Q网站轻则被降权Q排名跌到百名之外,重则被搜索引擎K掉。外铄发是SEO黑帽做法之一Q短期内可能会vC定效果,但是时日不多׃昄Z重后果,让网站受到搜索引擎的惩罚。网站外铑־设是一个稳定持久的工程Q切勉K取外铄发的极端手段。Novice SEOer friends often know about SEO is not comprehensive, thought the site outside the chain is much ranking and weights will go to, just to get some BBS or blog mass software start mass outside the chain, the result quite sad, website is down right, ranking fell to hundreds, search engine K out. Mass outside the chain is one of the black hat SEO practices, may have a certain effect in the short term, but time will show severe consequences, let the site punished by search engines. Construction site outside the chain is a stable and lasting project, dont take extreme measures of mass outside the chain.   错误二:|站忽略titleQtitle讄不当或title修改频繁Error 2: websites ignore the title, the title Settings or title changes frequently   |站title(标题)在SEO中v着举轻重的作用,要想让用hC的网站,title扮演着重要角色Q如果一个网站title没有讄Q或者设|与|站关键词不匚wQ都会ɾ|站SEO工作难以起到预计的效果,频繁修改title也会Ҏ让网站进入沙盒。Website title (the title) plays an important role in SEO, to let users find your website, the title plays an important role, if a website title is not set, or set with site keywords do not match, will make the site SEO work hard to have the expected effect, frequently change the title will be easy to make web site into the sandbox.   错误三:|站关键词选择错误Mistake 3: website keyword selection error   q是相当致命的错误,l常在SEO里听到一些站长抱怨,Z么网站关键词已经是百度首늬一Q却没有多少量Q这其实很简单,是当初在选择|站关键词的时候选择不当Q选了一些无用的关键词或很少有客户去搜烦的关键词Q选错了网站关键词不仅在做|站优化时徒耗心力,而且完全做了无用功,要避免网站关键词选错q个问题Q徏议站长们在新站上U之初用癑ֺ指数和谷歌关键字工具多多Ҏ查询Q这样选出的网站关键词可以避免这个问题了Q即佉K择竞争大的热搜词也比选错关键词要强得多。This is a fatal mistake, often in the SEO group heard some webmasters to complain, why keywords is baidu website homepage first, but there wasnt much traffic, it is actually very simple, is the first choice when selecting a site keywords, taking some useless keywords or very few clients to search keywords, chosen the wrong site keywords when doing website optimization not only waste of effort, and completely done it, to avoid wrong site keywords this problem, suggest that owners at the beginning of the new sites online use baidu and Google keyword query tools of contrast, so choose the site keywords can avoid this problem, even if choose competition big hot search word is better than choose the wrong keywords.   错误四:|站内容大量采集Mistake 4: content of quantities   很多新手站长在新站上U之初会大量采集一些网上和自己|站相关的文章来充实|站内容Q这其实是大大的错误Q这些网上早已有的文章充斥网站之中对|站排名和权重没有Q何帮助,相反大量重复的内容还会引h索引擎的反感Q网站原创内容的和外铑־设一P都需要遵循稳定持久,定时定量Q如果在一D|间内大量出现采集的复制性文章对|站没有M价|L要对采集到的文章做伪原创二次修改Q虽然效果大不如原创Q但也比采集复制性的文章要强很多。Many novice webmasters in xinzhan launched at the beginning of quantities of online on some websites and their related articles to enrich the content of the website, it is a big mistake, some of these online already articles with site for ranking and weighting of no help, instead of a large number of repeat content can also cause a search engine, site of the original content construction and the outer chain, all you need to follow sustainable, timing quantitative, if over a period of time for a large number of collection replication articles without any value to your website, at least to the collected articles do pseudo original secondary changes, although the effect is not original, but also better than acquisition replication.   错误五:|站大肆h量Mistake 5: web site traffic generators   新手站长朋友们有很多人在新站上线之时急切惌|站量飞涨Q而正规手D又难以辑ֈ目的Q于是就惛_了用各U刷量的Y件和工具来达到这一目的Q最l目的是辑ֈ了,看到自己|站每天C量Q心里很高兴Q但是严重后果也出来了,|站被KQ新站在上线之初流量猛涨,不引h索引擎怀疑不可能Q搜索引擎进一步查询,l果发现|站量是刷量工具刷出的假量Q那后果自然相当郁闷了。Novice webmaster friends there are a lot of people at the time of the new sites online eager to make traffic soared, and formal methods are difficult to achieve a goal, so he thought about the use of various brush flow of software, and tools to achieve this goal, the goal is reached, see their web site every day, tens of thousands of traffic, the in the mind very happy, but serious consequences are out, web site is K, the beginning of the new stations in on-line flow surge in doubt impossible, not cause search engines search engine query, further found that traffic is the false flow brush brush the traffic tools, the consequences of natural quite depressed.   错误六:大肆购买黑链Error 6: buy black chain   黑链在网站排名和权重斚w实能够显著的效果,但是黑链也是双刃剑,用得好可以给|站带来排名和权重的提升Q用的不好反受其宻I个h最好不要用不E_的黑链,对于惌靠黑链提升网站的朋友Q个人徏议黑链数量最好控制在10条左叻I黑链挂三个月换下最好,旉长了被搜索引擎查到容易让|站受到惩罚。Black chain in the rankings and the effect of weight can really significant, but the black chain is also a double-edged sword, with well can bring website ranking and weight has increased, with the boomerang, personal advice, had better not use the instability of black chain to improve website friends, want to rely on the black chain personal advice black chain in the 10 or so, the best control hang black chain three months for the best, in the long run by search engines to check the website to be punished.   错误七:|站内链不合理,全部指向首页7: wrong site within the chain is not reasonable, all point to the home page   |站内链对SEO来说同样重要Q一个网站好的内铄l不仅利于搜索引擎蜘蛛爬行,收录增多Q也会提高网站曝光率Q而如果把|站内链全部指向|上首页Q不仅不利于蜘蛛爬行Q收录增长缓慢,q会撑死首页。Within the site chain is equally important for SEO, a web site within the good chain network is not only conducive to search engine spiders crawling, included increasing, will also improve the site exposure, but if the inner chain point to all online website homepage, not only conducive to spider crawling, slow growth, will support dead home page.   错误八:堆砌关键字Error eight: stack keywords   关键字的堆砌是SEO黑帽做法之一Q常见的手法为titleQkewordsQdescrpition的堆砌及文章内过高密度的关键字堆砌,刉大量重复的关键字来辑ֈ排名效果Q短期内也许会v到好的排名效果,但时间已q搜索引擎的惩罚也随之而来Q网站被K是肯定的。The keyword stack is one of the black hat SEO practice, common methods for the title, kewords, descrpition of the pile and the article in a high density of keyword stuffing, make a lot of repetition of key words to achieve rank effect, may have good ranking effect in the short term, but time has passed the search engines punishment comes, website by K is for sure.   错误九:友情链接长时间疏于管理Error: nine links are neglected for a long time   友情链接交换最好ؓ同类|站Q在交换好友情链接后一定要定时查看自己|站的友情链接,对于快照异常/收录异常Q以及外铑֢长缓慢的友情链接一定要多加注意Q一旦发现对方网站被搜烦引擎惩罚一定要L友情链接Q告知对方,以免自己|站受到牵连。疏于管理友情链接不但是不好的习惯,也有可能会让自己|站受到池鱼之灾。关于友情链接的判断标准可以参考:友情链接交换的八Ҏ意事Link exchange is best for similar sites, after the exchange of good links must regularly check their website links, for snapshot/included anomaly, and slow growth outside the chain link must be more careful, once found the other website is search engine punishment must remove links, inform the other party, so your web site. Neglected links but not bad habits, also may make their website by circumstances. Judgment standard on links can be reference: link exchange of eight points for attention   错误十:|站I间选择不当Error: ten to incorrect site space   一个经常打不开的网站对SEO是极Z利的Q不说收录减和权重下降Q单单网站的用户友好度就大大打了折扣Q如果网站不E_Q搜索引擎蜘蛛多ơ来全部无法讉KQ网站被K在所隑օ了。选择一个稳定的I间ؓ重要Q站长朋友们在徏站之初一定不要ؓ了图省事随便选择虚拟LQ如果选错了,到时候后xIA often cant open the web site is very adverse to SEO, not included reducing weight drops, the website user friendly degrees alone is greatly reduced, if the site is not stable, search engine spiders to all dont have access to many times, the site is K is inevitable. Choose a stable space is particularly important at the beginning of the webmaster friends in the website must not be in order to conveniently choose virtual host, if choose wrong, then the harm is boundless.|站优化,|站,Seo,seoer,优化区域新闻aywl原创2017-03-13 08:28关键词优化有什么作?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/988.htm</link><description>关键词优化的作用是直接让你的|站在众多的互联|心中脱颖而出Q说的明白点是能让|络览者快速的扑ֈ你,从而给你带来实际的效益Q关键词优化的作用对门户|站和企业网站的表现形式是不一LQ具体如下: 对企业网站而言Q作用如下:Keyword optimization is used ..</description><text>关键词优化的作用是直接让你的|站在众多的互联|心中脱颖而出Q说的明白点是能让|络览者快速的扑ֈ你,从而给你带来实际的效益Q关键词优化的作用对门户|站和企业网站的表现形式是不一LQ具体如下: 对企业网站而言Q作用如下:Keyword optimization is used to directly make your site stand out in a wide range of Internet heart, said understand point that allows web visitors quickly find you, to bring you the actual benefit, the role of the keyword optimization of portal web and enterprise web form is different, specific as follows: for corporate websites, role is as follows:   1. 让用戯入关键词直接扑ֈ你,从而找C的品,Z带来实际的效益;1. Allow the user to input keywords to find you directly, so as to find your product, the actual benefit for you;   2. 提高你的|站知名度;2. Increase your site popularity;   3. 提高你的|站的访问量Q这里要说明的是企业|站一般访问量都是很低的,|站不是靠访问量来赚qQ;3. Increase your sites traffic (to say here is that the corporate website general traffic is very low, the website is not rely on traffic to make money).   4. 目前在互联网中除了竞P关键词优化是对企业最好的宣传手段Q?. Currently on the Internet in addition to the bid, keyword optimization is the best propaganda for the enterprises;   5. h低廉Q?. Low cost;   对于门户|站而言QFor portal sites:   1. 关键词优化是目前众多技术中提高门户|站讉K量的最有效手段Q?. Keyword optimization is one of the many technology in the most effective way to improve the portal site visits;   2. 能够让行业用戯可你Q从而在你的|站投放q告Q?. Can let the industry recognized you, user to advertise on your site;   3. 能够大大减少的推q费用,寚wL站而言Q如果你没有相当的胦力,做竞h不可能的Q?3) can greatly reduce the promotion cost, for portal, if you dont have a considerable financial resources, it is impossible to do the bidding;   4. 关键词优化让|站在搜索引擎中更具亲和力;4. The keyword optimization site in the search engine more approachable;   5. 门户|站关键词多Q而且门户|站90%的流量都来自长尾关键词,所以优化对门户|站而言是必More than 5. Portal site keywords, and portal 90% of all traffic from the long tail keywords, so optimization is a must for the portal site</text><keywords>|站,关键词优?关键?企业|站,优化,门户|站,互联|?/keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-03-10 08:45</pubDate></item><item><title>多域名绑定同一|站{于自取灭亡http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/987.htm一直不太知道我们的ȝ站是有多个域名同时指向的Q这里指的ƈ不是?01重定向或者其它的一些{向手D,而是直接的指向。Always dont know our main web site is to have more than one domain name directed at the same time, in this case is not to do a 301 redire..一直不太知道我们的ȝ站是有多个域名同时指向的Q这里指的ƈ不是?01重定向或者其它的一些{向手D,而是直接的指向。Always dont know our main web site is to have more than one domain name directed at the same time, in this case is not to do a 301 redirect or other means to, but pointing directly.   我也是新站长Qƈ为此吃了不少苦头Q希望对q没注意到这个问题的站长朋友有所帮助。I am also a new webmaster, and suffered a lot, hope to also didnt notice the problem webmaster friends help.   我的新站上线一个多月,开始谷哥收录,后来q速下降,癑ֺ一直不收录。My new sites online more than a month, began to Google included, then fell rapidly, baidu has not included.   再后来发现是各个|页没有做好keywords和descriptionQ于是就全部修改了一下,让各个网|所区别Q果然有效果Q第二天q度就开始收录,h有所回升。Later found no keywords and description is each page, and then change, let each page, indeed as expected, the next day began, included, baidu Google made a comeback.   后来无意间我在查收录时发玎ͼ我的收录被分成了好几部分Q原来我把根域名、二U域名都指向了同一个网站,我域名共三个指向同一站:1sosf.comQ原先的本意只是惌多个域名都指向网站,好扩大录入网址的随意性,没想到这严重影响到搜索引擎的收录Q因为在搜烦引擎看来Q每个域名都是一个独立的站,多个域名指向同一站,会被认定为站炚w同,内容复制Q轻则不收录q入沙盒期,重则直接被K。By accident when I was in check, included later found, my collection is divided into several parts, so I put the root domain name, the secondary domain name point to the same site, my domain name, a total of three points at the same station: 1 sosf.com, the original intention just want to make multiple domain names point to website, good enlarge the randomness of entry site, did not think of it seriously affect the search engine included, because in the search engines view, each domain is an independent stand, multiple domain names point to the same station, will be considered the same site, content replication, light is not included into the sand box, or directly by K.   天哪Q原来如此,于是上网找资料,原来很多Z有这问题Q最好的解决Ҏ大体认同是用301怹重定向来解决Q这栯d名能够集中权重,不过好像q多的重定向也会被搜索引擎怀疑是PR劫持Q所以也要慎重,真不Ҏ啊。Dear, so, so get to the Internet to find information, originally a lot of people also have this problem, the best solution identification is roughly 301 permanent redirect to solve, which makes the main domain to focus the weight, but it seems that the redirect will be too much doubt is search engine PR hijacked, so be careful, is really not easy.   最后我军_直接删除不解析,反正收录也不是很多,但根域还是用?01重定向,毕竟根域不能解析对用h讲不是很好,而且从根域重定向到www应该不会有太大问题。这样就让所有的权重都集中到d名上来。不q重定向最好不要用URL跌{Q因为大部分I间商都是用302临时重定向。Finally I decided to direct delete not parsing, anyway also not many, but the root domain or a 301 redirect, after all the root domain cant parse for users is not very good, but also from the root domain is redirected to the WWW should not have too big problem. So let all the weights of focus to the main domain name. Not overweight orientation had better not use URL jump, because most of the space are 302 temporary redirect.   q样修改后,h反应是最快的Q主域名收录马上直线上升Q但癑ֺ好像q没变化Q还停留在原先位|,希望能尽早恢复正常。So modified, Google is the fastest reaction, the main domain name included increase immediately, but it seems that baidu can not change, still stay in the original position, hope to be able to return to normal as soon as possible.   对于有碰到过cM收录问题的朋友,除了面优化外,如果q没有效果,一定要注意一下有没有q方面的问题Q有的话要赶紧修改,不然很容易被KQ而且不好恢复。以上是我自p一个月来真实遇到的问题Q也是个解,不保证完全正,可供参考。To have encountered similar problems of friends, in addition to the page optimization, if it doesnt work, must have pay attention to this problem, so to change quickly, otherwise it is easy to K, and poor recovery. The above is me this month to real problems, is also a personal opinion, does not guarantee completely correct, available for reference.|站,301重定?/keywords>区域新闻aywl原创2017-03-03 07:52正确的网站分析方?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1051.htm</link><text></text><keywords>|站</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>567zx</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-03-03 07:51</pubDate></item><item><title>人工会是百度推q的下一个制胜点?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/985.htm</link><description>q段旉的百度最受业界关注两块业务是癑ֺ推广的调整和人工的成长,前者正直接影响着癑ֺ短期内的营收问题Q而后者则关乎癑ֺ未来的长q发展。二者之间看g不相养I但实则百度h工智能业务的成长对百度推q业务未来的发展有决定性的影响。Nearly period of baidu..</description><text>q段旉的百度最受业界关注两块业务是癑ֺ推广的调整和人工的成长,前者正直接影响着癑ֺ短期内的营收问题Q而后者则关乎癑ֺ未来的长q发展。二者之间看g不相养I但实则百度h工智能业务的成长对百度推q业务未来的发展有决定性的影响。Nearly period of baidu baidu is the most attention by the two pieces of business promotion of adjustment and the growth of artificial intelligence, the former is a direct impact on baidus revenue in the short term, while the latter is about baidus long-term development in the future. Between the two seemingly unrelated, but actually the growth of ai business on baidu baidu promotion has a decisive impact on the development of the future.      在可预见的未来网l生zd景中Qh工智能将再度改变|民与网l的融合方式Q相应的从事|络营销传播业务的百度推q也需做出适当的改变,对百度而言Qh工智能带来的市场变量是其重新获得用户认可的绝佛_机,也可能是癑ֺ市场C升蜕变的最大机会。Life scene in the foreseeable future network, artificial intelligence will again change the way users and network integration, the corresponding engaged in network marketing communication baidu promotion also need to make the appropriate changes, for baidu, artificial intelligence to regain user market brought about by the variable is the recognition of an opportunity, may also be a biggest opportunity of baidus market position to upgrade transformation.    癑ֺ人工发展q度加快Q不久或全面用在百度推q业务上Baidu artificial intelligence development progress is accelerated, or soon will be fully used in baidu promotion   最q几个月Q接二连三的都有癑ֺ人工的消息,先是癑ֺ机器人在肯d基餐厅上岗,再有高考期间度Uؓ应届毕业生提供报考参考帮助,而本月初癑ֺ又启动了营销实验室将人工技术与癑ֺ推广相结合,首选切入点是最q正热的AR市场方向。在我看来,癑ֺ成立营销实验室有可能是在Z营的癑ֺ推广业务做h工智能化的市场铺垫。In recent months, a barrage of artificial intelligence have baidu, baidu first robot in the KFC restaurant, in the college entrance examination during the degree and the secret is the fresh graduates to enter oneself for an examination to provide reference for help, and earlier this month, baidu has launched the smart marketing lab combining artificial intelligence technology and the baidu promotion, first point is the recent AR market direction is hot. Baidu was founded, in my opinion, smart marketing lab could be in for the main do artificial intelligence of baidu promotion market.</text><keywords>癑ֺ,baidu</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-20 06:59</pubDate></item><item><title>C交媒体和网设计之间的关系http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/983.htm现如今,C交媒体和网设计之间的关系来紧密。即便是很多大型企业也将C交媒体的按钮放在每个页面上Q这使得分n和发布信息更加简单快捗这?使得品牌的用户和_丝更便捷地同品供应商和服务供应商沟通了。社交媒体让品牌可以品以讲故事的方式推向市场Q俘?.现如今,C交媒体和网设计之间的关系来紧密。即便是很多大型企业也将C交媒体的按钮放在每个页面上Q这使得分n和发布信息更加简单快捗这?使得品牌的用户和_丝更便捷地同品供应商和服务供应商沟通了。社交媒体让品牌可以品以讲故事的方式推向市场Q俘获忠实的֮和用P而社交媒体可以以多样的Ş式传递出品牌的激情,达成目的Q或者炒作。Nowadays, the relationship between social media and web design is more and more closely. Even many large enterprises, social media buttons on each page, that makes sharing and publishing information more simple and quick. It also makes the brand of the users and fans more convenient to communicate with supplier and service provider. Social media can make brand product to market, in the form of story capture loyal customers and users, and social media can be passed out in the form of various brands of passion, purpose, or hype. 下面以Tommy-Hilfiger的Facebook面Z。这个美国潮牌的Facebook面有着870万粉丝,如此众多的粉丝都是Hilfiger品牌故事的忠?听众。Hilfiger在页面上分n设计、名人合作伙伴的照片和新M及各U宣传活动,囄通过囄、视频、文字等多种形式传递给用户Q引人入胜。Below to Tommy Hilfiger - Facebook page, for example. The popular logos Facebook page has 8.7 million fans in the United States, so many fans are the loyal Hilfiger brand story The audience. Hilfiger partners share on the page design, celebrity pictures and news and a variety of promotional activities, graphic delivered via a variety of forms such as image, video, text to the user, fascinating. 有时候,单而不张扬的图片可以更好地讲述一个故事。一图胜千言q句话没有错Qh本n是视觉动物,囄信息更容易被吸收Q所以合理地q用囄语言Q可以更加有效地传达信息。Sometimes, simple and not make public image can be better to tell a story. One figure is worth thousands of words, there is nothing wrong with this sentence itself is a visual animal, image information is easier to be absorbed, so reasonable use image language, and can more effectively communicate information. LinkedIn的注册页面就很好的说明了q一炏V当你打开注册面的时候,左侧的用户小头像是极L的性的Q它向用户展CZ|站用户的多h,q且传递出一个信息:q个|站真正是适合每个人的。这些照片中的hQ种族背景不相同,有男有女Q不包括老年人,q且每个人看h自信而快乐。哪怕是不明?C交|络的h也能够通过q个单的信息了解到这个星球上来自不同地域不同背景的h正汇聚于此,使用共同的服务一起交?Q甚至业务往来。LinkedIn registration page is well illustrates this point. When you open the registration page, users of the left side of the small head is like purpose, it shows the user the diversity of users, and to convey a message: this website is really for everyone. The people in these photos, different ethnic backgrounds, men and women, not including the elderly, and everyone looked confident and happy. Even people who do not understand that social networks can also through the simple information learned from different regions on the planet that people of different backgrounds are within, using a common communication services together, or even business.|页设计,|页区域新闻aywl原创2017-02-17 06:49D台注册的技?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/982.htm</link><description>像YAHOO、LYCOS、ALTAVISTA、搜狐、搜索客、YEAH都是D収ͼ它们的网站功能相|都是把众多的|站分门别类攑ֈ一个网站里Q以便浏览者查询。Like YAHOO and LYCOS search, ALTAVISTA, sohu, guest, YEAH are at their site features are similar, are the numerous we..</description><text>像YAHOO、LYCOS、ALTAVISTA、搜狐、搜索客、YEAH都是D収ͼ它们的网站功能相|都是把众多的|站分门别类攑ֈ一个网站里Q以便浏览者查询。Like YAHOO and LYCOS search, ALTAVISTA, sohu, guest, YEAH are at their site features are similar, are the numerous websites classify into a website, for your query.   回忆一下,你是如何发现一些好|站的?肯定有导航台的功功뀂所以要让别人知道你的网站,你就要想办法让导航台把你的网站收录进厅R但仅仅q样是不够的Q像ALTAVISTA、YAHOO{有名的英文D収ͼ每天甌d的就有几千个|址Q你的网站虽然被收录了,可是也许只能排在很靠后的位置。打个比方:你的|站是介l衣ӞhangerQ的Q?别h在查询关键字时敲了hangerQ结果有2100个相W的|址Q你在第1567位,可谁会有力气?0多页呢?Q导航台查询面通常?0个或20个查询结果ؓ一)。所以一定要掌握注册技巧。Recall, how did you find some good website? There must be a beacon of credit. So to let others know your website, you will think of some way to get beacon your site included in. But it is not enough, such as ALTAVISTA, YAHOOs famous English at application login every day there are thousands of web sites, though your site included, but perhaps only in the high place. For example: your website is to introduce hangers (hanger), while others are in the query keyword on the hanger, consistent results there are 2100 sites, you in the 1567th, but who will have the strength to turn over more than 70 pages? (beacon query page often for 10 or 20 query results to one page). So be sure to register skills.   1.搜烦引擎注册技?. Search engine registration technique   ALTAVISTA、搜索客q样的导航台被称做搜索引擎,它自动收录提交的|址。你在提交网址时要注意QALTAVISTA, search the guest such beacon is known as search engine, it automatically included submitted url. You should note when submitted url:   1Q提交内Ҏ丰富的URLQ不要只提交根网址因ؓ很多公司习惯主作成美观的囑ŞQ像图书的封面,但是搜烦引擎对图没有Ҏ的好感,自动搜烦的Y件只喜欢收录文字内容详细、脓切的URL1) submit the URL of the most abundant elements, dont just submit the root URL because many company homepage habit to make beautiful graphics, like the cover of the book, but there is no special search engine for figure, automatic search software like included text content, appropriate urls in detail</text><keywords>|站</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-17 06:46</pubDate></item><item><title>帮助q大企业http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/981.htm微街U是帮助广大企业和微商及个体等Q快速、简单实现在各大微媒体上完成自我宣传及推q业务。在手机微时代,如何实现有效推广、宣传?如何实现在忙时间内宣传、推q?手机用户每天用大量的旉游览朋友圈、空间、微信群{媒介蝲体,那么如何在这些蝲体上q行推广宣传..微街U是帮助广大企业和微商及个体等Q快速、简单实现在各大微媒体上完成自我宣传及推q业务。在手机微时代,如何实现有效推广、宣传?如何实现在忙时间内宣传、推q?手机用户每天用大量的旉游览朋友圈、空间、微信群{媒介蝲体,那么如何在这些蝲体上q行推广宣传呢?微媒体能如何有效利用Q发攑ֹ告时Q如何化解被朋友反感屏蔽Q等{不便推q宣传的问题。Micro street show is to help the majority of enterprises and wechat business and individuals, such as rapid, simple implementation complete self in the micro media publicity and promotion. In mobile phone micro era, how to implement effective promotion and propaganda? How to implement in a busy time propaganda, the promotion? Mobile phone users with plenty of time to visit friends every day, space, WeChat group of media such as the carrier, so how to carry on the promotion on the carrier? How can effective use of micro media? Paid advertising, how to resolve the aversion to shield her friend? Promotion and so on the inconvenience. 微街U是针对q一pd的问题而被重磅推出。微街秀是微时代的商品推销利器。让您随旉地都能方ѝ简单、迅L传播、推qѝ介l自q产品、商品。推荐:www.400zifei.com www.jingyixinhai.com www.taiyangneng-ludeng.comMicro street show is on the blockbuster launch a series of problems. Micro street show was the era of commodity marketing tool. Let you anytime, anywhere can be convenient, simple and quick communication, promotion, introduce their products and goods. Recommendation: www.400zifei.com www.jingyixinhai.com www.jingyixinhai.com 微街U发胦工具是全国首家独创的Ud推销工具Q聚合强大的分n功能Q可整合大量的微_朋友圈Q覆?亿智能手机用P实现q告在手Z能精准智能投放。能高效、便捗管理品、商品的宣传、推销以及投放。Micro street show rich tool is the first original intelligent mobile marketing tools, polymerization powerful share, powder can integrate a large circle of friends, covering 600 million smartphone users, realize the advertising on mobile phones can accurate intelligence. With efficient, convenient, management products, product promotion, marketing and delivery. “微推广”乃是国内领先的推广pȝQ可实现商品图文资讯与信息每天定时发布、自动推送、统计排名、智能截囑֒监控效果Q全面覆盖所有搜狗和微信QPC端及无线端)的搜索用戗微街秀+微信推广=全面覆盖搜狗和微信用P让自q商品q入更多的消费者眼中,q一步扩大商品的销售量Q获得更多更高的l济效益?quot;Promotion" is the expansion of the domestic leading intelligent system, which can realize information graphic information and the goods every time interval, the automatic push, statistical rankings, intelligent capture and monitor effect, universal coverage all sogou and WeChat (PC and wireless terminal) search users. Micro street show + WeChat promotion = universal coverage sogou and WeChat users, let their goods into more consumers eyes, further expand the sales of goods, to get more higher economic benefits.区域新闻aywl原创2017-02-15 06:38SEO优化Q网站中q三个代码必d优化http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/979.htm|站优化不仅仅只是需要优化内容,代码也需要我们优化,LJ琐复杂的代码,有利于我们网늚加蝲速度Q同时也要用代码来告诉搜索引擎我们需要达C么效果,q里方向为大家主要讲解三个比较重要的代码QWebsite optimization not only need to optimize the content, ..|站优化不仅仅只是需要优化内容,代码也需要我们优化,LJ琐复杂的代码,有利于我们网늚加蝲速度Q同时也要用代码来告诉搜索引擎我们需要达C么效果,q里方向为大家主要讲解三个比较重要的代码QWebsite optimization not only need to optimize the content, the code also need our optimization, get rid of the complex code, is conducive to our web page loading speed, but also to use code to tell search engines we need to achieve what effect, the direction covers the code of the three is more important for you! 一、H标签优化A, H label optimization H标签的优化是代码优化中的一,H标签分别从H1至H6标签。在其权重最好的标签是H1标签Q一般只可以出现一ơH1标签在网站的每个面上,对于从事优化工作的h员来_肯定要将每个面中最为重要的内容攄H1标签。H label optimization is one of code optimization, H tag from H1 to H6 respectively. The best label on its weight is H1 tags, general can appear only once H1 tags on each page of the website, for personnel engaged in the work of optimization, must place the most important content in each page H1 tags. 二、nofollow标签Second, the nofollow tags   有对SEO了解的可能这个标{,q个标签主要是用来告诉搜索引擎,不要ȝq个链接传递权重的意思,是不要ȝ取这个页面,应用最多的是淘宝客的|站了Is it possible to know about SEO this label, the label is primarily used to tell the search engine, do not go to the meaning of this link weight, is not to crawl the page, application is taobaos web site 三、ALT标签Third, the ALT tag   q个是图片标{,主要告诉搜素引擎Q图片里面是什么内容,很多站长喜欢在这个标{N面放|很多关键词Q其实踏q了一个误区,它最好的展现形式是用一句包含关键词的句子,所以大家应用时要特别注意,比如说有一张图片上有两个美奻I那么我们q“两个正在户外运动的女”这L方式来展玎ͼq样也是W合搜烦引擎优化规则的。This is image tag, mainly tell search engines, the picture is what contents, many webmasters like to put a lot of keywords in this tag, actually into a myth, it is the best show form with a sentence contains keywords, so people pay special attention to, when it is applied, for example, have a picture with two beautiful women, then we will use "the two are outdoor sports beauty" to show this way, that is in accordance with the rules of search engine optimization (seo).|站优化,优化|站,|站,Seo,|页,优化,SEO优化,搜烦引擎区域新闻aywl原创2017-02-13 07:42|站优化原理http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/978.htm1.做好TKD标签1. Do a good job in TKD label 标题QtitleQ:标题是网优化中相当有分量的Q网title主要包含关键词Title (the title) : title is quite a weighty in web page optimization, page title mainly contain the keywords 关键词(keywordQ:重要性大?.1.做好TKD标签1. Do a good job in TKD label 标题QtitleQ:标题是网优化中相当有分量的Q网title主要包含关键词Title (the title) : title is quite a weighty in web page optimization, page title mainly contain the keywords 关键词(keywordQ:重要性大安知道Q关键词讑֮要参考热度、百度指数等一些手D,当然选择q些的前提要与自q站的主题相关。Keywords: (keyword) importance is known to all! Key words set to refer to some means such as heat, baidu index, of course the precondition of choosing these to be associated with the theme of your website. 描述QdescriptionQ:主要是对|站的一个介l,虽然没有前两个标{֜搜烦引擎蜘蛛g作用大,但是也是不可忽略的一个因素。用h索时昄在搜索引擎网中的只有它跟titleQ站在用戯度上Q了解网站首先必看的是q两个,做好描述p够吸引客L眼球、增加点ȝQ从而带来可能的客户Q增加网站权重。Description (description) : mainly an introduction to web sites, although not the first two tags in the eyes of the search engine spiders effect, but also is a factor that cannot be ignored. When users search for shows in the search engine page only it with the title, standing on the users perspective, understand the web site is a must for the first two, completes the description will be able to attract the attention of the customer, increase click-through rates, resulting in potential customers, increase weight. 2.URL优化2. The URL optimization URL长度Q相Ҏ说URL长度短点的,更容易被大家C。URL length: URL shorter length, relatively easier to be remembered. URL分隔W:一般来讲的话,蜘蛛d|址的时候认Z些符号ؓI符Q比较好的分隔符可以使用“_”,q样能够让客h白你|址惌辄意思,理解后肯定加p忆。URL separator: generally speaking, the spider read site think some symbols is empty, better separator can use "_", this can let the customer understand the URL you want to express, the affirmation after understanding deepen our memory. URL命名Q要Ҏ面q行命名Q尽可能的和面主题相关Q让用户一看到URLp明白面是介l什么的URL naming: according to the page name, and page as possible topics, lets the user see URL can understand page is an introduction of what 3.|页内容优化3. The web page content optimization 关键词选定Q不要选择那种竞争力特高的词,不要选择太多关键词选择相关关键?-3个较好。Keywords: selected dont choose that kind of competitiveness, the high word, dont choose too many keyword selection related keywords 1-3 is better. 关键词密度:关键词是蜘蛛比较喜欢吃的一U虫子,搜烦引擎比较看重Q但是也要有个度Q应当适可而止Q关键词密度要在2%-8%之间比较好。Keyword density: the key word is one of the types of spiders prefer to eat worms, search engine is value, but also want to have a degree, should be enough is enough, keyword density to between 2% and 8%. 关键词布局Q蜘蛛爬虫抓取一般是由左臛_、由上而下Q所以左上角应该首要H出关键词,然后是导航和脚Keyword layout: spiders crawling spider is usually left to right, top-down, so the top left corner should be the primary highlight keywords, and then the navigation, and footer|站优化,|站,|页,关键?优化区域新闻aywl原创2017-02-13 07:41|站整体{划书的撰写http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/977.htm|站整体{划书的撰写Web site overall planning of the authors of the book 在明徏站需求和|站cd定位后,接下来就要收集相关的意见Q按公司的实际情况与公司技术开发部门结合,如何Ҏ需求出色的撰写出网站的{划书成为关键的一步。After the site requirements..|站整体{划书的撰写Web site overall planning of the authors of the book 在明徏站需求和|站cd定位后,接下来就要收集相关的意见Q按公司的实际情况与公司技术开发部门结合,如何Ҏ需求出色的撰写出网站的{划书成为关键的一步。After the site requirements and site type clearly positioning, and then collect opinions, according to the actual situation of the company combined with the technology development department, according to demand good writing out site planning books become a crucial step. 《网站策划方案书》一般包含以下内容:Site planning scheme book generally include the following contents: 1、合作背?, cooperation background 2、客户需求分?, customer demand analysis 3、网站开发用Y件环境、硬件环境情?, web site development using the software environment, hardware environment 4、网站美术设计说?, web art design 5、网站的交互性和用户友好界面设计5, website interactivity and user friendly interface design 6、网站的栏目l构的划?, the structure of the web site columns 7、网站内容的怺链接关系7, content of link relations to each other 8、网站模块功能的设计8 module function design, website, etc 9、网站开发时间进度表9, website development time schedule 10、网站制作费?0, website production costs 11、网站售后服?1, website, after-sales service 12、网站宣传推q方?2, website promotion plan 13.、公司简介、成功案例、技术说明等13., company profile, successful cases, technical specifications, etc|站,建站|站优化不详原创2017-02-12 07:36|站设计用户需?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/976.htm</link><description>|站设计用户需求Website design user requirements 用户是网站运营的核心体系Q随着各大搜烦引擎对算法的严格要求Qseo优化的竞争力也逐渐增大Q要x胜竞争对手,|站的站内设计也成ؓ竞争的核心力量。用户到底需要什么样的站点,怎样的站点设计才能满用L需求,..</description><text>|站设计用户需求Website design user requirements 用户是网站运营的核心体系Q随着各大搜烦引擎对算法的严格要求Qseo优化的竞争力也逐渐增大Q要x胜竞争对手,|站的站内设计也成ؓ竞争的核心力量。用户到底需要什么样的站点,怎样的站点设计才能满用L需求,站长不防换个角度L考,设想自己是搜索用P扑ֈW合用户体验的设计理cUsers is the core of the operating system, with the major search engines on the strict requirements of this algorithm, the competitiveness of the seo optimization also gradually increase, to win over rivals, station design of the site is becoming the core of competitive power. What the user really need what kind of site, site design to meet the needs of users, webmasters do not prevent from another Angle to think, imagine yourself as search users, find accord with the design concept of the user experience. |站设计的理念应该是以客户ؓ标准Q而不是一味的遵从设计者的喜好Q事实证明往往按照设计者设计的|站Qƈ不能被用h接受Q更不能被搜索引擎蜘蛛所接受Q设计者除了要考虑|页的基本架构、文字布局、色彩匹配等Q还要考虑到网站元素是否能让用h舒适的体验。Website design concept should be based on customer standards, rather than blindly follow the designers preferences, often proved according to the designer to design the website, and cannot be accepted by users, more cant be accepted by the search engine spiders, designers in addition to want to consider the basic architecture of web pages, text layout, color matching, etc., also consider to whether the site elements can let users have a comfortable experience. 设计理念要兼儡户和蜘蛛Design concept to both users and spiders 设计理念要兼ֆ铑־设Design concept to both within the chain construction 设计代码要对搜烦引擎友好Design code for search engine friendly</text><keywords>|站设计,|站,Seo,优化,SEO优化,|站q营,搜烦引擎</keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-12 07:35</pubDate></item><item><title>|站对于各行业的C会功能性越来越?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/975.htm</link><description>如今随着国家对互联网的重视,|站对于各行业的C会功能性越来越多,也越来越重要了。例如,企业可以通过|站企业的信息l统在网站上展示出来Q用户在览|站的时候对于想要查询和了解的信息可以一目了然。而且借助互联|传播信息的便利性和快捷性,企业C品通过|?.</description><text>如今随着国家对互联网的重视,|站对于各行业的C会功能性越来越多,也越来越重要了。例如,企业可以通过|站企业的信息l统在网站上展示出来Q用户在览|站的时候对于想要查询和了解的信息可以一目了然。而且借助互联|传播信息的便利性和快捷性,企业C品通过|站可以在广大的互联|用户市Z有意想不到的宣传效果。由此可见,|站设计的发展前景是很大的,但是q前网站的现状来说Q网站设计仿佛遇C瓉Q对于网站整体的发展是一大阻。Now as the countrys emphasis on the Internet, the website for the social from all walks of life to function more and more, also more and more important. For example, the enterprise can through the website, the information of enterprises all displayed on the website, users when browsing the site to query and understand the information can be clear at a glance. And with the help of the Internet to spread information convenience and fast speed, new products through the website can have unexpected in the market of Internet users in the publicity. Thus, website design development prospect is very big, but in terms of the status quo of the current site, web site design met the bottleneck, as if is a big obstacle for the development of the overall site. q就需要网站设计去破开|站发展的瓶颈了。说到网站设计,Z首先惛_的便是网站的创新。网站的创新不一定是Ҏ个网站进行一ơ大LQ其实只要着重网站的某一斚wq行创新已l够了。而且对网站的某一斚wq行U极的创斎ͼU少成多Q对于网站的发展是有利而无害的。毕竟网站的发展是@序渐q的q程的,|站的徏设也是处在不断的探烦当中的。所以,作ؓ|站重中之重的网站设计必要坚持E中求胜Q切记因急功q利而一呛_去追求所谓的“创新”。网站设计真正有效的创新也是在设计者对|站本n有了_多的了解以后才能够做好的。This would require the website design to break the bottleneck of website development. When it comes to web design, what people thinks of above all is the innovation of the site. The innovation of the web site is not necessarily to a major renovation of the entire site, in fact as long as the one site in innovation is enough. And one of the web site for a positive innovation, many a mickle makes a muckle, and in the development of the site is advantageous and harmless. After all, the website is a gradual process of development, the construction of the website is in constant quest. So, as the most important site design must adhere to the stability of, bear in mind that because of the quick buck blindly to pursue the so-called "innovation". Web design is truly effective innovation in the designers of the site itself have enough understanding to do later.</text><keywords>|站,互联|?/keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-12 07:34</pubDate></item><item><title>不要被惯有的|站设计模式限制了思?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/974.htm</link><description>虽然说在21世纪的新新社会当中,创新是王道,但是假若某行业过于追求创斎ͼ往往会导致该行业发展的步伐不E_Q发展根ZE_Q就长远来看Q是不利于整个行业的发展的。“天下熙熙皆为利来,天下攘攘皆ؓ利往”,当某个行业有利可囄时候,Z便会疯狂地追逐,只求?.</description><text>虽然说在21世纪的新新社会当中,创新是王道,但是假若某行业过于追求创斎ͼ往往会导致该行业发展的步伐不E_Q发展根ZE_Q就长远来看Q是不利于整个行业的发展的。“天下熙熙皆为利来,天下攘攘皆ؓ利往”,当某个行业有利可囄时候,Z便会疯狂地追逐,只求能够在庞大的利益面前能够分一杯羹。正如前几年房地产市场大热的时候,W一Ҏw房C市场的h自然赚了个满盆,而后Zh争相q赶Q导致了房地产的投资市场供过于求Q最l许多h也因为在房地产中的奋w一搏最l两袖清风,赔了夫h又折c网站设计亦是如此,要在E中求胜。不要被惯有的网站设计模式限制了思考,也不要因q于创新而不伦不cRAlthough said in the new society of the 21st century, innovation is a king, but if one industry is too pursuit of innovation, often lead to the development of the industry is not safe, development foundation is not solid, is in the long run, is not conducive to the development of the industry. "World xi all for profit, the bustling all for", when an industry profitable, people will be crazy to chase, but can be able to share in front of the huge benefits. As hot real estate market a few years ago, among the first in the real estate market nature, made a bowl full of water, and then everyone rushed to chase, caused the real estate market supply exceeds demand, eventually many people also because in the real estate pitches a desperate remain uncorrupted, eventually lost lady. Web design also is such, want to win in the stable. Dont be trapped by conventional website design patterns limit the thinking, also dont because of too innovation and neither fish nor fowl.</text><keywords>|站设计,|站</keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-12 07:33</pubDate></item><item><title>|站面的设计和模块功能的开发应该是同时q行http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/973.htm|站面设计完成下一步就是实玎ͼ由页面设计h员(或美工h员)负责实现|页Qƈ制作成模版,交由技术开发h员进行模块功能的实现。Web page design completed, the next step is to realize the page designer (or art) is responsible for implementing the web page..|站面设计完成下一步就是实玎ͼ由页面设计h员(或美工h员)负责实现|页Qƈ制作成模版,交由技术开发h员进行模块功能的实现。Web page design completed, the next step is to realize the page designer (or art) is responsible for implementing the web pages, and make into a template, under the technology development personnel for the realization of the function of modules. |站面的设计和模块功能的开发应该是同时q行的,q如何统{安排就是网站策划h员一个比较重要的工作d。在上面所讲述的过E进行的同时Q网站的技术开发h员应该正是处于开发程序的阶段Q如果实现的q个q程中出C么问题技术开发应和页面设计h员(或美工h员)及时l合Q以免程序开发完成后发现问题要进行大规模的反工。The development of web page design and module function should be at the same time, this how to plan as a whole arrangement is website planners have a more important task. Above is describing the process at the same time, the website of the technical developers should is in development stage, if the implementation of the process technology development what problems should be page designer (or art) in a timely manner, so as to avoid after the completion of the program development found that the problem to the workers on a large scale. 五、网站初步完成前的整合测试:接下来,当两边的工作都完成以后,是整合。网站策划h员要l筹协调试人员q行内部试Q测试完成,没有问题以后可以交付客户啦QFive, the site before completion of the preliminary integration testing: next, when the work is finished, on both sides of the integration. Website planners to coordinating the tester for internal testing, testing is complete, there is no problem after can deliver the customer! 六、网站项目开发完成后的宣传推q:有些客户要去在完成网站项目徏讑֐q行一pd的宣传推q,q时|站{划人员可以Ҏ自己能力Q或与市场策划h员和l)制定一pd|站宣传推广工作q加以实施。Six, website promotion after the completion of the project development: some customers want to go to after the complete project construction site for a series of propaganda promotion, website planning personnel can according to their ability (or planning personnel and group) and market to develop and implement a series of website promotion work.|站,|页,面设计|站优化不详原创2017-02-12 07:32|站{划Ҏ书中栏目与模块功能设计到的具体内?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/972.htm</link><description>|站{划Ҏ书中栏目与模块功能设计到的具体内容Site planning scheme book section and module function design to the specific content 首先Q要Ҏ客户需求进行整理、归c,形成|站栏目的树状列表用以清淅表辄点结构,栏目的规划要求写得详l,具体Z。然后以..</description><text>|站{划Ҏ书中栏目与模块功能设计到的具体内容Site planning scheme book section and module function design to the specific content 首先Q要Ҏ客户需求进行整理、归c,形成|站栏目的树状列表用以清淅表辄点结构,栏目的规划要求写得详l,具体Z。然后以同样的方法,来进行二层栏目下的子栏目Q对它进行归c,q一定每个二分栏目的主页面需要放哪些具体的东西,二栏目下面的每个小栏目需要放哪些内容Q让客户及网站开发h员能够很清楚的了解本栏目的每个细节和栏目模块功能。具体有以下几项QFirst of all, according to customer demand for sorting, classification, form a website of tree list for clearer expression site structure, column to write detailed planning requirements, specific is preferred. Then, in the same way for subtopic under the second column, categorize it, and one by one to determine each secondary points of the main page to put anything, what specific secondary section below each small columns to put what, let customers and web developers can clearly understand this every detail and program module function. Specific have the following items: W一Q栏目概qͼ其中包括栏目定位Q栏目目的,服务对像Q子栏目讄Q首内容,分页内容Q这一部分起到一个烦引的作用Q让用户看v来能Ҏ目有一个大概的整体把握和了解。First, the overview section, including column positioning, columns purpose, service for like, subtopic Settings, page content, page content! This part have the effect of an index, let users can look for the column has a general overall grasp and understanding. W二Q栏目详情,栏目详情是把每一个子栏目的具体情冉|qC下,其中包括到各个子栏目的名Uͼ栏目的目的。(要去把子栏目的目的写清楚Q在实际开发过E中可与工人员或技术h员详l沟通)Details second, columns, column details is the details description column of each child, including to the name of each column, the column of purpose. (to traverse to the child the purpose of writing is clear, in the actual development process can communication with the design or technical personnel detailed) W三Q相x目,q一Ҏ用以说明本栏目和其它栏目之间的结合,沟通,之所以要有这一Ҏ想通过各个栏目之间的联p,来加强网站的整体性。Third, the related columns, this is a used to this section and other section between the combination of communication, the reason for this is a want to through the link between each column, to ensure the integrity of the site. 四、实施网站开发中与相兛_发h员的交流协调Q在各个栏目模块功能定的情况下Q网站策划h员需要做的工作就是让面设计人员Q或工人员Q根据《网站徏设方案书》中栏目的划分来设计|站的页面,在这里要注意Q网站策划h员应该把需要特D处理的地方和页面设计h员(或美工h员)讲明Q在设计|站面旉面设计h员(或美工h员)一定要ҎҎ书中把每个栏目的具体位置和网站的整体风格定下来Qؓ了让|站有整体感Q应该在|页中放|一些诏I性的元素Q最l要拿出臛_二种不风格的ҎQ每U方案应该考虑到客户企业的整体形象Q与客户企业的精(或VIQ相l合。Four, implement site to coordinate with the relevant developers in the development of communication: in the case of each program module function to determine, website planning personnel needs to be done is to make the page designer (or art) according to the division website construction plan book intermediate hurdles purpose to design the website page, should pay attention to here, website planning staff should put the need special handling and page designers (or art) to say! When designing web page design personnel (or art) must be according to plan in each section of the specific location and the integral style of the site, in order to make websites have integral feeling, should be placed in your web page some perfoliate elements, finally to come up with at least two kinds of style, not each plan should take into account the customer enterprises overall image, the spirit of the enterprise with customers (or VI).</text><keywords>|站,|站{划</keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-12 07:28</pubDate></item><item><title>保定|站制作-U学的运用色调变换技?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/971.htm</link><description>U学的运用色调变换技术The use of science and tonal transformation technology 我们在设计网|Q选择的颜色通常不会是简单的单色调,q样看v来一斚w不利于网늚配色Q另一斚w丽度也不高Q所以通常需要将q些颜色的色调进行少许的变换Q比如引入一些透明度、增..</description><text>U学的运用色调变换技术The use of science and tonal transformation technology 我们在设计网|Q选择的颜色通常不会是简单的单色调,q样看v来一斚w不利于网늚配色Q另一斚w丽度也不高Q所以通常需要将q些颜色的色调进行少许的变换Q比如引入一些透明度、增加柔光,在某些区域再颜色的深度q行上调Q这样就能够让网늚色彩变得更加灵动Q而不昑־呆滞。比如按钮的颜色Q菜单栏上的颜色Q广告中的主色调{都可以通过q样的色调{换来加以调整Q让整个面看v来更加舒服。When designing web pages, we choose the color of the usually will not be a simple single color, it looks for web page color on one hand, on the other hand, beautiful degree is not high also, so usually need to these color tone is a little change, introduce some transparency, increasing the soft light, for example, in some areas will be increase the depth of the color again, so you can make the colour in the web page become more clever, and not look dull. Such as the color of the button, the colours on the menu bar, the mass-tone attune in the advertising can be adjust by such tonal conversion, make the whole page looks more comfortable. 增加相应的特效Increase the corresponding effects Ҏ的增加ƈ不是一U必,主要是结合相关的应用场合以及一些特D的|页上,比如在一些旅游类的网站上Q上面的一些旅游景点的囄Qؓ了让q类囄看v来更加精,有必要加以Ҏ设计Q比如引入阴影、线条映衬或者高光等展现方式Q当然比如在展现一些品时Q也可以引入一些特效处理技巧,让品变得更加突出,q而吸引用L眼球。不q对于网늚底色Q一般不使用ҎQ这会让用户会觉得喧宑֤主,不利于展现核心内宏VEffects of the increase is not a must, is mainly related with the combination applications as well as some special web pages, in some tourist class web site, for example, the above pictures of tourist attractions, in order to make the picture looks more beautiful, it is necessary to design, special effects such as the introduction of shadows, line set off or highlights such as presentation, such as in the show, of course, some products, can also introduce some special skills, make products become more prominent, and attract the attention of the user. But for the page background, generally do not recommend the use of special effects, which can make users feel a presumptuous guest usurps the hosts role, is not conducive to show the core content.</text><keywords>保定|站制作,|站制作,|站,保定|站,|页</keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-12 07:27</pubDate></item><item><title>保定|站制作-U学的色彩搭?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/970.htm</link><description>U学的色彩搭配The colour collocation of the science 通常用户寚w色的认知情况基本cMQ那希望看到干净明洁的网,如果一个网上的颜色众多,而且再加上各U闪烁的ҎQ一个小横幅q告搞得霓虹灯似的多U颜色的跌Q这cȝ就会让用户的眼睛看h极不舒服Q?.</description><text>U学的色彩搭配The colour collocation of the science 通常用户寚w色的认知情况基本cMQ那希望看到干净明洁的网,如果一个网上的颜色众多,而且再加上各U闪烁的ҎQ一个小横幅q告搞得霓虹灯似的多U颜色的跌Q这cȝ就会让用户的眼睛看h极不舒服Q进而导致极差的用户体验。通常而言Q一个网늚颜色U类不要过三种Q其中有一U要讑֮Z色调Q通常选择白底Q如果一些特D类型的|站Q比如饮食类|站Q则可以适当的用一些暖色调Q如黄色、红色等Z色调Q然后再配上和这些颜色进行搭配的相关颜色Q之所以选择白底Q可以配色的U类则相对较多,如果选择的是U色底,那么׃能够配蓝色等冯调,q样会媄响页面的和谐。配色标准尽可能使用邻近艌Ӏ对比色{方式,通过互补来完成配Ԍ从而提升网늚丽度。Usually the users perception of color is basic similar, then want to see clean and tidy web page, if many colors on a web page, and combined with all sorts of scintillation effects, a small banner ads make neon multiple color jumps, this kind of web pages will let users eyes look very uncomfortable, leading to poor user experience. A typically not more than three kinds of color on a web page, one to set the color, choose white, if some special types of sites, sites, such as diet, can use a few warm color is moved, the appropriate color such as yellow, red, and then to deserve to go up and the color is tie-in color, chose white, can the kinds of color is more, if the choice is red bottom, then it will not be able to match the blue cool color to move, such as this will affect the harmony of the page. The color standard as far as possible use adjacent color color, contrast, done through complementary color, so as to enhance the beauty of the web page.</text><keywords>保定|站制作,|站制作,|站,保定|站,|页</keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-12 07:27</pubDate></item><item><title>癑ֺ推广优化需掌握基本的四原?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/969.htm</link><description>癑ֺ推广优化需掌握基本的四原则Baidu promotion optimization to master the basic four principles 一、与癑ֺ共同成长One, grow up together with baidu 要做好百度优化就要深入了解百度,与百度一hѝ了解百度的法调整变化Q以及其它动态。俗话说“只有变?.</description><text>癑ֺ推广优化需掌握基本的四原则Baidu promotion optimization to master the basic four principles 一、与癑ֺ共同成长One, grow up together with baidu 要做好百度优化就要深入了解百度,与百度一hѝ了解百度的法调整变化Q以及其它动态。俗话说“只有变化,才是永远不变的!”做一个初U的seo非常ҎQ只需要掌握seo基本原理及操作手法即可,而这一切基本是教条式的、流E化的。而一个高Useo则需要学会运用seo思维来思考问题,解决问题。这一切的实现都得益于对百度算法的深刻理解Q以及对癑ֺ法调整的及时掌握。To do baidu optimization will understand baidu, and baidu grows together. Know baidu algorithm changes as well as other dynamic. As the saying goes, "the only change, is never change!" To become a primary seo is very easy, you just need to grasp the basic principle of seo and operation skill, and all of the basic is dogmatic, streamline. While an advanced seo need to learn to use seo thinking, problem solving. The implementation of all this thanks to the deep understanding of baidu algorithm, as well as to the baidu algorithm adjusted in a timely manner to master. 二、持之以恒、不可松懈Second, constancy, and cannot be lax 竞争无处不在Q不q则退Q就是讲的这个道理。更何况Q持之以恒就是一个seo人员必须具备的基本素质。搜索引擎的法也可以这么理解,如果一个网站缺了变化Q那么,搜烦引擎׃认ؓQ这是一潭腐朽的L。换句话_你自己都不重视自己、缺乏自信,又何谈别人对你的重呢?Competition is everywhere! Not to advance is to go back! Is telling the truth. Moreover, perseverance is an seo personnel must have the basic qualities. Search engine algorithm can understand so, if a website without a change, so the search engine will think, this is a rotten dead water pond. In other words, you dont pay attention to yourself, lack of confidence, and how to talk about others respect for you? 三、在实践中成长Third, growth in practice 大家都知道“实践出真知”这句话。这是一句至理名aQ无L疑它的正性!M事情都需要在实践中锻点{在实践中ȝ、在实践中丰富内涵,seo自然也毫不例外!We all know that "genuine knowledge comes from practice" this sentence. This is an axiom, without doubt the accuracy of it! Anything need to exercise in practice, in practice, summarize and richness in practice, seo is no exception! 四、ȝ不是停顿Q是Z更好的前qFourth, the summary is not pause, is in order to better move forward 工作了一D|_静下心来Q回־日的工作Q以及关键词的排名变化,思考一下哪些原因导致排名上升,哪些原因D排名下降Q哪些工作是行之有效的,哪些工作又是需要改q和废除的……Work for a long time, calm down and review your past work, as well as the keywords ranking changes, moving up, think about what causes what reasons led to the decrease of the rankings, which work is effective, which work is to be improved and the abolition of...</text><keywords>癑ֺ优化,优化,癑ֺ,baidu</keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-11 13:47</pubDate></item><item><title>癑ֺ是一个很仇视SEO的搜索引?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/968.htm</link><description>癑ֺ是一个很仇视SEO的搜索引擎,在他们眼里,SEO妨碍了他们的收益。这与我在《怎么样去学SEO》一文中提到的google与网站共赢的{略完全相反。google也有人工审核Q但是是奔着处理作弊|站而来的,而且度q很宽松的。百度的人工q预会让你在做一些热门词语的时候非帔R..</description><text>癑ֺ是一个很仇视SEO的搜索引擎,在他们眼里,SEO妨碍了他们的收益。这与我在《怎么样去学SEO》一文中提到的google与网站共赢的{略完全相反。google也有人工审核Q但是是奔着处理作弊|站而来的,而且度q很宽松的。百度的人工q预会让你在做一些热门词语的时候非帔R烦,q点׃多说Q大安l历q。Baidu is a very hostile to SEO search engine, in their eyes, SEO hinders their profits. This and I mentioned in the article "how to learn SEO" Google was totally opposed to site and win-win strategy. Google also has a human review, but is running the processing site of cheating, and scale is very loose. Baidu manual intervention will make you doing some popular words very trouble, it is not much said, everyone goes through. q?个媄响你在百度上作SEO的因素都是客观的。还有一个因素就是竞h名,但是q个在慢慢消退。The four factors that affect you on baidu SEO is objective. There is another factor is the bidding, but this is slowly fading. 不过q是可以在百度上把SEO做得很好的,那就是整体把握一个网站的{略Q方法。SEO应该做的是给|站带来利益Q要在各U条件和资源的限制下Q把 |站的利益最大化。这是才是一个SEOer应该q求的目标,而不是今天有多少收录Q哪个热门词没有排上ȝ{。我q是慢慢一个个的讲吧。But can still do well on the baidu SEO, it is an overall understanding of the strategy of the a site, method. SEO should do is to bring benefits to web site, under the limit of various conditions and resources, to maximize the interests of the website. This is is a SEOer should pursue goal, rather than how many collected today, which hot word is not in line, and so on. I still go ahead slowly one by one.</text><keywords>|站,Seo,癑ֺ,搜烦引擎</keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-11 13:46</pubDate></item><item><title>搜烦引擎的角度来看待你做的SEO优化工作http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/967.htm无论癑ֺq是googleQSEO要做得好都要从这个搜索引擎的角度来看待你做的SEO优化工作。在癑ֺ上作SEOQ心里要时刻想着它有可能会用什么样的反作弊措施来检查你的网站。这个是在百度上做好SEO的秘c。Both baidu and Google SEO do well should be from the perspective o..无论癑ֺq是googleQSEO要做得好都要从这个搜索引擎的角度来看待你做的SEO优化工作。在癑ֺ上作SEOQ心里要时刻想着它有可能会用什么样的反作弊措施来检查你的网站。这个是在百度上做好SEO的秘c。Both baidu and Google SEO do well should be from the perspective of the search engine to view of SEO optimization of work do you do. On baidu SEO, the in the mind keep thinking about it have what anti-cheating measures may be used to check your website. This on baidu SEO techniques. 举一个我操作q的案例QTo take one I use case: 以前l一个国内比较有名的|站做SEOQ因为比较遵守这条规则,把ȝSEO量?万做?67万。(之所以流量翻?0多倍,q有一部分原因?他们以前喜欢用ajax技术,妨碍了收录。)后来量一下子又降C30万左叻I因ؓ那个公司有特D的渠道Q得C癑ֺ内部的意见说|站优化q度Q我当时特别U闷怎么׃化过度了。后来就惻I如果我是癑ֺ的话Q我会如何判断一个网站优化过度呢Q从国内那时的SEO现状来看Q我会这么判断:因ؓ每个做SEO 的hQ基本上都会L title, keywords, description。那我首先设|一个过滤条Ӟ是把那U每个网上 title, keywords, description 都写了大量内容的|站特别对待Q因些网站有了SEO的企图,所以也会在外部链接{等其他因素上作很多优化的动作的。这U被列入嫌疑的网站,只要量有异常的大量增长Q就开始严格清理。那个网站,在其他方面都无异常,甚至没有?title, keywords, description 重复一ơ关键词Q唯独每个网, keywords, description 都是写了很丰富的内容的,当时Z写这些内容还p了大量的旉Q因为每个网都要写得不一栗Before a domestic famous website for SEO, because its comply with this rule, the total SEO traffic from 60000 to 2.67 million. (the flow to turn over more than 40 times, and partly because they like to use ajax technology before, interferes with the included.) Flow and all of a sudden fell to 300000 or so later, because the company have a special channel, the baidu said the views of the internal website optimization excessive, I was wondering how special optimization excessive. Then think, if I were in baidu, I how to judge a website optimization excessive? From the current situation of domestic SEO at that time, I will so judgment: because each person for SEO, basically is to change the title, keywords, description. That I first set up a filter condition, is that each page title, keywords, description is written a lot of content of the website special treatment, because these sites have attempt to SEO, so also on other factors in the external links, and so on for a lot of optimization of the action. Suspected this was placed on the website, as long as there is abnormal amounts of traffic growth, began to clean up strictly. The website, no abnormalities in other ways, not even in the title, keywords, description repeat key words, only each web page, keywords, description is written very rich content, in order to write these content at that time were spent a lot of time, because every page to write differently. x楚了q个Q我把那种能不?keywords, description 的就不写。甚臛_了一个很大胆的决定,是所有的|页都不写keywords。因为我如果是百度的话,我绝对不会考虑?keywords 作ؓ影响排名的因 素的。description 之所以不抛弃Q是因ؓ在搜索结果里Qhq是需要阅d的?q样改动后一个月Q流量就恢复了,直到我离开那家公司前,SEO?量都q稳定在200万以上。Want to clear this, Ill write that kind of can not keywords and description is not written. Even made a bold decision, is to write all the web pages are not keywords. Because I if is baidu, I would never consider the keywords as influence ranking factor. The description is not abandoned, because in the search results, people still need to read. Such changes after a month, the flow is restored, until I left the company before, SEO flow quantity is stable at more than 2 million.|站,Seo,优化,癑ֺ,SEO优化,baidu,搜烦引擎|站优化不详原创2017-02-11 13:44癑ֺ的搜索技术很p糕http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/966.htm癑ֺ的搜索技术很p糕。Baidus search technology is very bad. 不管是在爬虫Q还是烦引,q是排序法上都有很多缺陗比如搜索一个词语,同一个网站占据前几十个搜索结果,是一个很低的错误。而很多大型网 站,也应该被癑ֺ的爬虫把服务器“攻几Z得不行了吧。反?.癑ֺ的搜索技术很p糕。Baidus search technology is very bad. 不管是在爬虫Q还是烦引,q是排序法上都有很多缺陗比如搜索一个词语,同一个网站占据前几十个搜索结果,是一个很低的错误。而很多大型网 站,也应该被癑ֺ的爬虫把服务器“攻几Z得不行了吧。反作弊措施也很初Q所以一大批作弊的网站照样可以活的很好,对于一贯不作弊来做SEO的h来说Q这 Ҏ可奈何。这都是技术上的,q有的就是h为的。比如很多百度认为“媄响业务”的|站Q无Z抓取率还是排序上都是被分配了Ҏ的权重的Q导致这些网站的 SEO量怎么也做不v来。这栯区别对待的网站有很多Q国内好几家著名|站包括阉K巴巴中文站都是这P所以阿里巴巴中文站的SEO量 中,google来的量反而比癑ֺ高很多?而百度自q业务Q却被赋予越来越高的权重Q甚臌q站上很多明显的垃N面,照样有好的排名Whether in the crawler, or index, still have a lot of defects on the sorting algorithm. Such as the search for a word, the same web site before dozens of search results, is a very low-level mistakes. And many large web station, should also be baidu spiders to server "attack" that wont be possible. Anti-cheating measures are primary, so a large number of cheating sites can still live well, for people always dont cheat to do SEO, the helpless. This is technical, and is man-made. Like a lot of websites that baidu think "affect business", no matter from the crawl rate or sorting are were given a special weight, lead to the sites of SEO traffic how also do not rise. Be treated differently website has a lot of, the domestic several famous sites include alibaba assigned is always the same, so alibaba assigned SEO traffic, Google to flow rather than baidu is much higher. Baidu own business, but given the weight of more and more high, even their website many obvious spam page, so have a good ranking|站,癑ֺ,baidu,搜烦l果|站优化不详原创2017-02-11 13:41已经有很多网友问我百度如何优?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/965.htm</link><description>已经有很多网友问我百度如何优化了Q不q我一直不清楚如何来写更合适。There has been a lot of net friend asked me how to optimize the baidu, but I didnt know how to write a more appropriate. 有好几个原因。首先是Q很多知识,我不先介l一下的话,到时候我写出..</description><text>已经有很多网友问我百度如何优化了Q不q我一直不清楚如何来写更合适。There has been a lot of net friend asked me how to optimize the baidu, but I didnt know how to write a more appropriate. 有好几个原因。首先是Q很多知识,我不先介l一下的话,到时候我写出来大家不Ҏ理解。就如我博客刚开的时候,我就惛_《SEO案例Q锚文本、关键字、nofollow、Web标准化》这文章,但是如果一开始不讲一下ؓ什么要重视锚文本、如何选关键字、nofollow的作用、ؓ什么要标准化的话,很多人可能会觉得我只是讲了一个特别注意细节的案例。There are several reasons. Is first and foremost, a lot of knowledge, I dont introduce it first, Ill write you it is not easy to understand. As I just open the blog, I just want to write the SEO case: anchor text, keywords, nofollow, Web standardization, this article, but if the anchor text, why not tell me the attention given to how to choose a keyword, nofollow role, why standardization, many people may think I just spoke to a special attention to the details of the case. 所以我会先把google的优势讲明白Q把搜烦引擎是怎么q作的讲明白Q然后才能把如何做百度优化讲明白。我博客里的很多文章都是从google的角度出发来讲SEO的,但是你都可以思考一下同L事情要是癑ֺ来处理的话,会如何去解决。So I will push the advantage of Google to understand first, the search engine works speak understand, then to explain how to do baidu optimization. Many articles in my blog from the perspective of Google SEO, but you can think about the same thing if baidu to deal with, will be how to solve. W二个原因就是百度优化和google优化在技术上?0%是相似的Q所以不用特别的区分是百度优化还是google优化。而且Q做一个网站的 SEO工作Q那些流E和Ҏ都是一L。说L似性,你就可以看到Q一个在google上排名很强势的网站,在百度上也会有不错的排名。还有,癑ֺ前几q?不是一直宣Ugoogle늊了百度在链分析法上的专利吗Q虽然很荒谬Q但是可以看出百度也是注重外部链接的。而且现在q有一个趋势就是,癑ֺ在算法上 来模仿google。The second reason is that baidu and Google optimization in technology have 80% is similar, so there is no special distinction is baidu or Google optimization. And, do a website SEO work, the processes and methods are the same. Speaking of similarity, you can see: a website on the Google ranking is strong, also can have a good ranking in baidu. Also, a few years ago not always claim that Google infringed on baidu baidu hyperlink analysis on patent, although very absurd, but it can be seen that baidu is also pay attention to the external links. And now there is a trend that is, baidu more and imitation of Google on the algorithm. 另一个原因就是其他方面的。互联网的圈子其实很,癑ֺ排名实有一些技巧,但是我今天在q里说明的技巧,明天大家׃能用了。Another reason is that in other ways. The circle of the Internet is very small, baidu ranking does have some skills, but the technique that I here today, tomorrow we will not be able to use. M来说Q百度的优化要比google英文的优化容易得多。现在我主要从事的英文优化,同时也在做部分百度优化的工作。在癑ֺ上,基本上现在只要特 别注意去优化的词语,不是非常热门的话Q非推广的搜索结果都排在W一了。(但是对于一个大型网站的话,q样特别注意优化热门词语Q会让你丢失掉原本属于你 ?0%以上的流量。)而我用的一些技巧,都是在英文SEO领域用滥了的技巧。In general, the optimization of baidu is much more easier than Google optimization in English. I now mainly engaged in the optimization of English, and at the same time in the job as a part of the baidu optimization. On baidu, basically as long as dont pay attention to optimize the words, now is not very hot, the promotion of the search results are ranked first. (but for a large site, so pay special attention to optimizing hot word, can let you lost the original flow of more than 50% of the belongs to you.) And I use some skills, are exhausted the skills in the field of SEO in English.</text><keywords>优化,癑ֺ,baidu</keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-11 13:39</pubDate></item><item><title>qƈ不是一Baidu vs. Google的文?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/964.htm</link><description>qƈ不是一Baidu vs. Google的文章,其实是当q张国^把自qI搜索引擎自然搜索的心得Q跟大家分n。当Ӟ文章也在他自q个h博客SEM一家发布过。It is not a Baidu vs. Googles article, is actually the guoping zhang himself research search engine natural..</description><text>qƈ不是一Baidu vs. Google的文章,其实是当q张国^把自qI搜索引擎自然搜索的心得Q跟大家分n。当Ӟ文章也在他自q个h博客SEM一家发布过。It is not a Baidu vs. Googles article, is actually the guoping zhang himself research search engine natural search result, share with you. At that time, the article also in SEM a published his own personal blog. 癑ֺ和Google在搜索引擎技术上、,其实各有长处Q也有缺炏VBaidu and Google in the search engine technology, and actually each have advantages and disadvantages as well. 首先我们可以q样理解QGoogle的范围是全球的(globalQ百度的范围是本地的QlocalQ。Google的搜索技术需要处理的问题牉|面更q,Z同国家、不同语a、不同用户习惯提供搜索结果。百度主要提供类似的服务Q但主要是中文语a的搜索结果)l国内的中国人(和一些国外的华hQ。两个搜索引擎需要解决的问题Q本质上是相同的Q但某些l节上是很不一L。First of all, we can understand like this: the scope of Google is a global scope is local (global) baidu (local). Googles search technology to deal with the impact of a wider problem, used for different countries, different languages, different users to provide search results. Baidu mainly provide similar services (but they are mainly Chinese language search results) to domestic Chinese (with some overseas Chinese). Two search engines need to solve the problem, essentially the same, but some details are very different. 当然我们早就q入了移动互联网时代Q而在Ud端上的移动网站,Google和百度的处理方式和习惯也会有一些明昄区别Q需要国内的站长们去适应和调整去把百度SEO最大化。我之前通过“网站分析星期三”写q一”PC站点q有必要吗??- 是在思考移动互联网时代中PC|站Ҏ索引擎的重要性和生存价倹{? of course, we have entered the mobile Internet era, the mobile terminal, mobile web sites on the treatment of Google and baidu and habits also have some obvious difference, domestic owners need to adapt and adjust to maximize the baidu SEO. I passed "site analysis before Wednesday," wrote a "PC site and necessary?" In thinking about the mobile Internet era - is the importance of PC web site to the search engine and survival value.</text><keywords>baidu,搜烦引擎</keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-11 13:37</pubDate></item><item><title>|站链接投票因素http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/963.htm|站链接投票因素。Links to sites voting factors. |站链接投票因素一般分为站外投和站内投票两种。站外投因素主要就是通过外链来引导用L击而促成的点击投票Q站内投因素就相x内容相链接从而增加网站内容优质@环。Links to sites voting factors gener..|站链接投票因素。Links to sites voting factors. |站链接投票因素一般分为站外投和站内投票两种。站外投因素主要就是通过外链来引导用L击而促成的点击投票Q站内投因素就相x内容相链接从而增加网站内容优质@环。Links to sites voting factors generally divided into standing outside and on-site vote two kinds. Off-site voting factor mainly is to guide the user through the outer chain contributed to the click and click on the vote; Station will vote factors correlation content links to increase website content quality cycle. 1、站外投?, standing outside the vote 建立站外投票时候要注意的就是外铄数量和稳定性。网站上U时间和外链比例在百度规则中是有峰值区间的。这个峰值区域多成抛物线型,因而在|站上线前期不要出现大批量网站外链数量,因ؓ一旦超q峰值高区域那么容易被癑ֺ判断Z弊网站,从而媄响网站优化;To establish off-site voting time to pay attention to is outside the chain of quantity and stability. Launch time and the proportion of outside the chain is a peak interval in the baidu rules. This peak area into a parabolic, so dont appear mass at the early stage of the launch site outside the chain number, because of the high once more than peak area then easy to cheating in baidu judgment for the site, which affects website optimization; 2、站内投?, on-site voting 主要是相x内容进行链接。一般出现在站内文章的先x关键词新L荐或底部新闻推荐阅读上。其Ҏ目的都是Z留住用户和百度蜘蛛在站内的浏览时_增加|站好感度,从而提升网站M数据g辑ֈ|站排名的目的。不q在面上的站内链接上也所有个数的Q一般的企业站首不可超q?00个链接而站内页面一般也要控制在30?0个左叻Iq其中包括固有的D栏链接。Mainly is to link the correlation content. First generally appear in the station of the article focus on keywords news at the bottom of the recommended or recommended reading. Its fundamental purpose is to retain users and baidu spiders in on-site browsing time, increase goodwill degrees, by raising the site overall data values in order to achieve the purpose of the rankings. But also all on inbound links on the page number, general enterprise stand not more than 100 home page links and pages within the station also should control in 30-40 or so commonly, including inherent navigation links.|站内容,|站,|站链接,|站?/keywords>|站优化不详原创2017-02-11 13:36|站内容dhttp://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/962.htm|站内容d。Add the website content. 无论癑ֺ法怎样的变_其根本还是针对用h做的Q那|站内容的添加也pҎ行业用户需求群体来d。之前不同行业用h据分析方面广视通广告也有讲q很多,q里׃在逐一|列。今天要针对的内Ҏ加问题主要是在体现在|?.|站内容d。Add the website content. 无论癑ֺ法怎样的变_其根本还是针对用h做的Q那|站内容的添加也pҎ行业用户需求群体来d。之前不同行业用h据分析方面广视通广告也有讲q很多,q里׃在逐一|列。今天要针对的内Ҏ加问题主要是在体现在|站内容的质量上。因为开源化的网l环境让M信息都不在闭塞,要想获得好的用户体验Q在|站内容质量上一定要q关。No matter how baidu algorithm changes, its basic or for the user to do, the website content to add group will also according to user needs to add. Before the user data analysis of different industry wide vision advertising also has talked about a lot of, not listed one by one here. Today to add the content of the problem is mainly on the reflected in the quality of the content. Because of the open network environment let any information is not in the block, in order to get a good user experience, be sure to pass on the website content quality. 1、内定w免重复?, avoid repetitive content C|络内容杂而无章,q就致很多非专业SEOer在对|站内容d时出C重复的现象,看似不同的题目中所展现的主题是一致的。网l服务器资源有限Q与其用q些冗杂的内容占据空间不如清I些数据便于蜘蛛的快速爬行。Modern network content miscellaneous and no chapter, this resulted in many non-professional SEOer in content to add to your website when appeared the phenomenon of repetition, reveals the theme of seemingly disparate topics are consistent. Network server resources are limited, instead of using these mad content occupy space empty these data to facilitate the spider crawl fast. 2、内容主题稳定?, the content theme stability 很多SEO而经怼泛这L错误Q在|站后期优化时因为找到更加脓合的相关性内容便开始滥竽充敎ͼ一些无用的文章攑֜上面Q这样很Ҏ造成主题的变差,从而媄响网站的主题的固定性和E_性。或者整体页面全部由Flash和图片组成,q样׃重导致页面文字失衡,让搜索引擎不能够保质保量的抓取页面内容,造成|站主题q。Many SEO and such mistakes, often in the late website optimization when correlations for find more relevant content to start goofing off, put some useless articles above, such easy to cause the theme, which influence the rigidity and stability of your sites theme. Or the whole page is composed of Flash and pictures, all such serious lead to page text imbalances, to ensure the quality of search engines will not be able to grab the page content, causing distortion.|站内容,|站,癑ֺ,|站?/keywords>|站优化不详原创2017-02-11 13:35|站品牌词定?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/961.htm</link><description>|站品牌词定位。Website word of brand positioning. |站品牌词多是选择企业产品的市场、用户定位,以方便在关键词排名稳定的同时能够l网站带来{化率促成|络销售。而我们知道单单的关键词排名提升ƈ非就可以让网站盈利扶摇而上。而且|站关键词排名本w也不是一y?.</description><text>|站品牌词定位。Website word of brand positioning. |站品牌词多是选择企业产品的市场、用户定位,以方便在关键词排名稳定的同时能够l网站带来{化率促成|络销售。而我们知道单单的关键词排名提升ƈ非就可以让网站盈利扶摇而上。而且|站关键词排名本w也不是一y而就的,要想在短旉内夺得到排名优势Q不但要针对关键词进行优化,q要针对汉语法中出现的错字、别字进行有利筛选。当Ӟq些错字别词q是让你罗列在|站面上,q样反而会造成|页主题的偏,而是要在|站根目录下建立关键词库。将常用错字别词d到里面去Q在面只要留下一个spider端口卛_。Website brand word is to choose the enterprise product market, customer orientation, to facilitate the keywords ranking stability at the same time will give a website for online sales conversion ratio. And we know that only keywords ranking ascension is not can make a profit on a whirlwind. And site keywords ranking itself would not be achieved overnight, want to win in a short time to rank advantages, not only for keyword optimization, also the typo in Chinese grammar, ghost word for favorable selection. These dont word typo is not, of course, let you listed on the web page, so it will cause page theme, but rather to build keywords library in web root directory. Add commonly used word typo dont go inside, leaving a spiders port on page as long as can be. 错字别词库的建立能够让用户在索时候更大力度来匚w|站Q这hq行|站L关键词优化时也是有利的。主关键词推动想必大家已有所了解Q主要还是针对在|站的title、keywords和description中,同时要求在网站各个页面专栏中都要出现d键词Q便于主题更好的融合。Typo dont word library building can let users when retrieving the greater efforts to match, such ability for website main keywords optimization is also good. Main keyword driven everybody has to understand somewhat, mainly for in the title, keywords and description of the site, at the same time requirements in every page column website main keywords to appear, is advantageous for the theme better fusion.</text><keywords>关键词排?|站,关键?|站关键?/keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-11 13:34</pubDate></item><item><title>癑ֺ竞h推广是百度国内首创的一U按效果付费的网l推q方?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/984.htm</link><description>|站做推q的方式有很多,基础的两U无非就是百度竞hq和|站快照优化。那么这两种是什么关pdQSite there are many ways to promote, the basis of two does baidu snapshot for promotion and site optimization. So whats the relationship between the two?  ..</description><text>|站做推q的方式有很多,基础的两U无非就是百度竞hq和|站快照优化。那么这两种是什么关pdQSite there are many ways to promote, the basis of two does baidu snapshot for promotion and site optimization. So whats the relationship between the two?   癑ֺ竞h推广是百度国内首创的一U按效果付费的网l推q方式,单便L|页操作卛_l企业带来大量潜在客P有效提升企业知名度及销售额。Bidding baidu promotion is baidu a kind of pay by results of domestic initiation network promotion way, simple and convenient operating can bring a large number of potential customers, enhance the visibility and sales enterprise.   特征QFeatures:   1、客戯盖面q?, customer coverage   2、按效果付费2, according to the effect   完全按照l企业带来的潜在客户点击计费Q没有点M计费。Completely according to brings to the enterprise to potential customers, click on the billing, click no billing.   费用l计报告使投入明明白白。Plainly make investment cost statistics report.   3、针Ҏ强Q轻N定目标客?, pertinence, easy target customers   癑ֺ推广帮助准确锁定目标客户Q针Ҏ强Q{化率高Baidu promotion help accurate target customers, targeted, high conversion rate   通过关键词帮助锁定有需求的客户QBy keywords to help lock in the needs of customers:   选择希望推广的关键词Q推q信息只会出现在搜烦q些关键词的潜在客户面前。Choose the keywords to promote, promote information will only appear in front of the potential customers to search for these keywords.</text><keywords>|站,优化,癑ֺ,baidu,|络推广,|站快照</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-11 13:33</pubDate></item><item><title>|站推广如何把竞hq和快照优化完美l合?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/wzyh/959.htm</link><description>|站推广如何把竞hq和快照优化完美l合呢?Website promotion how the snapshot for promotion and optimization combination?   W一、用h索关键词Q当上面竞h和下面快照都有我们的推广Ӟq是我们公司实力的象征,也大大增加我们曝光和成交ZFirst, the ..</description><text>|站推广如何把竞hq和快照优化完美l合呢?Website promotion how the snapshot for promotion and optimization combination?   W一、用h索关键词Q当上面竞h和下面快照都有我们的推广Ӟq是我们公司实力的象征,也大大增加我们曝光和成交ZFirst, the user search key words, when the above bid and snapshots below are our promotion, this is the symbol of our companys strength, also greatly increase our exposure and trading opportunities   W二、当|站癑ֺ竞h推广下线时【日消费额到达,p动下Uѝ,q时我们的网站快照推q还有排名,不至于让客户x找不到您。Second, when baidu auction site promotion offline ?arrive daily consumption, automatic logoff ? then our website snapshot and ranking, unapt let customers want to look for less than you.   W三、如果我们做了百度竞P360竞hQ没有做搜狗竞hQ那么不做网站快照推q的话,没有展现的Z?lg所qͼ做营销最重要一点就是用户体验度Q用户体验度W一Ҏ让用户随旉地能扑ֈ您,如果搜都搜不到的话,那么׃用谈用户体验度了? 360 third, if we do the baidu bid, bidding, bid to do sogou, so do not do a snapshot site promotion, there is no chance to show. To sum up, marketing is the most important point is the degree of user experience, user experience degrees the first point is to let users can find you anytime and anywhere, if cant search all search, so you dont have to talk about the user experience degrees.</text><keywords>|站推广,搜烦关键?|站,关键?优化</keywords><category>|站优化</category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-11 13:31</pubDate></item><item><title>析推广新手必须注意的三大关?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/958.htm</link><description>|络推广l企业带来的巨大的经效益,使得企业对网l推q越来关注,q且能够希望通过|络推广的方式来Z业在Ȁ烈的市场竞争中,Z业打开新的利润I间和市场空_但是怎样才能把网l推q的工作做好Q做好网站是关键Q那么怎样通过|站推广Q让你在h时就占尽先机..</description><text>|络推广l企业带来的巨大的经效益,使得企业对网l推q越来关注,q且能够希望通过|络推广的方式来Z业在Ȁ烈的市场竞争中,Z业打开新的利润I间和市场空_但是怎样才能把网l推q的工作做好Q做好网站是关键Q那么怎样通过|站推广Q让你在h时就占尽先机呢?编ȝ了几点经验和站长们共同分享!Network promotion bring huge economic benefits, makes the network to promote the enterprises to pay close attention to, and be able to hope that through the network promotion way for the enterprise in the fierce market competition, open up new profits and market space for the enterprise, but how to do network promotion work well, completes the website is the key, so how to through the website promotion, let you in when they start the game? Small make up to summarize some experience and webmasters to share! |站首页要减对囄和flash的用Homepage to reduce the use of images, and flash |站有很多图片和flash多一些,会更观Q这是所有新手站长们的共同想法,而且受众了解信息时也会更直观Q企业通过q样方式也可以更好的对企业进行展C和介绍Q网l推q编辑指出:目前在中国用最多最q的搜烦引擎是百度,而百度对flash和图片的识别能力是很差的Q非怸利于|站的排名,而且现在中国的网l环境ƈ不稳定,q多的图片和flash对网늚加蝲速度影响也很大,非常不利于用L体验Q如果网站加载速度q慢。受众是很容易就会放弃对|站的体验。Web site there are a lot of pictures and flash more, will be more beautiful, this is the common idea of all the novice webmasters, and audience understand information will also be more intuitive, enterprise by this way can be better to show and introduction, enterprise network marketing editor pointed out: at present in China is the most widely used search engine baidu, baidu on flash and image recognition ability is very poor, very bad for sites ranking, and now, Chinas network environment is not stable, too many pictures and flash impact on page loading speed is big, very detrimental to the user experience, if the website loading speed too slow. The audience is very easy to give up on the experience of site. 首页D栏一定要使用文字做链接Home page navigation must use text links 使用囄做导航栏会非常美观,新受站长们都会这么认为,|络推广~辑q里特别指出Q搜索引擎是一个很大的数据库,而不是一个图片库Q尤其是中国的搜索引擎识别的是网站的文字标题Q对囄q不感冒Q导航链接如果用囄做链接,是很难被癑ֺ收录的,同时因ؓ|络环境的不E_及差异性,很容易媄响网늚点开速度Q而现在受众最~失的就是耐心和等待,如何你的|站很长旉打不开Q或者打开了却是很多无法显C的内容Q受众就会马上放弃,q速关闭网站,停止对网站的体验。Use pictures to do navigation bar will be very beautiful, the new owners would think so, network marketing editor here noted: search engine is a very large database, rather than a photo gallery, especially the Chinese search engine recognition is site header, the picture is not a cold, navigation links if do link with pictures, is difficult to be baidu included, at the same time because of the unstable and difference of the network environment, it is easy to affect the speed of web page opens at, and now the audience most lack is patience and waiting, how long time cant open your website, or open is a lot of unable to display content, audience will soon give up, quickly shut a website, stop the site experience. 高质量的友情链接更重要,不要一味的q求数量Link quality is more important, dont blindly pursue quantity 为网站大量的增加友情链接Q不仅可以迅速提升网站的权重和友好|同时也能够外|站带来h很高转化率的量Q新手站们到处寻扑֏以徏立友情链接的|站Q每天都要做大量的链接,|络推广~辑特别提醒Q友情链接是非常可取的一个工作,但是不要滥加Q不是什么网站都可以建立友情链接Q是否和|站有相x,该网站是不是友好Q对方徏立了多少友情链接Q还有很多方面都是我们和Ҏ交换友情链接的前提,不然不仅不会l你的网站增加权重和pr|q会l你的网站带来很多负面媄响。To add links to web site a lot of, not only can quickly improve site weight and value, but also can bring high conversion rate of traffic outside the site, the novice station looking for establish links to websites, every day to do a lot of links, edited by network promotion special remind: link is highly desirable a job, but dont abuse, not what website can establish links, whether and websites have correlation, this site is friendly, each other to establish how many links, there are still many aspects is the premise of we exchange links with each other, otherwise not only adds weight to your site and pr value, will bring many negative effects to your site. |络推广是企业快速打开|络市场最有效最直接的一U营销模式Q作为网l推q的核心元素|站一定更要加以重视,抢占先机Z业打开|络市场Q网站推q你一定不要小看!Network promotion is the enterprise quickly open the market the most effective one of the most direct marketing model, as a core element of network promotion must be more to consider, first open the Internet market, for the enterprise website promotion you must not look down upon!</text><keywords>|站推广,|站,|络推广</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-02-10 06:23</pubDate></item><item><title>|站设计对用户优化的表现http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/957.htm|站设计对用户优化的具体表现是:以用户需求ؓ导向Q设计方便的|站DQ网下载速度可能快Q网布局合理q且适合保存、打印、{发,|站信息丰富、有效,有助于用户生信任;The manifestation of website design optimization to users is: guided by the dema..|站设计对用户优化的具体表现是:以用户需求ؓ导向Q设计方便的|站DQ网下载速度可能快Q网布局合理q且适合保存、打印、{发,|站信息丰富、有效,有助于用户生信任;The manifestation of website design optimization to users is: guided by the demands of users, design convenient site navigation, web page download speed as quickly as possible, web page layout is reasonable and suitable for preservation, printing, forwarding, website information rich, effective and helps the user feel trust; |站设计对网l环境优化的表现形式是:适合搜烦引擎索(搜烦引擎优化Q,便于U篏|络营销|站资源Q如互换链接、互换广告等Q;Web design to optimize the network environment, the style is suitable for search engine retrieval (search engine optimization), easy to accumulate network marketing website resources (such as link exchange, swap ads, etc.); |站设计对运营维护优化的含义是:充分体现|站的网l营销功能Q得各U网l营销Ҏ可以发挥最大效果,|站便于日常信息更新、维护、改版升U,便于获得和管理注册用戯源等。Web design for operation and maintenance optimization means that fully embody the function of the network marketing of website, makes the various Internet marketing methods can play a maximum effect, facilitate daily updates, maintenance, revision upgrade, easy to get registered users and management resources, etc. 从上q对|站优化设计含义的理解也可以看出Q网站优化设计ƈ非只是搜索引擎优化,搜烦引擎优化只是|站优化设计中的一部分Q之所以很Ҏ网站优化等同于搜烦引擎优化Q主要原因在于网站设计因素对搜烦引擎优化状况的媄响非常明昑֒直接Q因此更Ҏ引v重视。From the above the understanding of the meaning of website optimization design can also see that website optimization design is not just a search engine optimization, search engine optimization (seo) is just a part of website optimization design, is it easy to website optimization is equivalent to search engine optimization, the main reason lies in the design of the site factors effect on the condition of search engine optimization (seo) is very clear and direct, it is easier to cause attention. 同时应注意的是,|站设计优化不仅仅是Z搜烦引擎优化Q其核心仍然是对用户的优化,因此应坚持用户导向而不是搜索引擎导向,q也是网站优化与搜烦引擎优化基本思想的重要区别支出。Is that should be paid attention to at the same time, the site design optimization is not only for search engine optimization, its core is the optimization of the user, so should adhere to the user guide rather than search engine guide, this is the website optimization and search engine optimization. The important distinction between the basic idea of spending. |站优化基本思想U之所以强调坚持以用户为导向的原则Q是因ؓ|站的内容和服务是否有h值最l是qh判断的,即ɾ|站在搜索引擎中的表现很好,如果用户使用感觉很不方便Q同样不会生理想的效果。而且Q网站推q也q完全依赖搜烦引擎Q还需要综合考虑各种相关因素。因此网站优化设计中三个层面的内容不能顾此失|应实现全面优化,其是对用户的优化应攑֜首位。Basic thought of website optimization is emphasized that adhere to the principle of customer oriented, whether is because the content of the site and service to the final is to judge by the user, even if the web site in the search engines performance is very good, if users feel very inconvenient, also wont produce an ideal effect. Moreover, website promotion is not rely solely on search engines, you also need to consider various factors. And the site optimization in the design of the content of the three levels cannot attend, should implement comprehensive optimization, especially the optimization of the user should be in the first place.|站设计,|站,|页,优化,|站信息区域新闻aywl原创2017-02-10 06:22做优化常见的问题http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/956.htm1、百度排名很不稳定,怎么?1, baidu ranking is not stable, how to do? 一个网站的排名不稳定原因有多种可能Q你的服务器E_与否、文章更新质量如何、外链质量如何、优化频率等{,都可能导致你的排名不E_Qseo是多工作的集合Q只有通过不断的实践,得出一套自..1、百度排名很不稳定,怎么?1, baidu ranking is not stable, how to do? 一个网站的排名不稳定原因有多种可能Q你的服务器E_与否、文章更新质量如何、外链质量如何、优化频率等{,都可能导致你的排名不E_Qseo是多工作的集合Q只有通过不断的实践,得出一套自q优化思\Q对seo每个环节工作频率的把握,q样才能做出相对权重比较高,排名比较E_的站。A sites ranking is not stable for various reasons, your server stability, how the quality of the article update, outside the chain quality, optimizing the frequency and so on, may result in your ranking is not stable, seo is a collection of multiple work, only through constant practice, it is concluded that a set of optimization idea, mastery of seo each link working frequency, in this way can we make a relative weight is higher, ranked relatively stable. 2、网站每天更斎ͼ可是癑ֺ快照却不更新2, website updates every day, but not update baidu snapshots q不是你更新了,快照׃定会走的。百度快照的更新与内Ҏ新、内容质量、外铑־设、网站稳定性、更新频率都有关p,只有全面l合才能带动癑ֺ快照Q多ȝ悉蜘蛛的习性,你会得到更多。Snapshot is not updated, you will certainly go. Baidu snapshot update and content updates, content quality, outside the chain construction, site stability, update frequency have relations, can only be driven baidu snapshot, comprehensive to more familiar with the spider behaviour, youll get more. 3、想修改|站的title、description、keywords3, want to modify the web site of the title, description, and keywords 修改|站的title、description、keywordsQ肯定会引v一D|间的不稳定或者关键词排名的消失,有得必有失。如果真是有需要修改这些内容,那后l的工作p更好的完成才能快速的恢复|站。与其守着一些我们网站根本没有竞争的关键词,q不如选择适合自己的,也许带来的h值更大。Modify the site title, description, keywords, will surely lead to a period of instability or keywords ranking disappear, you will lose. If it is really necessary to modify the content, the subsequent to the completion of the work would be better to rapid recovery site. Instead of watching some of our web site there is no competition keywords, it is better to choose to suit oneself, may bring greater value. 4、网站不更新Q却依旧有很好的排名4, website not update, still have very good rankings q要l合d析了Q前面我们也说过Q网站有好的排名q不是只有一个原因,虽然q些|站不更斎ͼ其它斚w的工作也许做的很好,弥补了文章更新的~失。你可以d析下他的|站l构、外链、是不是老站Q也许就有答案了。This comprehensive analysis, we also said that in front of the site has a good ranking is not just for one reason, although these sites dont update, other aspects of work may be done well, made up for the lack of updates. You can go to analyze his site structure, outside the chain, whether under the old station, may have the answer.|站,Seo,癑ֺ排名,优化,癑ֺ,baidu,外链质量,|站的排?/keywords>区域新闻aywl原创2017-02-04 15:58|页设计的趋势和风格http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1008.htm|页设计,|页区域新闻aywl原创2017-01-20 15:20如何开始优化网?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/1061.htm</link><text></text><keywords>优化|站,|站,优化</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>567zx</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-01-19 08:48</pubDate></item><item><title>|站制作步骤http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/953.htmW一步The first step   军_主题。问问自q站的目标是什么。一旦决定方向,根据主题内容罗列出主题所늛的分话题Qƈ始终坚持q个主题。Decided to theme. Ask yourself what are the goals of the site. Once decided the direction, according to the theme s..W一步The first step   军_主题。问问自q站的目标是什么。一旦决定方向,根据主题内容罗列出主题所늛的分话题Qƈ始终坚持q个主题。Decided to theme. Ask yourself what are the goals of the site. Once decided the direction, according to the theme sets out the points of the topics covered by the subject, and always adhere to the theme. W二步The second step   优化|站。如果你惌你的|站有大的流量,必Mɾ|站在搜索引擎获得较高的排名。Site optimization. If you want to make your site has a big traffic, you must make a website in search engines to get higher rankings. W三步The third step   良好的网设计。网设计对|站很重要。选择一个主题,Ҏq个主题来徏立适当的网늚背景和图形。用正的字体和良好的D是学习网设计所必须的。A good web design. Web design is important for the website construction. Choose a theme, according to this topic to establish the appropriate web page background and graphics. Use the correct font and good navigation is essential to learn web design. W四步The fourth step   了解HTML代码。HTML代码是Q何网站的基石。每个HTML代码都具有的特定的意义,q些意义对网站制造者是非常有力工具。Understand the HTML code. HTML code is the cornerstone of any website. Each HTML code has a specific meaning, the significance of website maker is a very powerful tool. W五步Step 5 攄正确囑Ş。图形可以ɾ|站更好看。如果你希望Q可以自己制作,因ؓqƈ不难Q只需正确使用照片~辑和动d兗正的囑Şq有助于|站的优化。Placed right graphics. Graphics can make the website look better. If you want, you can make your own, because it is not difficult, only the correct use of photo editing and animation tools. The correct graphic also help website optimization. W六步Step 6   选择域名。制作网站需要选择合适的域名。网站的域名应与|站的主题相对应。一旦你选择了一个名字就赶紧注册。但是请CQ注册一个域名ƈ不昂cSelect the domain name. They need to make their website to choose the appropriate domain name. Website domain name should correspond to the theme of the site. Once you choose a name to register. But remember, register a domain name is not high. W七步Step 7   L服务器。你需要一台服务器存放你的|站Q跟注册域名一P服务器也不昂cLooking for a server. You need a server to store your website, just like registered domain name, the server is not expensive. W八步Step 8   域名注册成功后,到工信部|站q行域名备案Q备案成功会得到一个备案号Q这样域名就能绑定在甌的虚拟主机空间上了,域名可以正常访问网站了?  q个一步应该是和选好域名的时候已l确定网站空间放在那里。在|络服务器上开辟出一定配额的盘I间供用h|网站、文件等内容Q最基本的虚拟主机功能包含web讉K和文件传输功能。After the success of the domain name registration, to the ministry website domain name for the record, the record will get a success for the record, so domain can bind on the application of the virtual host space, domain names can normal visit the web site. This step should be and choose a good domain has identified site space there. On a web server into a certain quota of disk space for user content such as website, file is placed, the most basic function of the virtual host that contains the web access, and file transfer function.|站制作,|站区域新闻aywl来自|络2017-01-18 08:39|站公司如何优化成功http://www.weybte.icu/jsjl/952.htm对于q些问题我们可以有相对应的操作来解决For these problems we can have the corresponding operation to solve 1、把整站重新排版。其实也是首页和一个内定w面,因ؓ其他的页面布局基本一P所以这个工作的旉不需要花费太多?, the site layout again. Actua..对于q些问题我们可以有相对应的操作来解决For these problems we can have the corresponding operation to solve 1、把整站重新排版。其实也是首页和一个内定w面,因ؓ其他的页面布局基本一P所以这个工作的旉不需要花费太多?, the site layout again. Actually is also the home page, and the content of a page, because other basic page layout, so the work doesnt need to spend too much time. 2、每个页面中相同的查询语句截取出来统一攑֜一个文仉Q这些程序代码虽然不会出现在|页的源文g中,但这样对后面修改的工作量会减。js代码也采用相同的方式Q将所有的js代码攑֜一个文仉Q用一句简z的代码代替在页面中调用?, each page of the same query intercept out unified put in a file, the code will not appear in the web page source file, but behind this to modify the workload will be reduced. Js code will also use the same way, all the js code in a file, using a simple code instead of call in the page. 3、每个页面的标题和描q可以根据它不同的内Ҏ讑֮Q一般来说整站的标题讑֮是将首页的标题中攄核心的关键词。网站徏讄内部优化最基本的表现是网站中大部分的面q用不同的标题和描述Q让每个面的核心内定w能表现出来。我们在做外链时都要注意不要做成相同内容的外链,更不用说|站本n了,那是更不能,存在大量的相同内容的Q可能我们看到的q些面的内容也许是不同的,但是谁也不能定癑ֺ会不会只因ؓ标题描述的相同而对|站q行降权。百度的法现在已经可以识别重复面q且q行{选和删除Q我们在以后的网站徏设中q是量把每个页面的标题和描q都区分开?, a title and description of each page can be set according to the different content of it, the title of the site set is generally will be placed the core keywords in the title of the page. Website construction of the internal optimization is the most basic performance will be most of the website page using different titles and descriptions, make the core content of each page can be displayed. We all should pay attention to when doing outside the chain outside the chain of the same content dont make it, let alone the site itself, that is more not, there are a lot of the same content, may we see the page content may be different, but no one can determine the baidu will only perform site down because of the title to describe the same rights. Baidu algorithm is now can be filtered and identify duplicate page and delete, we in the website construction or try to distinguish each page title and description. 4、企业网站徏讑ֺ部的无用关键词就要及时的LQ主要保留突出网站中心内容的关键词加上首链接,再加上几个频道关键词和相应的链接?, enterprise website construction useless keywords shall timely take out, at the bottom of the main retain outstanding center content keywords plus website homepage links, plus a few channels keywords and the corresponding link.|站,|站公司,|站,优化技术交?/category>不详原创2017-01-17 12:19如何才能把自q站排名提?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/jsjl/951.htm</link><description>做一个网站最大的目的是惌靠这个网站在互联|大世界中分C杯羹Q很多h无论是做个h|站Q还是企业网站,都想着如何才能把自q站排名提高、收录提高、权重提高、流量提高。很多h会疑惑网站优化怎么做才能有效果Q往往是急于求成D出现反效应。做|站优化?.</description><text>做一个网站最大的目的是惌靠这个网站在互联|大世界中分C杯羹Q很多h无论是做个h|站Q还是企业网站,都想着如何才能把自q站排名提高、收录提高、权重提高、流量提高。很多h会疑惑网站优化怎么做才能有效果Q往往是急于求成D出现反效应。做|站优化要讲I^衡,不是你过多的Ҏ׃定能有成效,更多的是要靠技巧来取得效果。网站徏设时注重优化斚w的搭建是对的Q但是不要过多的Z优化而去搭徏Q更多的要考虑用户的体验。关于网站徏设优化需要注意什么?关于|站优化斚w需要注意以下方面:Do a web sites biggest goal is to want to rely on this site into a slice in the Internet world, many people either do personal website, or corporate website, are thinking about how to put their rankings improve, improve, weight and flow rate increased. Many people are confused about how do website optimization can be done to have the effect? Tend to be impatient for success leads to the effect. Do site optimization should pay attention to balance, not the way you too much we will be able to have effective, more want to rely on techniques to achieve results. Paid attention to when the website construction optimization of structures, it is right, but not too much to optimize and to build, more want to consider the user experience. About the website construction optimization needs to pay attention to? About the website construction optimization need to pay attention to the following aspects:   1. 关键词堆?. Keyword stuffing   关键词堆砌主要表现在Title、Keywords、DeionQ页面顶部、页面正文、页面底部等位置。关键词会不会堆砌在于布局是否良好Q布局应该崇尚自然Q而不要刻意得在页面搞排字游戏。Keyword stuffing mainly displays in the Title, Keywords and Deion, at the top of the page, page of text and the bottom of the page. Keywords will stack is whether the layout is good, the layout should advocate natural, but dont get the page typesetting game.   2. 关键词密度过?. The keyword density is too high   |站的关键词密度?%-8%之间为好Q如果超q?0%以上q高,如果搜烦引擎判断|站的关键词q高会出C收录、排名下降的情况。对于新站来_׃新站权重q低Q搜索引擎的认可度不高,关键词密度一旦过高就会被降权。所以如果网站出现降权时Q不关键词的密度是多少Q徏议全部降?%以下。Website keyword density of between 2% and 8% for good, if more than 10% is a little higher, if the search engines determine site keywords can appear too high not included, ranking fell. For new sites, due to the new site weight is too low, the search engines recognition is not high, once the keyword density gao will be reduced. So if websites appear drop, no matter how much keyword density is suggested that all below 5%.   3. Ҏ标签使用太多3. The special label use too much   q里的特D标{主要指的是H标签、加_等其他Q很多h知道加粗对于排名有一定的辅助作用Q然后他们会l常在网里Ҏ要上排名的词q行加粗Q这L做法不但没有效果Q反而容易v反效应。所以通过只针对几个核心的词进行加_就可以了,一?-4处就好。Special label here mainly refers to the H tag, bold, such as the other, a lot of people know bold for ranking has certain auxiliary function, and then they will often in web page ranking on want bold word, this approach not only has no effect, but easy to reverse effect. So by only few core words for bold, generally 3 to 4 places.</text><keywords>|站优化,|站排名,|站,企业|站,优化,做网?互联|?/keywords><category>技术交?/category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-01-17 12:17</pubDate></item><item><title>|站成功上线后如何做好维护工?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/jsjl/950.htm</link><description>|站成功上线后如何做好维护工作Website construction after successful online how to do maintenance work |站是一个网站运营发展的基石Q网站徏好成功上U以后要做好相应的维护工作,否则q建站工作做的再好Q也是一座徒有虚名的I穴。网站的l护工作主要..</description><text>|站成功上线后如何做好维护工作Website construction after successful online how to do maintenance work |站是一个网站运营发展的基石Q网站徏好成功上U以后要做好相应的维护工作,否则q建站工作做的再好Q也是一座徒有虚名的I穴。网站的l护工作主要以下几点QWebsite construction is the foundation of a website development, website built successful online later to do the maintenance work, otherwise even if web work do again good, also is a nominal hole. Website maintenance work mainly the following: 及时q行有效内容更新Effective content updates in a timely manner 一ơ性的投放产品到网站上不是明智之DQ网站需要慢慢的d实去丰富内容。这样做既不利于搜烦引擎优化Q又会媄响用L体验度,在无意中xC搜烦引擎Q又失了潜在客戗网站内容要慢慢的添加,要有实效的给|站加些有意义的内容。One-off delivery products on your site is not the right thing to do, the website need to slowly to enrich to rich content. To do so is not conducive to search engine optimization, and will affect the user experience degrees, unwittingly let the search engines, namely and lost a potential customer. Content to add it slowly, must have the actual effect of add meaningful content to websites. 重做SEO和友情链接Redo SEO and link 大部分的中国|民都是通过搜烦引擎q入|站的,所以网站做好seo很重要。而好的友情链接可以给|站带来直接的流量和潜在的客P但友情链接一定要选择正规|站Q最好和自己|站性质相关的,以此来增加搜索引擎对|站的信任,增加|站的客L体。Most of the Chinese Internet users through search engines into the site, so the site seo is very important. And good links can bring direct traffic to websites and potential customers, but the web site links must choose normal, and the best properties related to their website, in order to increase the search engines trust in the website, increase customer group website. 完善购买程Improve the purchasing process |站的客L理、购物Rpȝ、支付送货pȝ{尽量全面,q样可以有效的管理你的客户和订单Q一切都按流E化q行操作Q这样可以大大节U你的成本。Site of customer management, shopping cart system, payment delivery system such as comprehensive as far as possible, so that we can effectively manage your customer and order, everything is going according to streamline operations, so that you can save your cost greatly. 方便客户交流Convenient customer communication |站联系我们版块一定要有详l的联系方式和地址Q加上固定的电话和在U客服,可以加强客户对网站的信誉度。在|站首页很显眼的位置最好放上客戯pL式,让客戯入网站能够很方便的与相关人员q行联系Q从而更好的q行采购工作。Site contact us section must have detailed contact information and address, plus a fixed telephone and online customer service, can strengthen customer site credibility. Stand out in a home page on the location of the best customer contact, let customers access to the site can easily contact with the related employees, so as to better work with purchasing.</text><keywords>|站,|站,建站,|站q营</keywords><category>技术交?/category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-01-17 12:16</pubDate></item><item><title>|站中提高横q点ȝ的办?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/jsjl/949.htm</link><description>|站中提高横q点ȝ的办法Raise a banner in the construction of website hits 整一个网站里面,占据面积最大的Q除了网站的主要产品以外Q那么就是网站的横幅q告了。横q广告是|站产品面获得量的主要渠道之一Q横q点ȝ的提高,对网站销售{化是非常有帮..</description><text>|站中提高横q点ȝ的办法Raise a banner in the construction of website hits 整一个网站里面,占据面积最大的Q除了网站的主要产品以外Q那么就是网站的横幅q告了。横q广告是|站产品面获得量的主要渠道之一Q横q点ȝ的提高,对网站销售{化是非常有帮助的。因此,我们在网站徏设中Q就应该充分设计和利用好|站横幅q一区域。The whole inside a web site, occupy the largest, in addition to the web sites main products, so is the website banner ads. Banner ads website product page is one of the main channel to get traffic, banner click-through rates rise, it will be very helpful for website sales conversion. Therefore, we in the website construction, design and make good use of the website should be fully banner in the region. 1、以文字Z的横q点ȝ会更?, predominantly text banner clickthrough rate will be higher |络上很多网站的横幅q告Q基本上都是以图片ؓȝQ如果我们在|站中,q是以图像作为横q的主要内容的话Q那么横q很难会脱颖而出的,而且׃囑փ~少文字Q用h很难理解q告中的内容Q如果是以文字ؓȝ横幅Q那么点ȝ很容易就会增加了。Many sites on the network of banner ads, basically are pictures, if we are in the website construction, or in the image as the main content of the banner, banner so very difficult will stand out, but due to the lack of text, image users is difficult to understand the contents of the advertisements, if the banner is given priority to with words, so it would be easy to increase the click rate. 2、设计带有行为号召的横幅2, design with behavior, called on the banner 行ؓ号召其实是一U常见的营销手段Q就是在横幅当中Q设|一U类g点击按钮Q或者是链接之类的,从而吸引用Lȝ行ؓQ在横幅设计中运用这L办法Q可以极大的提高横幅的点ȝ。Behavior called for is a common approach to marketing, is in the midst of a banner, set up a kind of similar to click on the button, or a link, to attract users to click on the behavior of the banner in the design of using such method, can greatly improve the click-through rates of banner. 3、横q中量不要带有h信息3, try not to in the banner with price information 如果|站中的横幅设计是固定的Qƈ且不是ؓ了促销Q那么在设计|站横幅时就不应该将h信息带入其中Q除非h格相比行业中真的非常之低Q否则在横幅中要应该避免h格的假如Q以免导致点ȝ的下降。If the banner on the website design is fixed, and not for promotion, so when designing web banner should not put price information into it unless the price than the industry really is very low, otherwise in the banner to avoid price if case led to a decline in click-through rates.</text><keywords>|站,|站</keywords><category>技术交?/category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-01-17 12:15</pubDate></item><item><title>企业|站是一U企业对市场的把握战?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/jsjl/948.htm</link><description>作ؓW四媒体的互联网Q其特点是可以跨越时空Q正常情况下Q?|站无时无刻都在工作。企业徏立自q|站Q可以树立v企业在科技信息时代的完Ş象,使得企业用户可以跨越时空了解企业。除此之外,企业q能利用多媒体技术,向用户展CZ品、技术、经营理c企业文化?.</description><text>作ؓW四媒体的互联网Q其特点是可以跨越时空Q正常情况下Q?|站无时无刻都在工作。企业徏立自q|站Q可以树立v企业在科技信息时代的完Ş象,使得企业用户可以跨越时空了解企业。除此之外,企业q能利用多媒体技术,向用户展CZ品、技术、经营理c企业文化、企业Ş象,塑造企业独特的品牌Q增g业无形资产。The Internet as the fourth media, its characteristic is can across time and space, under normal circumstances, site work all the time. Enterprises set up their own web site, you can set up perfect image of the enterprise in the era of science and technology information, makes the enterprise users can understand across space and time. In addition, the enterprise can use of multimedia technology, to show the user product, technology, management, enterprise culture and enterprise image, to build unique brand enterprises, value-added enterprises intangible assets. 1 品牌Q谈到这点,p说到如何d设自q好的品牌Q发挥一个工E师最大思维的想法了。如何去Q用什么样的徏讄c? brand construction, when it comes to this, speak to how to build our good brand, to play full thinking the idea of an engineer. How to build, with what kind of construction. 2 要与企业品牌一致Be consistent with the enterprise brand 【品牌战略】你的品牌战略方向是什么样的,假如分ؓ大型客户和中型客户Q那么战略对于这几类客户各有C么样的战略\U,它的价值分别是什么样的?quot;Brand strategy" what is your brand strategic direction, if divided into large customers and small and medium-sized customers, then the strategy for this a few class customers have what kind of strategic route, what is its value, respectively. 价|是你的产品l网站带来的l济价倹{Value, that is, brings to the website of the economic value of your product. 在大部分人眼中,|站的h值往往q同于产品推广Q因此绝大多C业的|站都是以品ؓ丅R但是品推q只是一个小功能而已Q不可忽略的是企业的品牌Q有些企业ؓ了提高品牌的知名度,会不定期的在U上或线下D办各式的zdQ以来吸引用P当然Q也有线上和U下同时q行的,q样取得的效果是双面的,品牌的优势也显C出来的。In the eyes of most people, the value of the site is usually equal to the product promotion, so most of the enterprise website is based on products. Product promotion is just a small function, however, is the enterprise brand construction, which cannot be neglected in some enterprises in order to improve the brand popularity, will not be regularly hold various activities in the online or offline, since users, of course, also on the cable and offline simultaneously, so the effect is double, the advantage of the brand is displayed. 3 与品牌定位要相符3 and brand positioning should be consistent 品牌{划Q其实就是考虑如何设计好一个品牌的门面Q相当于一个店铺的门脸。门脸设计得好,才能够吸引用户关注到自己的企业。其中LOGO是否设计的符合网站品的特点Q网站上的首设计的是否合理Q品的囄修剪时是否精l,q有某些板块设计的是否能够互动等都会影响C业品牌的塑造。Brand planning, it is to consider how to design a good brand, the appearance of the equivalent of a shop front. Front design well, to attract users to their own businesses. Whether the LOGO design conforms to the characteristics of web site products, web sites home page design is reasonable, the picture of the product when the clip is fine, there are some plate design can interaction and so on will affect the enterprise brand shaping. 企业|站是一U企业对市场的把握战略,也是企业形象走向新时代的格局。因此,只有|站{划的好才能更好的塑造企业的品牌效应。Enterprise website construction is a grasp of the market strategy, also is the enterprise image to the pattern of the new era. Therefore, only good can better shape the enterprise website construction planning of brand effect.</text><keywords>|站,|站,企业|站,互联|?企业|站</keywords><category>技术交?/category><author>不详</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-01-17 12:12</pubDate></item><item><title>微信|站是针对微信,微信|站只是微信衍生出来http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/947.htm微信|站是针对微信,微信|站只是微信衍生出来Q可以通过订阅h制作微信|站?WeChat site is targeted at WeChat, WeChat website just WeChat derived, by subscribing to number to make WeChat website.   微网站主要嫁接于微信q_上,通过扫描二维码关注企?.微信|站是针对微信,微信|站只是微信衍生出来Q可以通过订阅h制作微信|站?WeChat site is targeted at WeChat, WeChat website just WeChat derived, by subscribing to number to make WeChat website.   微网站主要嫁接于微信q_上,通过扫描二维码关注企业公众^台就可以享受企业微网站提供的服务Q如天气查询、快递查询等便民服务和企业品信息展C、商城购买、会员打折积分等各类服务Q相比于手机|站互动性更强,企业推送的每一条信息都会发送到用户手中?Micro site grafting mainly in WeChat platform, by scanning qr code enterprises can enjoy the public platform micro site services, such as weather query, convenient service and enterprise express query product information display, the mall to buy, the member discount points and other kinds of services, compared to more mobile website interactivity and enterprise push every message will be sent to the user.   另外Q微|站的多功能在用Ll护上比普通的手机|站更加贴近用户Q手机网站类gPC|站的羃版Q而微|站则有自己的亮点,要知道在Ud端用L需求和PC端ƈ不是完全相同的,用户更希望能得到实惠和方便,所以希望企业都可以建立自己的微|站q行企业宣传?In addition, the site of the multi-function in maintenance of users than ordinary mobile website is more close to the user, a smaller version of the website, mobile website is similar to PC and micro site has its own bright spot, want to know the needs of users on the mobile end and PC is not completely the same, users hope to get more material benefit and convenience, so I hope enterprises can build their own website through propaganda.   手机|站与微信网站的区别Q综合上q我们可以看出,无论手机|站和微信网站这两者之间的有什么不同或者相同点Q移动互联网|络营销已经成ؓq入中国中小企业内部Q把握好Ud互联|流量将是未来企业网l营销的重点Q务?The difference between the mobile web and WeChat website? Comprehensive the above we can see, regardless of the mobile web and WeChat website or what is the difference between the two similarities, mobile Internet network marketing has become into the Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise internal, grasps the mobile Internet traffic will be the focus of enterprise network marketing in the future.|站,微信|站区域新闻aywl原创2017-01-17 08:11SEO优化Q网站优化的Ҏ之网站结构分?/title><link>http://www.weybte.icu/hydt/946.htm</link><description>W一点:l构的“扁q_”The first point: the structure of the "flattening" 所谓的l构“扁q_”是相对于结构“纵深化”而言的。结构的“纵深化”和“扁q_”很多SEO高手都烂熟于心,无非是首?栏目?产品层数的多少。搜索引擎在抓取和收录页面的q程中会Ҏ..</description><text>W一点:l构的“扁q_”The first point: the structure of the "flattening" 所谓的l构“扁q_”是相对于结构“纵深化”而言的。结构的“纵深化”和“扁q_”很多SEO高手都烂熟于心,无非是首?栏目?产品层数的多少。搜索引擎在抓取和收录页面的q程中会Ҏ|站的权重给Z些对应的抓取l构层数的“预”。The structure of the so-called "flat" is relative to the structure "longitudinal deepening". Structure of "longitudinal deepening" and "flat" many SEO ace all lessons to heart, is nothing more than the home page - what the layer number of columns - product pages. Search engine in the process of fetching and included page will give some corresponding weights of according to the website of the grab structure layer of "budget". 那么问题来了Q网站如此之斎ͼ搜烦引擎不可能给你太多的抓取“预”,怎么办呢?扁^化处理。当然了Q也别因为结构“扁q_”而导致一个页面的链接数量过了一般标准,完全能做到有利没弊,为啥咱非要得不偿失呢。So the question comes, the website is so new that search engines cant give you too much to grab "budget", how to do? Flat handle. Of course, also dont because of the "flattening" structure and cause the number of links to a page exceeded the standard, completely can do favourable no fraud, why do I have to do more harm than good.   W二点:|站D和网站地图The second point: the navigation and site map   L索引擎角度讲Q导航和地图都是l蜘蛛爬行用的,方便了它Q它成全了你。而对于用hԌ|站地图q没什么卵用。重要的是导航,一个不太懂|络的用户在到达了品页览完之后想回到首页Q却不知道如何回去,怎么?如果你的D没有辑ֈW一旉q入用户视野的标准,那么对不P最大的可能是用户直接alt+f4瞬间飞了。Total search engine terms, navigation and map is used to spider crawling, convenient for it, it will help you. And for the user, site map and with no eggs. Important navigation, a dont know much about the network users in the product page to browse after want to return to the home page, but dont know how to go back, what can I do? If youre not at the first time into the user navigation standard of sight, so Im sorry, is most likely the user Alt + f4 instantly fly directly.   W三点:面静态化The third point: static page 静态化Q老生常谈而已。这是SEO的基本要求之一。Static, a cliche. This is one of the basic requirements of SEO. 有h说静态网|动态网|亲近搜烦引擎qg事儿很扯淡,暂且不提是不是更利于搜烦引擎收录的问题,单单是打开速度快、减L务器负担Q不q多牉|数据库这几个有点Q难道还不能让你觉得有优?Some people say that static web pages than dynamic web pages closer to the search engine it is bullshit, aside is in favor of the problem of the search engine included, alone is the speed and reduce the financial burden on the server, but involve database this a few a bit more, also cant let you feel the advantage?</text><keywords>|站优化,|站,Seo,优化,SEO优化,搜烦引擎,|站优化?收录面,|站l构</keywords><category>区域新闻</category><author>aywl</author><source>原创</source><pubDate>2017-01-16 07:17</pubDate></item></document> <a href="http://www.weybte.icu/"><span class="STYLE1">Ͽ3360</span></a> <script>(function(){ var src = (document.location.protocol == "http:") ? 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